Venus Code of Laughter and Inspiration

relax enjoy eraoflightdotcomFabulous news – Venus is preparing the way for a magnificent day and weekend! A trine between Venus and Jupiter brings laughter and exhilaration. Venus square Pluto enhances intimacy and inspiration in a big way.

With the Sun in Taurus and Venus the ruler of Taurus, these two transits are magnified exponentially, lasting longer and blessing us with fortunate shifts – both positive and profound.

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Talk about feeling optimistic and cheerful!

Venus trine Jupiter brings together the best of both worlds:

Love and happiness, beauty and fortune create a sense of upliftment that enhances your self-worth.

Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius making this meeting even more powerful.

Brilliant opportunities are here now – embrace them.

The enhancement of your self-worth cannot be underestimated.

When you feel valued, your heart naturally opens up and trusts in the inevitability of miracles.

You know you are blessed, and this puts you in a state of receptivity allowing the Universe to easily support you.

If you have been feeling unworthy, this is your invitation to say “NO” to naysayers or negative internal chatter – and choose to embrace all the goodness available to you.

Venus trine Jupiter opens your eyes to LOVE and LAUGHTER.

What could be more healing than laughing wholeheartedly?

Make a point of joining with people and engaging in activities that make you smile, those who exhibit a wonderful sense of HUMOR.

Laugh out loud. Repeatedly.

By doing so your thoughts will naturally pause…

And that’s when you are intuitively AVAILABLE to elevate the power of Pluto’s impact in your life, as Venus squares the planet of power, control, transformation and rebirth.

This meeting, happening at exactly the same time, invites profound conversations with your loved ones while raising your intuitive gifts to INSPIRATIONAL.

Immense shifts can be experienced during this transit, immense healing and release from disempowerment – especially when you add in the fortune and joy of Venus trine Jupiter.

Use this opportunity to LAUGH your life into fulfillment!

Abundance is attracted to an optimistic engagement with life.

If you can laugh at your challenges, laugh through painful moments, greet the world with a twinkle in your eye – you are living in that place of timeless ecstasy where miracles are consistently created.

Laughing is your miracle healing balm.

Laugh your life into existence!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.


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