Are You a Sloppy Breather?

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomWhen you don’t manage your attention point and “go to” what you are looking at or thinking about, something very specific happens. You stop breathing. If you watch a baby, they are present and observing the world from within themselves. As we grow up we learn to “go to” what we are observing. As we continue to grow, we develop a tendency to leave part of ourselves in our past. Many times this is due to a worry that what happened in the past may happen again, so we decide we must be careful, leave some attention in the past and remember. We all do this, however it can be done in a way that allows you to stay in the present moment.

Most of us are very sloppy breathers. We unconsciously hold our breath, and then our bodies react by taking a big exaggerated (yet shallow) inhalation or exhalation. The skill of breathing was not taught to us as children, so our emotions and thoughts began directing our breath, instead of us intentionally directing it. When we learn how to manage our breathing, we automatically begin to manage our thoughts and emotions. We become more calm, focussed, present and managed. How does simply breathing do that?

When you breathe in a continuous fashion, without stopping at either the inhalation or exhalation, you take a huge step in mastering your attention point. You also begin to take greater steps in remembering who you are, putting yourself back together and building a bridge back to Mother-Father-Creator. As you breathe in a continuous uninterrupted circular loop, the air begins to move into and out of your lungs in a deeper and fuller manner. The pranic energy (the connection to the Infinite Intelligence of Creator) can then be activated within, around and through you at your command. Intentional creation is expedited. It’s this uninterrupted breath that activates and opens your ability to remain in fourth-dimensional present-time. It helps you remain focussed upon your intention and your now experience, instead of drifting between third-dimensional past and future.

Remaining in the higher layers of thought is possible with a continuous breath. When we stop breathing at either the top of the inhalation or the bottom of the exhalation, our awareness is also interrupted and sidetracked. Observe the next time your breathing halts. Where were you at that moment? Most likely you were not in present-time, but instead were engulfed by a thought that was in the past or the future. Mastering this skill will allow you to live in the higher layers of thought and experience everything else the Teachers are offering us.

Due to the fact that many of us are such sloppy breathers (and therefore sloppy thinkers and feelers as well), the Teachers shared a trick to develop the continuous breath and make it yours. Some people are more successful with this breath if they visualize a loop that follows the breathing pattern. As you inhale, imagine the loop flowing up the front of your body from your first chakra over the top of your head. Then as you exhale, imagine this loop continuing down your back, returning into your first chakra. The loop and the breath don’t stop at the top or the bottom, but continue to flow. Imagine the breath beginning to flow down your back slightly before you exhale and the loop beginning to travel up the front of the body slightly before you inhale. If it feels more natural for you to reverse the direction of the loop as you inhale and exhale, do so.

Another visualization that works for some is to create the above loop but have it cross at the heart chakra, forming a figure eight. We call this the Infinity Breath and the advantage is that it draws more of your attention to the heart, which may assist when you begin to play in the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond within the Sacred Heart.

Success story

Since I’ve begun this course with you and the Elders, I “accidentally” noticed a huge success for me. I have had generalized anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I get afraid over the smallest things – forget about flying or traveling alone. It took me a long time of focussed work but I finally was able to calmly hold my attention on the Infinity Loop for longer than a few breaths. I combined it with the Grounding Cord and being in my Higher Mind.

Funny thing was, as I began to breath that way, I stopped worrying. But I didn’t notice I had broken that pattern until I was driving to my son’s place about 160 kilometres (100 miles) away. With no thought or effort, I breathed the Infinity Loop all the way and never got nervous. I didn’t realize my success until my son greeted me at the door with worry on his face. He was expecting me to be my usual mess of stress, but I wasn’t. I finally feel free and confident. Thanks, Teachers of Light.
HM, Russia

This is an excerpt from the interactive book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy, by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett.


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