Thrive in New Energy

break free eraoflightdotcomEver feel fired up on a new moon, birthday or other inspirational moment? Indeed you could feel a surge of positivity anytime, given how energy is continually in motion. More positive feelings could lead to more beneficial actions, helping you to thrive. Continue reading to discover how to sustain positivity throughout your day as life challenges arise.

The more you can sustain positivity and a balanced response to life, the happier you will be and the more you can thrive.

Easier said than done, of course, as life has curve balls. Some arise when you engage with others in person or online. Some occur as you ingest the day’s news. And some occur as your conditioned mind triggers a round of unproductive complaining, comparisons, or doom-and-gloom thoughts. These responses are fear-based, your mind bringing to the surface negativity and sometimes its worst fears. Even five minutes of complaining or comparing yourself to others stems from your conditioned mind – setting your joy meter lower, perhaps so low that you feel depressed, angry, or even hopeless.

DNA-Level Conditioning

All of us have DNA-level conditioning causing us to approach situations with black-and-white thinking. What I do I mean by DNA-level conditioning? This relates to patterns of response and belief systems we develop in early life – and those we take on from our parents,inherit from ancestors, or bring forward from past life experiences. In my 1-1 private DNA healing work with others, these often show up for clearing.

A big part of living in these times involves humanity evolving out of limited thinking and learning to live as quantum beings. This is our destiny as it is our true nature.

Meanwhile, the learned linear response obscures our ability to have a holistic view that allows for flexibility and consideration of more than one option.

Example: “Everything in the news is negative so I won’t watch it.” Or: “My friend over lunch likely will bring up politics and I don’t want to hear about it or discuss it, so I”m canceling lunch.” Another example: “I usually wake up early to exercise but won’t do any today because I overslept.”

3 Things to Know

Here are three things to know about sustaining your positive mood. Invite your Higher Self to reveal which ones relate to your life.

FIRST is being more present to your own inner dialogue, catching yourself before you begin unproductive ruminating. When you hear yourself coming from a linear perspective, take a moment and breathe. Ask for a higher view.

SECOND is factoring in the fear and prejudice existing within the collective. The collective is created by all of us over time, and we together update it as we evolve. Remembering this, we can with awareness and skillful means avoid acting out the fear and prejudice. After all we are alive as divine changemakers and that means we are changing the dysfunctional patterns within ourselves, allowing us to help shift the world into the higher octaves of love.

THIRD is to monitor the learned tendency to want perfection and instant results. This applies on both a personal level and in our relationships with others. We’re all spiritually traveling to achieve the same goal – enlightenment – yet it is a messy process and the timing for each person is different. It’s important to make allowances for this, doing our best in each situation to come from love.

As I outline in my eBook “Predictions 2019” in the section “7 Ways to Raise Your Frequency,” it’s essential that we get things in perspective in order to have inner peace and thrive. In the book I say:

“A good method for practicing this is in the realm of politics. These days with politics so ugly and divided, consider that politics is really a neutral endeavor. It can be considered sacred, too. That’s because elected politicians, in their highest sense, gather together to decide significant questions of the day. In an enlightened society, that deliberating would consider the common good of the people they serve. When that’s not happening, like in today’s divisive climate, changes must be made. The US political system was never perfect, but it’s overdue for restructuring. It won’t be easy, but it can be made fair – and indeed sacred. This will be a collective effort involving a change of consciousness – your voice and energy count.”

Given the above, consider that you are already where you need to be at this moment. There are no accidents. Wherever you are, strive to be your best self. And do what you can to support others in being their best selves, even if what they need in the moment is space to be however they are so they can learn and evolve. Show them love by being kind and respectful. Give them space to thrive in their own way. In so doing, your own ability to thrive is supported by the universe.

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