The Elohim: Nova Gaia and You

elohim beings eraoflightdotcomWe are Eloheim. You are a magnificent multi-dimensional being, currently lending your light to the Earth Project. You are masters in form. Do not be afraid to state this, to be this, to live this.

We Eloheim create with clear intention of purpose. We are the formers of worlds. We travel to the not-yet and plant seeds of light, of creation. Long ago in the void, in numerous council meetings we discussed, we dreamed, we planned. We created. Nova Gaia is to be the fruition of this project, the ultimate expression of true love embodied. Gaia is a name spoken with reverence, deep love, admiration and respect throughout the cosmos. So too are you leaving your mark. Your footprints, your energy signature is woven through this project of projects.

You are light. YOU are Eloheim, many of you. When the project became so much darker than anticipated for numerous reasons that you are well aware of, we made sure to be embodied in an aspect of ourselves to lend our strong hands, our light, our tenacious devotion to the light, to Gaia’s renewal. And in so doing we became renewed as well. For one must take ownership of one’s creation. It is simply how it is done. Therefore those who physically created you cannot ascend until you do, until the project is rectified, and Gaia saved. We see tremendous changes on the horizon. With great hope and anticipation we say such things. We are Eloheim.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl