Mira from Pleiadian High Council: Our Presence Increasing

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working with the Earth Council.

You may have noticed that we Pleiadians are becoming more visible. We are stepping up our work with the Ascension Process because we are needed now. We are working through various channels including this one. You will be noticing our presence is increasing.

This is the time of the great shift. It is when the reality has changed enough so that our presence is required to assist you through the final days of darkness into the light. You need understanding and guidance as the old world disappears. We help stabilize the planet and life upon it. It is necessary and something that we do on planets that are ascending.

We will explain that the earth is an exceptional planet. It is one of the reasons that this ascension has taken as long as it has. It is a complicated planet that has been held in darkness for too long. Please take heart! We know what we are doing and you have plenty of help from all of creation.

There are billions of us surrounding the earth. The lights on earth have performed brilliantly without knowing the details of what you signed up to do. You are about to find out where you will be needed and what you will be doing. The assignments will vary according to your abilities and choice. We will get to be working together for there is a lot to be done.

The timeline has shifted. The old timeline was not working and there is an urgency, for this is the final hour. From now on every time you blink your eyes something will have changed. Most importantly welcome in your new life and your new reality. You will be living differently and will be supported with love and abundance.

Soon you will begin to see the transparency of some as they drop their cloaks and show you who they truly are. It could be shocking but in this new reality there will be no living in deceit. When the truth comes out they will feel out of place no matter how long they have been in power. This applies to the entire planet. You have heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes, have you not?

We realize how tired you are of the old way of life. That is why you are in the new reality. Watch for the new revelations. They will appear and you will be healed and set free.
I am Mira sending you great love in this new reality.


» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner


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    1. Cheri

      Hi Wayne, this is definately the hypnotic mind control called MK Ultra that was indeed a quantum infiltration of their consciousness. It comes from serious severe and sustained trauma that fragmented their consciousness through things like SRA, pedophilia and generational abuse from birth which the Illuminati practice as part of their religion. It allows full control of consciousness within manipulated timelines. This so called family (Illuminati) infiltrated every major cultural, military, political and media field for control. This is how they activate these sleeper cells for assasinations and violence as well. They use alter personalities in their psyche which happens when your consciousness fragments. With Wendy William’s you can see she breaks her programming and goes into a memory of severe trauma (seen in her eyes) and the horror makes her collapse. They have no idea these alter personalities exist until key words activate them or something else breaks the programming. These Illuminati infiltrated quantum timelines are clearing right now and all fragments that were in harmonic resonance through MK Ultra with the dark infiltration are being released from these timelines. You can see these alter personalities ar work in media like CNN. Anderson’s Cooper and Don Lemon are deadpan with blank expression. They are reading a script in their heads in essence as their consciousness is fully mind controlled. Look up Cathy O’Brien as she and many others have broken the family programming and healed themselves.

  1. Cheri

    Welcoming your Pleidian DNA strand activation with love! The kundalini is Pleidian technology which I learned when it phired up my lightbody. It has the power to activate the entire central nervous system. At that time before my clearing work began for the planet the Pleidians shared with me a sample of what it felt like to have all the fluids within my body replaced with pristine and clear bodily fluids. Within minutes I felt this extreme calm and bliss come over me. So naturally relaxed and serene with all worry and stress gone it was amazing! Get ready family all this galactic healing technology is within our very DNA! As we accrete more and more higher frequency light the strands will start to activate. Once the mind control clears we will be directing our own healing within each and every unique strand. Remember we are going from just 2 to 12 and 24 strands. All the glutimate and protein instruction sets will self regenerate activating the bones and connective tissue to literally sing with the high vibrations of the planet as she heals. I am telling you it is amazing! We are the light ships landing with star DNA from all over the heavens carried within the activating strands of our DNA! We cannot even fathom the technological advancements and gifts we each carry within. Things are getting real now as the DNA of the planet is harmonizing very rapidly!

    The dark ones here in 3d are flailing around so desperate to control the great awakening by serving up a fake perception of chaos and attacking our great President who is just steaming ahead at breakneck speed. Now things are really going to start to work again organically within our society as we are becoming free from corrupt government control which supported the corrupt organizations that pollute our planet for profit! We gave them that power and consumed their products so we are culpable too! We will bring the knowledge of these science and healing technologies stored within our DNA to fruition in an entrepreneurial fashion which will end the era of the need to consume things for energy and end the need for big pharma, vaccinations and everything that once supported a society and DNA in a state of decay!

    I am feeling unleashed enthusiasm these days hahaha! I love it!

    For my mission work the AI planetary mind control will be fully dismantled this year yay! Go team light! Love you all!

