Goddess of Creation, Yeshua, Gaia: The Vibration of Ascension

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomAscension is moving from one dimension to another. Ascension is moving from a place of struggle to ease. Ascension on a spiritual level is opening to your gifts and a greater alignment with your soul or source. During this channel, the Goddess spoke of how we are empowered through our ascension process. She spoke of how we may find ourselves in situations where others try to control but we still have the choice of how we will respond.

While in the All That Is, the Goddess showed us many of the people who have ascended off of the earth. This went back to Lemurian times and included many, many other times through the years. We could see how ascension has taken place all around the world and each time that area would shift but the remainder of the world did not change. This time, the ascension will be permanent throughout the entire world.

This channel took place on the eve of Earth Day so Lady Gaia came forth and spoke with everyone about the earth. She said that we are an integral part of the universe and what happens out there, is reflected here; just as what happens here is reflected out there. She spoke of Gaia’s balance and the dimensions.

Jesus also came through to speak with us about ascension. He showed us how things have already changed so much since his lifetime and how each of us is now ascending into the things that he experienced in that life. He looked different to me when I saw him this time compared to other time. He was standing there with Mary Magdalene on one side and Mary Magdalene on the other.

This is a powerful channel that speaks to the changes taking place and their effect on everyone.

Part 1

Nama Sika; Venia Benya; I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I send love, light, energy, joy, and support to you in your life. I flow this energy into and around you that it may lift you up, that it may assist you in finding the light that is most fulfilling to you.

Beloved, no matter what is going on within your life this is the opportunity for you to just take care of yourself. In your busy, busy days upon the earth, as you get distracted, sometimes the last on the list, the thing that you’re dragging along behind you is what should actually be at the forth front and that is taking care of yourself. That is, respecting yourself. It is honoring yourself and through all of that, you infuse love within you.

This weekend is a weekend of huge change taking place within the world. You have that many, many weeks and weekends of huge change within the world. The more that people talk about experiences either that they are having or that they know about the more it expands the light, the vibration of change, the vibration of transformation, whatsoever it may be.

You are the liver of your life. That came out strange; you are the person at the forefront of your life. Nobody else can make the decisions for you. Nobody else can live your life except for you. You may have an illusion or a perception that others are controlling you or making decisions for you, however, you choose your reaction. You choose what you would like for your focus to be. You choose life.

I invite you to take a moment and breathe deep and as you breathe deep let that breath of energy and light go through you, let it go down into the earth and as you feel your energy connecting with Gaia, open up and feel the flow of light and the grounding energy that comes into you from Gaia, from the earth, from within this space where you go a good amount of time.

The earth is transforming so as to anchor these energies, just as each one of you is transforming and we will speak to Gaia in a little while, however, because you are open and you’re grounded right now, I wanted to suggest that you put forth an intention to understand Gaia as you support her and then you begin to feel this flow almost as if you feel the pulsation from the heartbeat of the earth.

You allow your focus and your energy to flow further. It goes up through the top of your head. It expands out until it links with your higher self. As you connect with your higher self you begin to have that perspective that is that broader perspective of your life.

From within your higher self take a moment and clear everything out. ~ Whew~ It is always beneficial to clear out those things that you might be working on within this space so as to raise the vibration that allows for your higher self to function more fully in support of you. You allow your consciousness to stream further. It streams into the soul plane, where you align with your divinity.

As you feel yourself merge you expand even further than you did with your higher self. I invite you to feel the unconditional love of your divinity. This is you as source, your soul. Feel that flow as you merge your consciousness with you as your I AM Presence, you as your soul.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As I embrace you, we merge shifting our energy into the All That Is. Feel the expansion; feel this presence.

You see before you many of the Angels, the light beings, the star beings. This evening there is quite a large gathering that have come to experience this vibration with you.

The group of people in front of you, some that you might not recognize, are people who have moved through the Ascension process upon the earth. You recognize Jesus and Buddha, Quan Yin, Krishna, there are many more that are part of the traditional religion, however, you also see the many Ascended Masters that were not necessarily part of a religion, instead, they lived this lifetime, whatever their lifetime was with the clear intention to allow their consciousness to expand and some of them literally walked out of their body and into the higher vibration. So, in other words, they had a conscious transition from living upon the earth into returning to source.

I’m not sure that we can talk to everybody; however, I would like to alert you that some of these people that you see they look quite different than you. Some were part of, actually, I don’t know the words, I’m trying to think of the words. Lemuria was one of the first times in which people ascended, however, some of these never fully descended into their body; they kept that open alignment but we see someone who steps forth from that time frame.

There are those who ascended off of Avalon, there are those who ascended from different lifetimes in Turkey, what’s known as Tibet, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Africa. From your entire globe, there have been times and spaces in which people ascended. When they speak of the Ascended Masters if you do study them, they have what, seven? Obviously, there are many, many more than seven. There are many of you who are walking upon the earth right now that are of the Ascended Masters.

I ask you to take a deep breath in, move within your consciousness, ask yourself the question; am I one of the Ascended Masters who’s come back to earth for this transition? You may immediately hear an answer. I would invite you to trust it because there are millions of you upon the earth.

Some of you remain completely unconscious, however, from this space of the All That Is, from this space of your divinity you are working quite diligently through the aspect of you that is living a life upon the earth.

I always laugh when we speak of these things because so often people that are living their life upon the earth think, “Why would I ever come back to this? What would ever induce me to live on earth again?” and yet you do. There is some belief that it is a cycle that you just cannot get outside of and you just live you die, you live you die, you live you die, you live you die.

For some consciousness that is exactly true, that’s how it works, however, people do get outside of that and perhaps that’s the Ascension as you get outside of that cycle.

We speak frequently about Jesus and the life of Jesus because that was the steppingstone that finally worked that allowed the beginning of what is happening today to take place. All of these other people that you see around here in different time-space realities, they opened up a doorway to allow for the Ascension of the entire earth, however, it didn’t work. It worked to a degree. Sometimes there were whole communities even a million or so people that ascended off of the earth, but the earth would then slide back into the old vibration. The earth is not going to slide back this time and in a moment we will invite Gaia to speak.

There’s a lot of emotion that Shelly is feeling because she can feel all the emotion of all of these people, not only who are here with you this evening but the emotion from all who are either listening to this or participating in it knowing that these amazing changes actually working, and although we can say, “Okay it’s been 2000 years that’s pretty slow” indeed, just look at how time has accelerated over the last 100 years. So of that 2000 the last 100 it’s as if everything, the faster it goes, the closer it gets the faster, the faster, the faster, the faster it goes.

An eon is a length of time, sometimes 3000 years, sometimes 1000 years. An eon is a beginning of an experience and an end of an experience. W when there is a predominant focus upon the earth. There were three eons that have completed in the last 20 years upon the earth. And yes, it was set up in such a way so as to open the doorway much more fully to allow for these transitions to be permanently in place.

There is so much to do this evening. I can just feel all of these energies that would like to speak but I believe I’m going to begin with Gaia and you see walking towards you, is a feminine form, is the essence of Earth, it radiates the massive vibration of the earth itself. This energy that you see is but a conduit that you may tap into the earth. But Gaia wishes to come forth and speak for a moment.

Gaia speaks:

Greetings, my fellow friends and family! I have been around for billions of years and I will be around for billions more. I am a foundation of this whole, not a foundation; I am a pivotal part of the whole solar system. As we all rotate and flow around each other, there is like a sling or a particular flow that goes around the earth.

Many of the things that I have experienced have been a result of what is taking place upon the earth at that many things are a result of what’s taking place in the universe. There is no separation there is always that vibrational alignment that give-and-take that pulls back-and-forth that is the earth and the universe and then the Omniverse.

I as Gaia have such deep love for everything that is upon the earth, trees, the animals, the flora, the oceans, the mammals, the fish everything that lives within the ocean, humanity. I create a place where all can flourish. I create a place that is ever-growing and ever-changing because that is how everything is within the universe. Nothing is stagnant. It may appear as if things are stagnant at times, however, nothing is stagnant and stands alone.

During the Ice Age, there was great transformation taking place. There was also great resting. There were other times in which the canyons were created, the mountains, through the lava; the fire and ice have created the earth.

You might think the earth is hollow butt indeed it is the higher vibrations that are within the earth, and they vibrate at such a way that the sun, the moon, the stars, everything look different than what it does upon the earth. You see many people speaking about protecting Gaia and that you are abusing Gaia and that that lack of respect and with Earth Day tomorrow (April 22, 2019) that is going to be the focus. However, I always will find the intrinsic balance. It may be hard and harsh for those living upon the earth; trees, animals, people, but I will always find the intrinsic balance.

When you have days such as tomorrow it’s an opportunity for humanity to grow, to think about the earth, to think about how to nourish and nurture because as you consider Gaia and as you consider how to love and nurture me you are learning how to love and nurture yourself. When you speak about the things that are destroying Gaia those are the things that are destroying humanity. I’m but a reflection.

I, therefore, I’m here to say that if I know my own value, my own worth, so too I invite for you to know that about yourself. There is strength in me. There is intrinsic balance within me, just as there is strength and intrinsic balance within you.

So, all of my beloved people I invite you to close your eyes for a moment. I invite you to feel my embrace as I flow the vibration of the earth to you; the more that you are in alignment with me, the greater your ability to bring down the higher vibrations. I feel great love for everything upon and within the earth.

I am always here. I am always available. When you look at your trees or the mountains or your oceans or your lakes know that that is I, Gaia, sending out a hug and love to you from my heart to yours.

I feel great love for you.


Part 2

The Goddess of Creation speaks:

It is I the goddess. There is great emotion that comes up as Gaia speaks, and I invite each one of you to accept her invitation to that alignment with the deep soul love. It is grounding, it is supportive, it is present for you.

The vibration of ascension is truly what everything has been about ever since 1987 when the world make that conscious choice when the collective consciousness of the world made a conscious choice they were not going to blow up the world through nuclear power; you have stepped onto the fast pace of ascension.

The collective consciousness has transformed immensely since that time. Ascension is about the integration of higher vibrations into your everyday life. Ascension is about moving from one perspective into another. So, everybody has already ascended at least once, but most often multiple times. Ascension can be that physical movement from point A to point B. However, we speak of a spiritual ascension that is directly aligned with the physical ascension.

There is the still the 3-D element upon the earth and the 3-D is what you use is like your foundation. That is the vibration that has been upon the earth perhaps going back as far as Lemuria. As was spoken before, there may have been a pocket, an island, a community, a group of people and they would expand out and raise the vibration of that area, that we create changes; sometimes they could only go so far and then it would stop.

The ascension is the movement from the third dimension into the fourth and the fifth. Within each dimension, there is greater and lesser density. That density is what holds you in the very hard, solid non-movement of the third dimension similar to what it was like when Jesus walked upon the earth. The third dimension that you have right now is not nearly as dense, however, it is still anchored in control and manipulation; that seeking to find balance through good, bad; dark, light; as if you have to prove a reason for what it is.

I invite each one of you to take a moment and breathe into what I just spoke about and ask yourself how much of your life is stuck in the third dimension? Are there perhaps particular experiences? Are there perhaps particular relationships? I then invite you to understand whatever that may be for you, however, it is also a good time to perhaps let that go. The vibration of the third dimension as it is within you, within your consciousness, within your life have a sense of aligning with whatever that may be ~whew~ Clear it out.

As you let go of anything that was stuck in that low vibration immediately your consciousness expands. Some have that sense of floating upward.

Many have spoken of the fourth dimension is a bridge to the fifth. The focus in the consciousness is within the fifth dimension. However, dimensions are numbers, they are levels of consciousness, it is a consciousness that is contained within the frequency, the density; there are different ways to describe.

The fifth dimension is the foundation for the next several thousand years upon the earth. Just as when the third dimension began to loosen up a little bit, that gave the potential to move to the fourth and fifth. So as the fifth dimension becomes the foundation for the earth that is opening up the pathway to the sixth and seventh. You may say they’re just numbers and what does it mean.

it means, that when you have the fifth dimension that is living from the heart you have love as the foundation for life upon the earth. Love is expressed as compassion. Love is expressed as a means of supporting one another. Love is continuing to unfold in the ways in which it will manifest upon the earth.

I invite you to breathe deeply and go within your heart and asked to know: how much of my time and my living in the fifth dimension? For most people, you are somewhere in between. Perhaps you spend periods of time when you’re in the fifth dimension and everything is moving for you, everything is flowing, everything feels good; everything just is right it’s just working. There may be other times in which you struggle and struggle, and seek to find and that is when you pulled out of it (the 5th dimension). This is most people within their lives. Therefore, I invite you to seek more and more opportunities when you can be in what feels good to you.

How much love is present within your life? Love is expressed, understood, integrated in many, many different ways. I ask you to open up your consciousness feeling the vibration of love as it moves through you. I ask you to open up to the vibration of ascension feeling that energy as it moves through you. In part, ascension can be that you live more fully in love and that the dimension as you are bringing in those extra things that will support you.

Feel that wave of energy as it not only moves through your consciousness but it moves through all of you. Again, that feeling of floating or expanding is taking place.

I invite you to look towards the front of you and as you do so you may see Jesus as he stands in front of you. However, I ask you to look at him as he is flanked by the two Mary’s and look at everyone around them from your eyes of ascension. You will notice that they have transitioned, most likely they don’t look the same as what they did in all your pictures. What you will notice is that each one of you is receiving telepathic messages because another part of this ascension is that telepathic energy is much more readily available.

They are all looking at you and as if that light from the third eye becomes a beam, they send forth love, support, compassion, awareness. They are helping you to more fully integrate everything within you.

Jesus did want to speak for a little bit this evening. I will invite you to come forward now.

Jesus Speaks:

Greetings! I am the one known as Jesus; Yeshua I had many other names that people have called me throughout the years. I am very pleased with how the evolution of the world has transpired to where it is today. I am also very pleased that so much knowledge is being recovered from ancient times. Not just from me, but from others.

Because the earth is in the space in which it is, it is clearing out many of the things that have me entrained during that lifetime. I have spoken many, many times through this channeler and through many other people and so often it was about my life, death, the birth; whatever. But people would focus especially at this time of ascension upon the death and then that transition into life.

The density of energy around that for those that would focus on the cross and on all the harmful hurtful things is being washed away as this ascension process is taking place. I can now go back to that space, but it is as if I see it from afar as opposed to every year feeling the pain and suffering once more.

This is significant. This is also something that you can do in your own life. When you carry around guilt, sorrow, frustration, anger, bitterness it’s as if that is pulling you down or dragging you down. You can let that go, clear it out, feel the love and compassion for yourself, let that come into you and you will ascend. You will move beyond the pain; you will move into a place that vibrates at a higher level and feels better for you.

The ascension process that took place in my life as Jesus was that I showed myself to multiple people as the proof that I was no longer there; I took my body I took everything. People are now asking me did I live the rest of my life after my death upon the earth. And indeed, I did have life after death, it was upon the earth; however, I was not there in physical form 100% of the time because the density was too much for me to be able to maintain and I did not want to bring my vibration back down to what it was before my death.

I had a wide platform of Angels and light beings that created that potential however I would come back for periods of time and then leave.

When you are in your meditations, when you allow your consciousness to expand to come here, perhaps the All That Is or go into your divinity, what you are doing is strengthening that alignment for what supports you in your everyday life. You may come here to explore, to try new things, to be different if you are unhappy with your life. This is somewhat what I did.

But know that those of us who have been so pivotal in this ascension process are closer than we have ever been before because we do step down our vibration. However, the more that the earth vibration is lifted up we come into that blend.

Express love in your day. Express compassion for yourself and for others. As you do so, it will release judgment, it will release the old paradigm that has been hanging on for so very long.

Be your authentic self, the person you are here within this space. Be as magnificent as you wish to be! Allow your ego to expand, know that you can create that expansion. (This speaks of an ego that is balanced with your divinity so that it supports your higher vibration.)

Beloved family, I feel such joy in my heart! I feel such completion of that cycle that was begun in my lifetime. I thank you because you have all been a part of it.

Know that I am always with you and know that I love you!


Goddess of Creation speaks:

It is I the Goddess once more. Whew~ this is a powerful night and this is a powerful time. It is what you as humanity has consciously worked towards. I invite you to express yourself in whatever way truly resonates with you.

I invite you to come back as a group. As you do so look around, become aware of all that is here for you. As this group creates a circle you see coming up within that hologram of the earth. This time, pay attention as the higher dimensions are expressed or are available to you. Infuse your own ascension vibration into the hologram. Everyone who is here; the Angels, the light beings, all send that embrace of ascension with the love, with the compassion with that vibration that is soul felt and heartfelt.

As that all moves into the hologram, you release the hologram in that part goes out to the universe as it happens every time and the remainder goes down into the earth. As this hologram moves into the earth’s energy, as it reaches the magnetic grid it’s as if it expands outward moving around the entire earth and it is clearing out the collective consciousness.

It moves down into the center of the earth. From within the earth, it anchors that vibration which then moves outward. It comes up through the earth, it comes up through each person living upon the earth; it comes up through the trees, the grass and as it does so it is anchoring everything that has been done in the past, everything that is happening right now. It is clearing out that old conscious vibration that was control and manipulation and it is expanding more and more love, compassion and the vibration of ascension.

As each one of you begins to anchor, feel the presence of Gaia. Once more as you connect with her, feel now after that alignment with her in the All That Is, feel her presence as she is once more bringing you back, assisting you with anchoring into your physical body. Allow the remainder of your consciousness to stream back down within you.

As you do so, become very present in the now moment. Adjust your vibration, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions so that you are in that place that has cleared out the old third dimension and integrated more of the fifth dimension.

Take a moment and feel within your heart who you are. Feel the love, feel the vibration, allow it to move through you in layer upon layer.

With the vibration of ascension I invite you to think about it, consider it, become aware of it, in your everyday life because it is something that can be very simple, meaning ‘I used to do something this way and it was really hard, it was really a struggle, and now I do it this way and things are easy’ that is a form of ascension; going from something that is a struggle, into something that is easier.

Ascension is that literal movement from one dimension to the higher dimension. Ascension is the change in consciousness. Ascension can be thought about or considered or experienced in many, many different ways. I would, therefore, say consider what ascension means to you. How are the many different ways in which you are experiencing it within your life? It may be something humongous and profound, it may be the tiniest little thing.

Therefore, beloved know that you are never alone, know that I am always with you and I love you dearly and I am always here for you.



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