Q & A with Kejraj: Q, Ascension, Kundalini, Currency Reset

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings! As always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj! Here I have chosen to answer some questions I have received from readers. The answers expressed here are from my perspective my point of view. For all answers await you within. Tune in to the light within you.

Q: I’ve read that the irs and the fed will not go away even after NESARA and the gcr??

A: I would say this is misinformation. After NESARA goes into full affect, the Dederal Reserve and the IRS automatically will become obsolete. Only the United States Treasury shall remain.

Q: Can we ascend if we consume meat?

A: Yes, but it would be very difficult on the physical body to hold the higher light while containing the dense elements of meat.

Q: When do you think the landings will happen?

A: This is always changing. However, I will say that the latest open contact will occur is 2023. This does not mean that lightworkers may not be contacted prior.

Q: I read a couple of articles talking about the world moving towards one world currency.. Any info on that?

A: As the GCR unfolds, all nations will have their own currency.

Q: Is masturbation a negative act?

A: It isn’t necessarily negative but not a positive one either. The physical aspect of it, you get a few seconds of pleasure while at the same time your vessel is being depleted of many vital nutrients at once. Not to mention these nutrients are plain and simple being wasted.

The energetical aspect of it as well, you are releasing a very powerful energy, which once again is being wasted. It’s not being shared or used in a way that is beneficial to your being.

Many people turn to this activity out of boredom, while others for pleasure, and or cannot find a partner to express this energy with.

Also as the physical vessel is being filled with more light, this energy is being activated more and more now. So, many people find it difficult to hold this light within their physical body, and feel the urge to release it in one way or another. But if used wisely, this energy can accelerate your awakening. Especially if used WITHIN, instead of being released into the OUTER world.

This energy, the sexual force is a manifestation of your kundalini energy. Now, it would be not only healthier physically and spiritually, but of higher vibration also to sit with a straight posture, meditating and visualizing this energy rising from the base of your spine to each chakra until you reach the crown, and see it it burst at the top of your head.

However, if you still feel you cannot handle the energy, a simple way to calm yourself besides meditation is exercise, go for a walk or run in nature. This greatly assists in allowing the light flow throughout your body.

Q: I’m starting to doubt that this whole global currency reset thing is real at all,. What is taking so long?

A: We have answered this previously. All threats must be neutralized prior to the release of the funds. I would encourage all to not just sit idly and “wait” for anything. Be active, do what you can with what you have now. If not for others, do it for yourself.

Q: How can I bring a higher part of my soul into my physical body?

A: With meditation, different sound frequencies, eating light foods, focusing and working on your 8th chakra, also known as the Soul Star chakra.

Recite the Soul Invocation; Pausing between each line.

I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Love
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Design


Q: True or false? The being known as Q is a current US government agent.

A: False.

Q: Is it the US president?

A: No. Q is more than one entity, a few. “Q” however IS in touch with the US President.


Q: Why do humans give away their power?

A: Humanity for millennia has been conditioned to think that it is unworthy and incompetent of basically living life and evolving on its own.

Instead of first loving and believing in ones self, humans tend to love and believe more in forces outside of them.

After millennia of being programed to think this way, this is still prominent even today. And it is precisely the act of giving ones power away that creates the space for fear.

Q: So are we giving our power away by thinking that ETs will save us?

A: Very much so.

Not only that, and this is going to raise some eyebrows, but even calling on angels and other guides for help, in a way you are giving your power away. You’re basically saying I don’t have the power to get through this on my own.

I am not saying that it is bad to call on your guides and so on, I have done it myself and still do sometimes. But it would always be more beneficial if you FIRST go WITHIN.

Whenever you look outside of you for guidance and other things, you are giving your power away. You are creating a crack in your energetic foundation, which may take time to fix or heal.


Q: Why Creator created creation?

A: To simply experience itself as the illusions that have been created by its many different aspects, in turn to grow and expand beyond these illusions and realize a deeper sense of the self.

Q: Should we invest in large companies after the gcr?

A: Of course. In companies whose focus is of positive nature on Earth and humanity’s future.

Q: Does the Universe have an edge?

A: The Universe is an infinite field of consciousness.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!