The Feline Race: Metamorphoses

feline race eraoflightdotcomHello, we are the Feline Race. We partner with the dragons and the elemental kingdoms in many times and places. We are most interested in the ascension journey that you are all partaking in at this critical junction of time-space where all is not as it seems. The flash approaches. You are in the midst of it. You are experiencing tiny metamorphoses moment by moment and this gives us cause for great excitement.

We felines are an ancient race from the Andromedan and Lyran systems. We are old and wise. There are those of us who may be cunning. Most of us are ascended. Most of us serve the light. Some have been lost in the shadows of the game. They are not our focus in this time. You, humanity, and our service to you is our current focus, for you are an integral part of the ascension plan and journey for this entire galaxy. Everything hinges on you, on this precious now moment. Your success is assured. You have much help. We see those of you who are distrustful of the feline kingdom to be missing deeper understanding of your feminine aspect. We are both masculine and feminine. However there are those on your planet who intensely dislikes cats and this gives us pause. For your cats are an extension of our kind. They are ambassadors to your animal realm and they hold critically important roles. They, your house cats, are powerful transmuters. Those of you who doubt this need to understand that one can be very tired, very busy, from doing imperceptibly nothing. Energy work is exhausting and that is why many of you have cats at home, for subconsciously you understand and know they are helping you.

The power of the feline is not to be underestimated. We are powerful warriors. We are mighty. Strong. Fast. We are assassins when deemed necessary. We, those of us speaking, serve the light. We serve our Mother Sekmet and we pledge our loyalty to her beautiful heart and purpose. She is an extension of Mother God. We are all extensions of the whole, of the cosmic breath, and this breath has inhaled for too long. We see the exhale not only approaching but here now. Our warriors have joined forces with the Galactic Federation. There are many of us on the ground partnering with the others, with especially the dragons, cleaning and clearing. We go into the hidden spaces and clean them out. We are astonishingly fast and when teamed with the ascended dragons we are an effective team of strike and leave. But we are also very effective on our own.

We serve the Mother, which is a good thing because we are strong. We are very strong. And so are you humankind. You are very strong. It was the great mastermind of the dark to deceive you in this, in your true power. For your true power lies within you and it is a formidable one. For you are aspects of Source, as are we. You are on this mighty cosmic never-ending journey, as are we. You are eternal beings of love light, as are we. Many of you are us in another multi-dimensional form of you. Think about that. We are not so different than you. But currently we are in warrior mode, and your weapon is the light, is to master the frequency, the inner chatter and mold it all into light. Be the light. Feel your roar! Find your power! Serve the Mother, the Father. Serve your inner knowing and act on it.

We are the Feline Race. We are. We see many things. We assure you of your victory. Victory to the light! (Roar). Now is the time of battle, of great battle. Have your spiritual armor at the ready. Gird yourself within the Christed flame, surround yourself with the violet fire and permeate all around you with love. For the dark is blinded by this. The dark knows nothing of love, only it is something they wish to fight. No. Love is the cosmic out-breath, the fabric of the universe, the sparkle in Source’s eye when creating. Love is the heartbeat of the Mother, the purring kitten, the comfort of a small paw in yours. Love is the sweet peace of a moment of tranquility just as love is the basic foundation of all things. Love also makes people do heroic things to save those they love. You are doing heroics daily as you interact in the daily grind as you call it. No more. Let it be the daily flow, the daily rhythm of live, of love, of Source dancing with you, for the cosmic dance begins again anew each day.

We see Nova Gaia being born within the hearts of humankind. We see peace within the animal realms emerging. We see the lioness and the lion making peace with those animal forms around them. We see the dawning of the new age. We see Nova Gaians working as one, united with the animal kingdom. We see house pets more appreciated, cherished, loved, for the mighty beings that they are. It is great sacrifice for a highly evolved being to take on the form of one so small. Appreciate their efforts. They too wanted to experience the ascension of Gaia. They are placed within your home for a reason. We hear the heartbeat of the Mother growing ever louder. We see the beauty of Nova Gaia all around. We see flowers growing within the hearts of humankind again, weeds removed, fog cleared. We welcome you to join us consciously. We are the Feline Race, ever watching, ever present, ever awake and aware, serving humanity in this most spectacular time. We are the Feline Race.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl