Recently Discovered Tomb in Egypt Still Bursting With Color After 4,300 Years

earth the one eraoflightdotcom.jpgArchaeologists made an astounding find earlier this year in Egypt. A tomb of a Fifth Dynasty official has been unearthed and, not only is the interior still colorful, but the adornments and inscriptions are well-preserved.

According to The Times of Israel, the tomb is located near Saqqara, a metropolis near Cairo. It belongs to a senior official named Khuwy, who is believed to have been a nobleman. He and his family were a part of the Fifth Dynasty, which ruled over Egypt 4,300 years ago.

Mohamed Megahed, head of the excavation team, explained in an antiquities ministry statement that the “L-shaped Khuwy tomb starts with a small corridor heading downwards into an antechamber and from there a larger chamber with painted reliefs depicting the tomb owner seated at an offerings table.”

The tomb was discovered in March 2019 and was only recently unveiled to the public.

Reportedly, several tombs related to the Fifth Dynasty have been discovered in recent months. For instance, archeologists recently found an inscription on a granite column dedicated to Queen Setibhor. She is believed to have been the wife of King Djedkare Isesis, the eighth king of the dynasty.

According to reports, Egypt has dedicated extra effort to promoting archaeological discoveries across the country. The hope is to revive tourism that took a hit from the turmoil in the country that began in 2011. If these recent revelations have inspired you to someday visit the country, perhaps the tactic is working.




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  1. Cheri

    So thrilled they are opening up tourism again as the dark ones kept this area in constant turmoil and kept the magical treasures buried here from tourism no doubt knowing how many would be activated. The bird symbology is not lost on me as these people knew the spiritual heritage within their DNA. Much like all the dragon symbology of the far east and gorgeous temples built in times of high consciousness! You can almost see when the corruption began as the churches of the west were filled with gargoyles and death nailing the christed lightbody on a blody cross. World peace is coming as the darkness crumbles. We will be able to travel and relish in the diversity of our true and ancient history as the earth will reveal all that was hidden. We will embrace beautiful inspired architecture and wild creativity. They turned the diversity of America into a strip mall of giant concrete Walmart boxes. We will fix all this again as the creativity of America will be unleashed and our desires of consumption turn to beautiful artistic creations and oneness with nature!