KaRa of Pleiades: We Will Be Presenting Ourselves To Many Of You

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa.

I appreciate the times that I, my brothers and sisters, here of the Pleiadian fleet, those of the councils, and all of us can be here with you at this time, not only here with you, this group, but with all of those who would read these words or listen to these words.  We are here for all of you.

The times that are ahead are approaching rapidly.

Yes, we know you are tired.  We know that many of you have at times said, “I have had enough.”  Even at times you may have said, “I want off of this planet; I am done with this.”  Yet you persevere.  You continue on because you know your mission, know what you are here to do.

Know that you are here to bring all of your brothers and sisters back together again., and know   that  you  are  here  to  prepare  the way  for  those who have not yet awakened.   You know that you are here to live a life of light and to share and bring back light to all who are ready for it.  Bring light to the darkness everywhere.

This planet will become a planet of light once again.  It will come out of the shadows, and it is returning to the light.  All those that still wish to remain in the shadows will not be able to do so much longer.  For as you know the energies are increasing, and increasing more and more, they shall.

We, those of us, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Antarians, all of us are here to assist in many different ways.  We all have our missions, just as you do.  We are all waiting, just as you are.  But we wait knowing without a doubt the waiting will come to an end.

Those of you may still wonder, even sometimes wondering, is this real, are we real?  You’re just hearing voices in your head that are simply your own imagination.  As you have heard many times, imagination is a thought process in the higher vibrations, the higher dimensions, the fifth dimension and beyond.  You are honing your craft now.  Begin to visualize more and more.  Crystalize those visualizations.  Let your imagination run wild.  Dream.  Breathe.  Let those dreams become reality.

It is nearly time, my brothers and sisters, for the light.  Our family of light, it is nearly time.  We will be presenting ourselves to many of you—not all—many of you, as you are being prepared and preparing yourselves for the grand moments that are just ahead.  No, we cannot give dates, timeframes, because you know through all of these changes that the vibrational frequencies change within all of you and as a collective consciousness there on the planet.

We are here.  We are ready.  The question becomes:  are you ready?

I am KaRa.  I leave you now temporarily, and I will return along with many of my brothers and sisters who wish to begin to communicate with more and more of you, not only through this one James, but to each of you as individuals.  Different ones of us will be communicating with more and more of you.  You will be ready for this if you will try to  allow it.

All of my peace and love be with all of you, my dear brothers and sisters.

Continue on each and every day bringing the light to this planet, anchoring the light, then sharing it all among you.


» Source » Channel: James McConnell


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