Welcome to GESARA

era of light alternative newsDear fund holders, we’re close to the Zim redemption.

This Excel File shows what we are capable of together, making you aware of the bundled power we have.

We have been selected to do this together, to get the best out of ourselves for services for the whole world.

Avoid disappointment by having your own EGO plans undermined; form a collective to be able to carry out this task together.

People who do not have funds but have good plans should also be given the opportunity to make their contribution.

In this way, the power structure can be completely replaced.

Think of my proposal as a tool for achieving our common goal.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to make duplicate efforts and get a more effective result, by joining forces.

By our example function, the masses will awaken and unite with us, fears among the population will disappear, and eliminate the power of the Cabal.

We have the control to help determine the speed and accuracy of the transition through our efforts.

The road to a golden future is open.

Welcome to GESARA.

Kind Regards,

Rinus Verhagen

Zim Collective.xlsx


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