The Guides: Hill of Ascension

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomThis is our perception on what our channelling gives us written from the heart. It’s information coming from our higher beings through the fields of light – that are outside of the 3rd D vision of earth.

It arrives through every human’s innate connection to these higher realms – everyone has this ability- most people ignore it.

Step out of the box of media, politics and social control and you will find it in your dreamtime, imagination and heart felt love.

Intelligent consciousness is waiting for you to give direction to it so that it can inspire you and your soul – to find your natural way – to move forwards in your personal progress to source and integrating with these new light waves coming to earth.

The words we share are to help trigger this truth of mankind in all who read it- some of it is difficult to assess and comprehend at first glance – but as in Sir Walter Raleigh Ships – keep looking and asking to be shown the way to these innate truths and you will see this growth of new Gaia’s way to harmony.

Some of this writing is from our personal experience as we learn to make our way through the transitions of ascension in our real 3rd D world of control and how we cope with it.

We are asked to share these because there are many soul going through there similar experiences as they come up against the negative material that is very prevalent on earth @ this time.

Our guides tell us: Dear BJ you can rest easy!

The job has been to help set the ball rolling down the hill of ascension- we, of the dragon fields stand back now and let the truth and momentum grow in the way they have been directed  -until they reach their maximum state of being- this will take earth and galactic time periods to happen.

The light waves- energy fields are all open and everyone is being influenced by them- this is the event – it has began and will fulfil by the 2nd solstice this year.

It is stage one – the beginning – it will be subtle and build slowly so that all souls have enough time in their life to make space for it- there will be no big change.

Sol is still emitting his radiation and will continue to do so- this is also subtle – it will effect the electro-magnosphere and earth to a point- this has been happening for a long time with communications.

There is a blanket of negative energy across the spectrum of human souls.

It is shifting slowly as more souls admit to themselves that they have changed their view on many aspects of 3rd D life.

And start to reach out to those who can guide them into their own spiritual opening.

The 3rd D still has to be maintained to keep order and not anarchy.

 The way is to ease these changes in so that the transition is smooth clear and harmonies- we do not promote disruption over this transition.

 Relax and enjoy the freedom of this light field – ‘BE’- in them, ‘OF’ them – in the sanctuary of your own private portals of quiet space within and outside of everything.

 The ancient buildings and sacred spaces are thronging/ pulsing with these light fields – they are expanding the frequency into the new hyper super highways within Gaia and the galactic universe – they connect everything – running through to galaxies and universe.

Is love – being light – being happy?  Yes of course!


» Channel: Barbara Neville