Archangel Michael: Attachment and Allowing

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomMichael: Greetings. It is I, Michael. As you drop away from the third dimensional realities and you become more fluid and in motion, some of your emotional responses also will be reconfigured. Attachment is one of these emotions that will be reconfigured in this process. Attachment to a certain feeling that is the result of a creative effort or attachment to the creative outcome. The emotional attachment is not as installed or necessary when all flowing simultaneously, when it is in motion.

Jim: How do you substitute attachment for a consistent flow of excitement, enthusiasm, passion and love?

Michael: You don’t. You don’t substitute. You allow the attachment to fall away and the passion, the creativity and the love to remain without the attachment. In that fluidity, you allow for it to be present. As you build these bridges or passageways, you will see the necessity of not having any attachment, but just allowing the passion or the love to be present as needed.  This brings those positive aspects out of the emotional realm of the third dimension and boosts them up to a higher dimensional, fluid level that still can be felt in the emotional body but is not confined by it.

In the creative process, you allow this to be inserted into each creative event that you are involved with. You allow for this space. It is part of the formula for all creations. This is very exciting and has multiple expressions and possibilities for further creation. This information is very needed at this time because, as you leave the more linear third dimensional realities, you have to have a way to create differently and in a more fluid and resonant manner so that you are not constantly looking back and trying to recoup or re-create, a formula that no longer works. You have to have a replacement ready, available and functioning. This is what this information is designed to do. Together we are building a bridge or a pathway for when you are ready to leave the third dimension. When the mechanisms that have been utilized to maintain third dimension no longer function, these other constructions have to be available. You are the guinea pig so you can then facilitate others to open up to these other realities.


This is a conversation between Jim Self and Archangel Michael as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Michael to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


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