Archangel Metatron: Time Recalibrted

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomTime, as you know it, has been recalibrated. Time has gone from being linear to being more circular. Time is an element in the creative process but not in the way you are used to using it. The circular motion of it may be hard to get your rational mind around. Let me say this: Time, as it is being reconfigured, will allow for opportunities to create multiple results in the creative process. Without the change of the magnetic fields around the earth, this change in time could not occur.

There are magnetic fields around the exterior of earth in many layers. There are also magnetic components within the earth’s structure. The magnetics are key energetic components in the way time is used and in the way it is perceived. The changing and the shifting of the magnetic fields and the increase in those magnetics will eliminate the linear. It is like a tension that is being created in the fields around and within the earth. This linear time can not be perceived in the magnetic field that is creating the tension. That tension allows time to be used for specific applications.

Soon there will be an understanding that time is unlimited, whereas now you operate in a very limited state in regards to time. There are 24 hours in a day and you have certain times that you do certain things. This will be completely restructured and will vary according to what is being created. That allotment of time will have no limit or restrictions. All will be able to operate within the fluidity of time. The way it is structured is not limited and is utilized according to applications in the creative process, depending upon what is desired. You may not understand exactly what I am saying now because you don’t have many reference points to base this on.

Jim: There seems to be a suspension of time, an ability to stay at a single point almost indefinitely. There also seems to be a stretching of time and a shrinking of time; a rolling of time and a stopping of time. There’s a mechanism to create those. Would that be right?

Metatron: That is right. It is not so much about stopping time, however. It is about allowing the expansion of time so that it can be utilized in a specific creation or a specific experiential way. The magnetics play into this because they hold the structure and the energetics to enable time to be expanded yet very concentrated in that specific moment.

There is an elasticity and there is a tension. It is in the tension that allows the expanse of time for a specific creation or a specific experience to be held. It is under that tension. But when the tension is relaxed, then the expansion contracts and you move on. Then there is a movement that occurs. You have a movement; an elasticity. You have an expansion. You also have tension and contraction that are in play in the new dynamics of time. It is no longer a very simplistic linear concept.

Your perception of the length of time is so dense and slow. As the Shift of Consciousness comes more into play, the dimensional frequencies take hold and the magnetic fields are magnified and realigned. What would seem like a day would only be an instant because it allows for such a magnitude of creation in a simultaneous way. Yet, there is an order that is maintained through the way time is structured through the magnetics and the expansion; through the contraction and the tension. It is through the tension that an order is maintained.

At this moment, you do not have full access to all of those components within time, but you are very consistently moving towards this. You are seeing this in subtle ways – not consistently, but often. You have more years before you see all of what I have been speaking of. It will take that long before more of the magnetics are able to be put into full use on the planet and for the amplification that is required in those magnetic fields to take hold.


This is a conversation between Jim Self and Metatron as they prepare to teach a class together.


» Source » Channel: Joan Walker