    1. Tommaso Maccari Malquori

      Ishtaran. I’m in florence, Italy. Born 16 May 1983
      I know what is the resistance. Where they drill.
      Ready to ascend.
      Equilibrating the divergences.
      The fear they spread, the fear they have.
      Was great to broke the egg. I’m completely alone. Tired.
      Need to heal.
      I’m not 444.
      Q is here.
      Waiting for physical contact.
      You want I go to the island?
      My sharrat is there.
      I live on the top of the city, but I’m not safe.
      Full of nervous nazi here around.
      And spies that follow me, ignoring.
      This site is invaded.
      Because of surviving this hate.
      I’m too much 3D to serve us properly.
      Never step back in trusting our shards.
      I love us all, and pray, to see spreading the wings.

      1. Cheri

        Blessings to you Tommaso in Italy! I am completely alone too and feel that exhaustion as well. It is by arrangement as we are spread out all over the earth to hold the energy. When people started leaving my life I knew there was a purpose. We too are clearing the recent Nazi invasion in America but you in Italy are clearing huge ancestral stuff not only of Mussolini and the Romans but the huge darkness of the Vatican and their underground web of sickness. When I first activated my DNA I saw these shadowy figures of the dark timelines following me around too. They are a bleed though from timeline infiltration and cannot touch the light that we are and can only trigger fear within us. It took me awhile to clear them from my field.

        I can feel your beautiful soul energy. In my mind we have to stay within the energy of 3d until the planet is fully cleared energetically to anchor us in 5d. Stay strong in your joy and acceptance of your mission as we clear not only our individual soul shards but that of the source within us all. Italians are beautiful people. I was there 10 years ago. With love from America! 😘

        1. Tommaso Maccari Malquori

          Thank you Cheri, fortunately I didn’t received any catholic formation, all my family was more spiritual than religious, I feel every moment more and more joy, I hope to be with the firsts that will open a bubble of heaven here in Florence. It can be a clear and strong strategical position.
          Hungary will help us here I hope. I’m glad to ear you, and if you want we can share more.
          Some of the people the was hunting me was thinking I have the messiah syndrome, but I’m proud to say, that my courage is not only mine, and come for the future of us all.
          There is a lot to do here, the church lock a lot of souls, I offer all my skills to remove this cancer.
          How I can receive the DNA boost, to start to offer to the soul family a better trustfull warrior?

          1. Cheri

            Yes feels like you are in a great position! Definately feels clear and strong! Unfortunately I had a huge catholic overlay in my ancestral family. I rejected it this lifetime as I could see all the hypocrisy from a very early age. The past timelines I had to clear were insane. I could see myself (or my ancestors) as a child being drugged and implanted in these catholic schools. There were underground corridors and tunnels leading inside the Vatican. Just horrific the darkness that overcame the Jesuits!

            Would love to hear what’s going on over there and the Hungarian connection. No doubt you have interesting ancestral connections where you are just as much of my work is clearing the indigenous Native American and Mayan DNA over here and I am actively working in full lightbody on the planetary architecture which is the grid system and we are clearing the mind control infiltration of the artificial intelligence and archons implanted in the earth multidimensional timelines. We are now in quantum clearing which is harmonizing the new light grid overlay on the planet. This is my Arcturian DNA specialty.

            If you want to communicate further feel free to contact me directly through email at lightworker11(dot)cl(at sign)gmail(dot)com. I am spelling it out so KejRaj won’t have to clear it from his moderation que with a link 🙂

            I have no doubt that direct communication will be activating for us both as nothing is coincidence these days in the flow (lol). I am working directly with Prime Creator right now to clear the remaining quantum infiltration and these days he is connecting directly with various people I have communicated with online. Because I do this full time I am alone right now and would welcome the communication as it is all so interesting! No one I know is awake yet.

            The other day my neighbor brought over her bird for me to babysit. And he was beautiful but a very loud Cockatiel. Prime Creator chimed in and said I am going to talk to the bird and I was thrillled at the thought of that (brought tears to my eyes). The bird then became very quiet and just stared at me for a couple minutes then went to the back of his cage and played quietly and joyfully with his toys the rest of the afternoon. Omg big changes are coming once the mind control clears and we can percieve ourselves fully once again! Very exciting!

            Warm Regards to you in Italy!

  2. Doug James

    Mira, thank you your comments about billions are around earth now to assist brought tears of joy as I cant wait for all to remember who they truly are!! We are infinite beings of light who love all life! We have been held prisoner here and didnt know it. The Light is back and growing stronger day by day!

    Love to all Galactics and Light Workers Starseeds all involved!! Victory of the Light Now!