Message from P’taah: Supporting and Nurturing Indigenous Peoples

stargate eraoflightdotcomQ1: P’taah, I’ve worked in native health care for several years and have observed the struggles that these native populations deal with. I see so many living in a state of helplessness and hopelessness. There’s an extremely high rate of suicide, substance abuse, domestic abuse among adults and neglect, physical abuse and sexual abuse among the native children.

And as I’ve watched the struggle unfold and the things being done to try to help, the help seems to be largely ineffective. In the past I’ve heard you provide information about transformation at the individual level, but when you’re looking at a cultural level where there is so much in the collective conscious, so much in the morphogenetic resonance, is there a difference in how the transformation needs to be addressed for an entire people, rather than just at the individual level?

P’taah: Indeed, and this issue is not confined to one area, of course. It is really indigenous peoples whose culture has been removed, where this endemic dis-easement, is occurring. So, of course, there is not one answer to this.

In terms of what may be done at a level, we would say, from government and from peoples who are involved in the health care, etcetera, of course it must start with education, and also a drive to re-connect peoples to their culture, to their own culture, to their own language, so that the sense of connectedness may be reestablished.

You know, when peoples are disconnected from their Sourceness, this is displayed, we would say, with violence, with self-destruction, with a sense of powerlessness and despair, the absence of hope. And you know it is rife within all peoples, everywhere. It is rather heart breaking to see this at a whole country level, if you like. The psyche of a people who have lost their way.

Of course most powerful is when more peoples can be taught to assist their own people. So although you are looking at the idea of assisting a whole population, the more people who, at a personal level, experience transformation, the quicker this information and this way of being can be disseminated, if you like.

One of the worst things perhaps is the absence of hope, and in this way you have suicide and you have the violence within the family, and indeed within the society itself. So, if one is a worker in this situation striving to assist, it is most important that each one know how to re-balance him/herself. To make sure that you feel connected, to make sure that you are sustained by your Sourceness. Otherwise this problem seems too large to transform.

Q1: Are you talking in terms of the health care worker balancing? Or the native individuals balancing?

P’taah: Well, all of that, you know. Because when you as a person are balanced, when you feel connected and supported and nurtured from the Source, from your own Godhood, if you like, then indeed this knowingness, this state of being, radiates outward and really does affect everyone you come into contact with, or else you can be bogged down by the hopelessness of the entire situation.

The other thing, of course, is the education. To re-establish the sense of power and beingness, the wholeness of the population itself.

Q1: And that education would be coming through who? Natives who have found their power and strength and their worthiness.

P’taah: Yes. And, you know, the peoples who can help most are the peoples of the society itself rather than, if you like, foreign aid, foreign power, foreign money, foreign ideas. Because to balance means balance in the true sense of the word, not only the interior balance but the balance between, if you like, the invaders, we would say, in the old sense of the word, the invaders and the indigenous peoples. So that the indigenous peoples can maintain their sense of identity and their cultural heritage, while being able to cope with the modern world in education, in technology, in the idea of being part of the larger community of the world.

Q1: And you’ve mentioned in the past that change will come when there are enough individuals transforming their beliefs so that critical mass is reached. Then does that make for transformation?

P’taah: Exactly so. It is the reaching of the critical mass, and this is only done by individuals who are expanding their own consciousness, and in that expansion, are stepping forth to really to assist the transformation of all of those peoples around them.

And there will be things, too, that will assist this. There will be, we would say, global occurrences which will affect the citizens of your planet, and will change and expand the consciousness.

Q1: Very interesting.

P’taah: It is quite an exciting adventure to see how, in the ripeness of time, in a way, in this cycle of, if you would say the evolution of consciousness, and the transformation of humanity in the global sense.

Q1: And while, I guess, we wait for that critical mass to be reached, I see in the native people there’s a gradual returning to their spiritual beliefs as well as their native healing practices using things like plants and herbs.

In one of the prior Conversations, I believe you mentioned that it’s not the medicine that heals but rather the belief in the medicine. But in a different Conversation, you stated that herbs may tickle the chakras, where it sounded like maybe through their vibrational frequency, they will have some impact on the physical body or the energetic body…

P’taah: That is correct, you know, because, in the deepest sense, the whole planet, the Goddess essence of your planet in the co-creation of life, the humanity, the consciousness of humankind and the Oversoul, if you like, of the planet, are there really each to support and nurture one another so that all of the flora and fauna of the planet, and even the energy of the planet, in terms of, we would say, certain parts of the earth which are very high frequency energy, all of this is really likened unto a co-creation of the support and nurturing. So of course there are plants that will heal the physical body. However, as we have said many times, if the issues creating the physical ailment are not dealt with, then you will re-create, the body will re-create, other diseasement until the issue of the mental/emotional body is dealt with.


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