First Contact Has Already Happened; Get Ready For Full Contact

star family contact eraoflightdotcomWhat is this FIRST CONCTACT thing… really first contact happened long time ago and yet we keep using this term, as if it hasn´t happened. The next step for humanity is FULL CONTACT… these neat stories about crafts landing and coming to save us…. this is not going to happen…. at least not until we realize that our space brothers and sisters are here to empower and support us, but they are not our saviours. 

We need to understand that they are no different to us, we need to transcend our fear of what looks alien, which was imprinted into our dna as a means of keeping us separate from our very origin. Our space sisters and brothers will not intefere with free will and will not take any of our lessons from us or disempower us (as they know it doesn´t serve the whole)… they want the exact opposite… because they already realised what most of us haven´t realised yet… that we are one and the same, just that they operate from a different dimension in a different form and vibration.

WE are already present in the thousands around the planet in a huge line-up of galactic fleets… just that WE are holding the vibration of the crafts in a frequency that is not visible to the naked eye, unless WE choose to. And there is a lesson in that too dear ones. You have to learn to move beyond linearity and the laws of the physical.. to learn to use your galactic gifts of inner vision, you need to trust fully in your ability to feel… to see thru feeling… which is what we your star families, space brothers and sisters are doing… implementing and synthezising feeling with imagination and focused intent, which is the most powerful tool and basic foundation of materialization, bilocation, teleportation and other galactic practices.

And this implies FULL contact and merging of consciousness. And to understand that this is all possible thru applying vibrational alchemy… so yes… we are here, WE ARE THE FULL DISCLOSURE, come out of your closets beloved ground crew… you are starbeings disguised in a human body, ambassadors of the galactic conglomerates of light… time to get real, time to get this mothership rocking and get out the truth of matter. You are starbeings on a love mission. You are your own state and law (of One), sovereign by divine decree.

~ Grace Solaris, intergalactic ambassador of the
conglomerates of light

Note: So yes eventually ships will be landing but not to save us but to celebrate and share information intergalactically for the reinstalling of the greater plan, that will greatly catalyze and amplify a speedy build-up of the new cities of light and clean-up of the mess because of years of exploitation and toxification of the earth, intergalactic delegation meetings shall take place and will be advisors to the new Councils of Light of this planet, that will replace the global old 3D government controle .



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