Your Deepest Secret

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomSpiritual seekers or lightworkers see the world through a different lens than the majority of humanity. They know that they have a sense of inner knowingness that is built into their very nature, but its source is clouded in mystery.

They typically remember events from this lifetime which made them feel as though they were different from others. If they were to recall past lives, they would find that same sense of being different to most other people in those past lives. So, what is it that makes a lightworker different from the mass mindset? Why do they go through life knowing that they might never be comfortable joining in with many regular social activities?

Most lightworkers have been repeatedly reincarnating on earth for thousands of years, always haunted by that knowingness that they are different. It is as if they came from a different time and place in the universe, then volunteered to come here to help raise the consciousness of humanity.

That sense of aloneness in a crowd came with the lightworker package. It is something that they anticipated before they ever agreed to be a part of the ascension of humanity to a higher level of consciousness. The Shift that we are experiencing today is the final stage of several thousand years of critical human evolution.

The silent secret that lives within all lightworkers is that, before they agreed to come to earth and help humanity, they existed in a more advanced culture within God’s universe. That degree of advancement is an integral part of your very soul, your very being. It is not something that can be undone by circumstances in this or any other single incarnation. It is who you are.

Long ago, you mastered all the challenges that people face today in their struggle to find peace and to evolve to a higher state of consciousness. Long ago, you were accustomed to raising your own consciousness into what can be called Soulspace, the realm of the ‘higher self’ aspect of your consciousness.



2 Replies to “Your Deepest Secret”


    Thank you for I AM GREAT and YES I AM WORTHY and thank you unconditional Love and hear no evil,see no evil,speak no evil and free will in 5 Dimension(Heaven on Earth)even though it appears the same 3Dimension(old Earth) it is not and as confusing to most to understand the more we let go of how we reacted to and we’re programmed and taught of right and wrong to behave,good and bad words,and so on which were decided by man that laws we’re then created for this without free will.I myself have to remind myself that normally a person yelling and screaming every obscenities throughout a public park or just being loud is ok because the forbidden fruit has never been eaten in other words it still is shocking for this behavior to be observed and thinking that someone is going to call the Police for being loud and saying bad words then I remember fuck and nigger are just words neither bad or good right or wrong in heaven as it was believed to be offensive and racist we we’re programmed to believe in the old 3 dimensional old earth dark vibrational ways of fear.And that not everyone wants to shed the old ways and change from the 3 dimensional ways.I respect and understand that.So I need some help here the very dark vibrational and have been purposely to stop my mission by trying to destroying me and my family(white supramcy hate group)Anna is abusing her false ways and intentions of screaming and yelling and being violent while living in my Creston Park and sleeping at my water fountains shed telling people to get out of her house(she is doing this on the 3 dimensional dark intent trying to make it seem that it isn’t but in a 5 dimensional way) I will not have Anna washing her feet and ass in the drinking fountains and I watched her blow both her nostrils into the drinking fountain I will not allow Anna to throw her garbage and litter on the earth when a garbage is right in front of her.I am tired of her spending hours locked in the public park bathroom for hours and how she leaves her garbage in the bathrooms floor and she always floods the bathroom floors with water I told Anna to leave this park last week after she tried to attack my daughter and called me a bitch and came charging at me.Both her and Guy need to be gone.I could use some help in their removal.Now I am aware of her not being of the light.I will just yell alot louder and tell her to get the fuck out of my park.🙄😀. I pray for love and light for her. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Jackson)Copyright© 2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved®

  2. Karin/Saphira

    I have been, in the last several weeks, been aware that I no longer feel “belonging” … then I saw a snippit of a video explaining the difference between belonging and “fitting in”. I now realize there IS a difference … then tuned into figure out what I am feeling …

    Clearly it is “no longer fitting in” as I notice I am not included in various conversations around the office. I have done my best to make myself included … for over 30 years here at this daily place I come to be paid. I have done my best being awkwardly social here, but I do best when I discuss tasks that only I have expertise with. Where there usually is drama involved, I do my best to wear headphones just to block out the lower vibrations of the meaningless conversations. Now I am finally putting it all together! Thank you for this post as my eyes flew open and my Ahhhh-haaaa moment surfaced, nodding my head in recognition. I will be ok with being left out. It’s different, but will be ok.

    Thank you! Blessings ~