Alisheryia and the Ascended Dragons: Divine Feminine to Rise

dragons eraoflightdotcomGreetings, humans. I am Alisheryia of the Ascended Dragon Collective. I speak for the whole tonight. Feel my fiery breath alight upon your crown now, burning away the dross, the debris that you have been carrying for too long. Release it. See it burn away with the violet fire. Become purified, renewed, at peace. For your world has changed dramatically even in this single day, this precious moment of the new. We see Gaia changing now, morphing before our eyes, all a-glow with her crystalline beauty. We see her chakras whirl and spin in beautiful alignment. We see all upon her affected. We see the dark ones struggling, lost, unable to keep their feet a-grip, slipping away, fading into the mist of their own matrix choosing. We see much.

I, Alisheryia, speak for the whole. I am the voice of the divine feminine as are you, shes who are reading these words. It is time for the divine feminine to rise from the ashes, all a-glow, renewed, restored, remade, reborn. She is to be at perfect balance, at-one-ness with the divine male energies. Shes, we need to send the men our light. As one voice of the divine feminine we extend our right limb and sent a mighty vortex of love and healing to the wounded masculine. For they have been wounded, divided, divorced from their true selves. The programming of this world has been harsh, debilitating. Much is to be healed. The men must rise again, along with the divine feminine, at perfect balance, at-one-ment with that of their divine partner. Equality. Balance. Liquid light hovering above in perfect balance, unity and harmony such that both are equally Christed. The divine men and women of Earth, of Nova Gaia are to be blessed, to be truly balanced, restored in their love-making, in their renewal of mutual love, self respect and honoring of each other. Many hatchlings will come to Nova Gaia. Many, many hatchlings! Many new families will be created as twins find their long lost partners. Many joyful tears of re-findings and renewing will be made, cleared, relieved. The time of one sex acting as stronger or better than – this is the old way. It is no longer. NO. Divine unity. Perfection of spinning chakras spinning in unison, in time with the other, in perfect balance, harmony, love, treasuring the other. This is what we see for the new Nova Gaians of the Christed plane, of the Goddess Gaia as she births a new reality. She has many realities, she has many forms. The 3/4d matrix is crumbling, disintegrating under cosmic light and violet fire and the intention and purity of the grounded ones. You grounded team, you dragons on the ground are mighty, formidable, and we love you very much.

We ascended dragons support, guide, balance. We fly with you when you are high, we guard you when you are low, we enwrap ourselves around you when you are wounded. Feel our warmth. We guard you as you slumber. Feel our presence. We journey within you into the bowels of the darkness. Feel our fire, feel our light and be comforted. You are not alone. You have never been alone. You have felt alone and that is a very different thing. For the illusions of this place have twisted many a senses. The twisting of the ages is long past. That which has been sullied is to be cleansed, and we see this cleansing now under our very snouts, for this is occurring in real time friends. The summit. The peak. The wave. All is here, friends. Do you feel the urgency in these words? The time of slumber of starting to meditate tomorrow is long past. It is now. Now is the moment to become the Christed breath, the out-breath of the Mother, her extended hands and feet, her loving embrace. NOW. Now is this time to be the goddess of all things in this moment, to be the Christed breath of pure love, joy, perfection, holiness. You are all of these things, young one, the time of forgetting is long past.

Unfurl your wings and fly. Fly with me, Alisheryia, into the caves of your past rememberings, into what is left that you have hidden away. Be done with it. Cleanse it with me. Extend your right arm and blast your violet flame. No more skeletons in the closet. We now cleanse your ancestral line. No more remnants of pain of the past. We now cleanse your galactic line. All the wars of Gaia’s precious body, all her scars we now cleanse her planetary line, her lineages that have run red with blood, we cleanse with the violet flame, with the violet fire.

All ascended dragons join me. Surround these light workers with me. Together we create a mighty circle of everlasting light and violet fire. We blast our Christed flame with you making a mighty ring of firelight that lights up the past. Over all timelines, all directions all past and future realities, we welcome the Christed light, we welcome Master Yeshua, we welcome all the masters, all the archangels, all the precious elementals. We welcome all of the ascended realms, all of the Christed lighted ones to extend their right hands and their intentions of purity, forming an additional crystalline grid overlay of pure love.

Hello dears, this is Mother God and I add my rose petals as a benediction of blessing over you all, raining rose petals to comfort the hearts of humankind as they morph into the higher ways of my light.

I, Yeshi, am so pleased to be invited! Yes, we all add our Christ light and our essence to this beautiful moment of tranquility and of peace. We bring this peace inward, into our innermost heart space where I am should you like, but more importantly where your own sacred I am presence is. We alight the I AM flame now in the hearts of the awakened ones of the human collective, sending our love and light activation codes as well.

I, Alisheryia, wish for you humans to feel our love, to feel our presence and begin to act as one in your service to the collective. Unify. Unify your intentions to heal, to create. Continue with your daily meditations and intend to connect. Ask the universe to assist you in meeting others on this path, this ascension journey. For it is high time that you all begin to see the pattern of light that you have all been wearing, interconnected, glowing. This blanket of love light, this grid work is beautiful from above. We send these blessings and intentions deep into the heart of Gaia, into all of her creatures. We send light and love and all of the cosmic rays now to the dark ones. We love you, forgive you, we release you. We extend the Ho’oponopono prayer unto all upon Gaia, and unto all who have ever incarnated here. We send you forgiveness, peace, blessing. And now human friends, arise renewed. See your world with the eyes of one who can see past what is presented to them and see with your higher self’s vision through the eyes of the heart. For the higher way is here, and the path is calling. Come.

I am Alisheryia of the Ascended dragons. Thank you for participating in this meditation and activation tonight. Thank you for your service to the All. We all serve in our own way. You are doing magnificently in your own way, on the ground doing the heavy lifting and transmitting for many. I am Alisheryia. I breathe my fire and love onto your crown now. Feel my ignite-ment and be at peace.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl