Life Tapestry Creations: You’re Rewriting Earth History

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Even though you might feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders the next few days, such is not true. The world – including your world – is brightening rapidly for you are now testing truth. A word you have bantered about for eons, but seldom achieved or even wished to achieve.

You are deciding which parts of your being will remain in 3D and which are of your new 5D being.

Energy is never dissolved. It merely transitions to a new form or format. So it is your 3D segments, thoughts, wishes, and ideas will not transfer to your 5D being, but will instead shift to a different time and place. Because life is circular, not linear, those 3D pieces that do not align with your new 5D being will shift in ways you cannot now imagine.

No longer will your 3D pieces hold the fears and angst of former 3D lives. It will be as if you held a magic wand to those 3D pieces giving them hope and a new life. Your energy will shift your history, as well as the world’s history. Not in words, but actions. So it is the history with which you are now familiar will dissipate only to be replaced with memories of love and joy.

Perhaps you wonder how history shifting is possible and why such is necessary.

Your world history will be rewritten page by page as you evolve from fear to love. For future earth generations will not understand why fear was a necessary part of your lives. So it is your current earth history may become fairy tales or disappear. Much as many of your fairy tales are now becoming a reality.

You of 5D cannot allow the fears of yesteryear to overtake the joys of now. So those fears must disappear. Not because others in the future may claim those fears, as much as others might revisit those memories taking away from the earth joy it is time to experience.

Many of your fables, Bible stories, etc. were similar history pieces at one time. Now information about human longevity, space ships, aliens, etc. is most often thought of as fables, not true history. So to your earth eons of fear will become Interesting stories that have little to do with future earthlings.

Those of you who love learning history are doing so to prepare the Akashic history books. Even though nothing ever achieved, attempted, or completed on the earth will be lost, those unloving pieces will never again be part of your everyday earth knowledge or interest.

You are shifting to love as is the earth. Resulting in the need to shift history from what was expected to what is now. So it is your 3D being might be part of a fairytale, but never again of your daily or classroom history. For how could any instructor justify the fear and pain of 3D after the new world of joy is created?

Many believe that your fear history will help future generations better understand your trauma and dedication to shifting earth to love. Such is true. At the same time, just as love was an unattainable goal throughout your earth fear period, so too will be fear of the future. And just as love is an objective that must be worked at in 3D, so fear will be in 5D and beyond.

ThreeD history books are closed. You are now opening new books of 5D love. Even though love will be the theme throughout the remainder of earth time, this transition between fear and love is what you are now concerned about.

As you move further into 5D, you will have difficulties remembering your 3D anger and fear. It might even seem as if you are losing your memory. Instead, you are shifting your memory. Those pieces that once produced outrage and anger will slip from your mind only to be replaced with memories of joy and laughter.

Most of you forerunners have experienced heavy angst throughout your 3D life – and perhaps continue to experience through those not yet of 5D. You cannot move forward in love with that fear and anger. So it is you are being encouraged to dissolve those heavy pieces in ways most appropriate for you.

Eventually, when siblings or friends mention an unpleasant time, you will see so much sunshine in that incident that you will no longer remember it. So it is you will erase your fear history, as will all of those who transition beyond their 3D beings. Until only those now of the earth who wish to remain in fear will remember the discomfort and pain of fear during this lifetime. Future generations will not have any fear history to review for those pieces are being erased by those now of earth.

Perhaps such seem unlikely or unnecessary. But again, you must ignore, erase, or disperse your fear before you can move fully into love. And so you are doing. Those who refuse to do so will continue to live in pain.

You have ignited your flame of truth and love. Something that can no longer be dampened or destroyed. You are free to discover new you in love. A love that does not contain yesterday’s fear and pain or of any earth’s fear history. You are free.

Perhaps you worry that you carry your ancestral baggage. Ah, such is why your fear slate is being wiped clean. For you no longer wish to spend hours, days, or even minutes clearing that which is not of you except perhaps of your old genetic being.

You are a new being in a new world with a clean slate. Your past life karma is no more. Your ancestral history is no more. And your world history has little to do with you for those responsible for placing those memories in Akashic records are doing so without your help or angst.

You are free. Free to laugh, play, and create much as you did as a child knowing that you will meet your needs. You are free. So be it. Amen.


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