Archangel Metatron: Love Your Duties

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomI am ARCHANGEL METATRON,

Every human being descends from heaven to the earth with specific orders, from the subtle world into dense matter. Many of these jobs fail because people are unwilling to accept unpleasant things or to deal with difficulties.

There is a widespread view that the divine can be acquired easily and without effort; the river of life should have neither bends nor driftwood.

In the flow of life, you are when you resonate with your assignments, regardless of where they lead you or how great the challenges are.

Focused on your duties and not what you feel like. Begin to love what you have come to love and not just what you like to do anyway.

Designing the field of God means going to the field when it has to be ordered, not just when you enjoy it.

How true joy arises

True joy arises as soon as your life is no longer subject to whimsy and you naturally consider rain and sunshine as equal and equivalent to your work.

What has to be done is to do and what to recognize is to be recognized and that, when it shows itself.

A mistake spread today, just doing what you love. Right is that what you have to do on this earth, love to learn.

Then your life becomes a single prayer and is a service to yourself and your fellow human beings. Indeed, the purpose of life is to fulfill its divine orders on this earth. And you can not fulfill it until you master your inner moods and emancipate yourself from the lower human conditioning.

Love your assignments and love the duties associated with them. Whoever lives in this way is wise and enjoys every day.

Are you guided by moods?

Watch how much you influence moods, moods that keep you from doing. Watch how far your willingness to serve God and yourself is. Realize this, understand it and change it – if you do not want to be a driftwood but the river of life itself.

I am with you and I lift you out of deep-swinging energy fields of inactivity.

As soon as you call me, I start my work, as soon as you claim my light, your transformation begins – from becoming into being.



» Channel: Jahn J Kassl