The Creators: Creating the New You

elohim beings eraoflightdotcom“The person that you are is yet to be discovered by you. We have been observing your people for quite some time, longer than we even care to say. And what we have observed is that you are keeping many secrets from yourself. This was done intentionally, and is not some sort of massive defect in the human construction. You knew that you would go forth and be but a portion of yourselves. But now that you are waking up and removing the veils, you are re-creating everything about yourselves and about your universe.

You are about to embark upon a journey, but you will not be the same you that you are at this time. And so, now is the time when you get to decide which being you want to be as you go forward. Once you are at that creation point, where all possibilities exist, you literally can choose whatever form you want to take, whatever persona you want to embody. You can give yourself whatever talents and skills you want to have.

And so it is to your benefit to begin asking yourselves who it is you want to be once you have completely stripped away the false identity that you have been using to create and play out the third-dimensional stories that you wanted to enact. It is a time awakening, and it is a time of creation. The formula that you will use for creating has changed.

So you are no longer going to piece things together in a third-dimensional way. You are going to feel the essence of what it is you want to be and what it is you want to create, and you are going to draw to you those frequencies that match. And you are going to either like what you have created and what you are experiencing, or you are going to wipe the board clean and start again.

And you will continue to do this because you will have the freedom and you will have the ability, and you will have the desire to explore and discover all the different ways in which you can express the vibrational signature that is who you really are.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton