Beginning of the Bodily Transfiguration Phase

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomThe light-body & DNA activations during the entirety of April were nothing if not nuclear…SO deeply radioactive (even to the point of excessive hair loss) in that they permeated every inch of our physical and non-physical bodies.  This (solar & cosmic) radiation treatment was directed at all the structures of our bodies…skeletal & muscular systems especially…to eradicate old programs, decalcify our crystalline DNA, and carve out the essential space needed for the Higher Human Template.

This was an encompassing process but needed to draw our light all the way down to the core foundation of our bodies and lives in preparation for a total rewrite…a complete restructuring of our molecular form.

Every year we go thru an essential death & rebirth during the Holy Season.  This is never especially enjoyable for the ascending however we know that we must utilize this “sacred” time to die in order to be reborn…to thoroughly empty ourcellves out to make room for more True/pure expression…but this year was WAY beyond the typical death throes, for some this was a completion point.

Those at the fore (the new Human prototypes) have had to let go in unspeakably deep ways (lifetimes deep) to arrive at this new juncture…we have/had to be so open & trusting to let the immensity of pure LOVE flow into our form and to simultaneously clear from our cellscape all that is not LOVE.  This deeper-than-usual process required that we go offline in a major way to fully disable/dismantle our (human) will and surrender it completely over to allow for the return to higher (GOD) will.

This surrender process translates as straddling the always pleasurable divide between life and death for days/weeks/months on end…depending on how resistant we are/how much human density we hold…emptying out any and all remaining attachments to our last-life relationships and creations.

In this space of utter stillness we can’t take anything or force anything out…3D life and functions get put on hold, all our responsibilities, obligations→out the window.  We’re not here, not there…not anywhere really…just floating, biding (cosmic) time until the death process eventually gives way to new birth.  Yes, dying while alive is dreadful, but the only way around it is through the experience…and boy did we go thru it. Then of course, on the other side of it.

Luckily, May looks to be a very different dynamic…as of the new moon (today!) the intense inner-preparation period we have all been thru in one way or another is ready to give way to a whole new energy.  We are in a period of rapid acceleration and this month our internal excavation will turn decidedly external in order to clear space in our physical lives for these new levels we just anchored, to enter.  We will need to ground/anchor/deliver to Earth’s body all that we received and integrated in our own bodies last month.

Most excitingly, many on the first wave clicked into a new, wildly exciting level/phase of embodiment last month…which was the bulk of our focus…and now/post integration we downshift deeper into the transformation process created from all the April activations.

For some, this means the beginning of the bodily transfiguration phase.


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Beginning of the Bodily Transfiguration Phase