The Council of Radiant Light: Transcendent Light, as Love

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomDear Friends –

It is easy for us to connect with you. We know you and we love you.

As you orient to us, you allow this connection to be increasingly fulfilled. Our love streams into your bodies – the fields that are part of your human energy system and we feel you, the aliveness you are experiencing and we amplify your joy.

Our intention always is to support you in thriving here.

Nothing we do is anything other than in sync with who you’ve become because we are only aware of your fullness. Even in your embodied state, we see you as whole and fulfilled. That is who you are energetically. Even if you’re not yet perceiving that in your manifest life experience it still is who you are.

So…your life is an experience in which you see yourself and your life, a bit like seeing the tip of an iceberg. Meaning -there is much that you do not see that is already, indeed, who you are.

When we come into communion with you, we further that awareness within you of who you truly are – that is why higher frequency energy feels good! When you’re it it, you feel like you.

When you stay in it – in affinity with your wholeness, which is high frequency, coherent and fulfilled – you let new things manifest and more of who you’ve become can come about in ways you then perceive.

There is no urgency about any of this for us. For we know that your life is a fantastic experience of creativity and expression no matter how much of that iceberg you’re allowing yourself to know or perceive. (Smile)

The non-physical you, is all of it.

We know you as complete, and continually expanding into more and new expressions of experience.

We are in awe of your creativity and love what you are shaping in focus.

As you learn more about the vibrational nature of life you play more confidently with how you feel. You loosen up the way you experience your feelings, starting to really grasp that they are only indicators of resonance or affinity with all you are, and optional – you can choose to continue with them, make a big deal out of them, or even just choose to change what you feel by focusing differently, thinking even slightly different thoughts.

As you play and pay attention, noticing what happens, you begin to learn how your focus changes your feelings and this empowers (and emboldens) you to live feeling joy and other things you like, more often.

You transcend what is, and create anew. You are light empowered.

As you appreciate this, and appreciate yourself, you allow yourself to flow, expressing and receiving, a conduit of light, emanating love and harmonizing with all life, through your ever-expanding presence. And let us say – wow! That is very beautiful and we know when you’re in this state you feel so very good!

Dear Friends – dare to believe it and embrace it: life is for pleasure! The joy of expression! The joy of experiencing your creation!

Life is for experiencing yourself here and shaping life to your liking. You give us all a glimpse of your view, your perspectives, the uniqueness of your harmonics. In manifest life, your expressions take life into new territory. You allow yourself to imagine and want things and they come about, vibrationally.

Because of this, there is more fulfillment available throughout creation, for the satisfaction of knowing you in this way furthers all life.

This may seem hard to believe or understand but the nature of the non-physical is the joy of energetic expansion, and in our wholeness, we are One. When one within our wholeness, creates, we all benefit and also feel the pleasure of that expression. For us the feeling of it is more about states of consciousness, rather then emotion, but we would easily describe it as pleasing for us, too. Tremendously so!

Life throughout realms of focus and as a whole, thrives in expression. Experiencing the newness of expansion is the way life evolves. Creating newness is how life evolves; through expression.

No matter where one is focused, the experiences of life evolving is one of tremendous joy.

We love you very much.

We are complete.

I AM the Eternal Michael, with Akryaiel & the Council of Radiant Light.


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