Thoughts from your Hostess of Light for May 2019

stargate eraoflightdotcomHey ya’ll this is Gillian Macbeth the Florida Goddess that lives in the healing mountains of East Tennessee. I wanted to share with you the Power and significance of the place that was picked for the Ancient Healing Conference in Cocoa Beach Florida July 19-21, 2019. Dr. Duncan Bowen, the creator of this conference was very tuned in indeed. Florida herself is part of the Atlantean continent structure like the arm of an octopus she extended herself outward and away from the Atlantean confusion. She holds timeless secrets upon her sandy shores and beautiful beaches, waiting to connect with those that will listen to her secrets. I was summoned to Florida in 1979 due to a dream I had. In that dream ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ from the old TV show told me to move to Cocoa Beach Florida and I would find what I was looking for, ironically the actual show I Dream of Jeannie was filmed in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The dream was so simple yet so powerful, I packed up and moved to Florida for the spiritual ride of my life.

The magic of Florida is self-evident as it has always had a great magnetic pull upon the masses that come to her sandy shores to heal. The true magic of Florida lives in her Atlantean connection that still pulses within the waters and sands. Once Florida has entered your heart she has linked to your Atlantean lifetime and she never lets go. The Space Coast is just that, it’s all about space, inner, outer, theirs, ours and whoever else’s. This is a special place, a spatial place and a place that holds an captivating vibration that has nothing to do with the Kennedy Space Center.

Florida has beckoned a multitude of great light workers to her since the late 70’s. They all followed what spoke in their heart, and just like me followed the light to Florida. Like a scene out of ‘close encounters of the third kind’ minus the mashed potatoes we literally followed the Light instructions. Each time a great hurricane even looked towards the State of Florida, all that held that great light and hope for the future of mankind in their heart, stepped forward, in energy, action and deed, intentionally placing a mantle of light and protection completely around the state of Florida. All we knew was that she was important, sacred and held a great position in the gird of planetary light. Each longitude and latitude of Florida, each town, each port, the west coast and the east coast and the keys, all project a different frequency, each is a different healing doorway.

The space coast and all of her secrets have held a broadband vibration for many years. This special place in Florida talks to you in pulses, some are manmade, some are stellar, some are from what lives beneath the earth and seas. The body reacts to the callings of this land, like an earthly drum. Long before Ron Jon’s became Disneyfied, when the juice bars still allowed sandy toes, and the bonfires burned bright against the ocean, the sound of love could be heard speaking thru the hearts of all that lived on the Space Coast of Florida. Back then we all had the sands of time running between our toes, always digging in we paid attention to what happened in the sky, the heavens, the ocean and the horizons of this specific watery latitude and longitude. Everything spoke to us, magic was all around us and we all believed.

Those of us that lived in Florida during those times knew in our heart of hearts that we were the champions of light. That we were going to make a difference on earth and shift the old paradigm into a place of healing. During that time many had dreams of Aliens, space visitors, disasters and evacuations, we all still remember those dreams to this very day. The stars talked to us and showed themselves in living color. The lights in the sky, on the shore, under the water, were animated and not human driven. Cities of timeless light showed themselves in the waters between Cape Canaveral and Vero Beach creating powerful doorways of time. The sky and sea danced together, showing newly risen watery truths. Like an action movie in dimensional flux, pixelated to the max, that which was hidden showed itself above and thru time and the Florida waters. The entire state of Florida was having Visions, of Mary on buildings, food, anything and everything that was seeking to be holy. UFO’s were front page news, psychic awakenings, kundalini activations and spontaneous channeling, was a daily event.

From 1979 to 2019 is 40 years, a powerful cycle that is now creating another opportunity to move upward in light while still in human form. 40 is a powerful number. 40 holds the ‘knight’s code’ it is loyalty personified. It asks one to share all of their truths and wisdoms holding back naught. This energy and conference is about making ideas concrete and workable, it is constructing the future thought by thought. 40 is the number of years that Moses wandered the desert. This is the end and the beginning of a new cycle of light. It Is by no accident that people from all around the world will gather at this conference becoming part of something bigger than themselves. This Light will be multiplied exponentially via this portal of the space coast allowing ancient truths to become Timeless in their approach and Landing.

From the first minute Dr. Duncan told me about this conference I got so excited, like a kid waiting for Christmas and the special magic of that day. I have always seen a ‘conclave of powerful light teachers’ coming together and this Conference seems to be the perfect intersection in time, space and wisdom. I am honored and humbled and very excited to be part of this powerful ‘portal of ancient healings’.


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