Saint Germain: Allow The Flow and Rise in Vibration

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am Saint Germain.

I come to all of you now with the Violet Flame to continue to utilize this as a tool, and only a tool, to continue to purge out all the old, the old programming within you.  It no longer has a reason to be there.

All of that programming was there for a reason in the illusion that is, yes, of your creation, part of the experiment.  That experiment is over.  The illusion is over, and the programming that continues to hold that illusion together is over—if you allow it to be.  So utilize the Violet Flame to purge out the old, and to bring on the new.

Just as a flame, you have your forest fires that burn out all the old underbrush.  And over a period of time a growth begins, comes up anew.

This is what is happening within your body now:  you are purging out the old programming, the old cells in your body, old cells that no longer function, the dead cells.  And the new ones are coming on.  Yes, you can regenerate your cellular structure as you are all doing.

Continue to allow the process to happen.  Feel the energies coming in.  Experience the energies.  BE with the energies.  Do not fight them.  For if you fight the energies coming in, they will have their way with you.  If you allow the energies, allow the flow of the energies, then those energies will take you along with them into the higher vibrations.  The more that you allow for the flow, the more you will continue to rise up in the vibration.

Rise in consciousness.  Become who you were meant to be.  For all of you now, as these energies continue to move in, and these waves of energies, you are more and more acclimating to these energies so that you are able to take more and more of them.

But if there comes a time when the energies are too strong, you can simply ask that they be backed off for you, and they will be.  But if you can handle them, if you can take them knowing that it is temporary, that the changes, the shift that comes as a result of these energies is temporary, the ailments, the pains, the aches, are temporary.  The heart fluctuation, the feeling of the illness is temporary.  If you know that, then you will continue to allow the energies to come.  Not to the point where they could become life-threatening.  If it comes to that, then you must seek assistance.

But before that, allow the energies, allow the flow, knowing that the waves of energies are going to increase now, quite drastically at times.  Allow for that to be, the energies, the waves of energy as they increase more and more.

Know that it is all happening for a reason.  It is all part of the great orchestration that is occurring here.  And there is so much help that you have from above, from those called the Galactics, and from below, those called the Agarthans.  They are all here to assist.  They have the Light Resistance Force here on the planet that consists of both Boots on the Ground and those from above and below.  They are all in the process of bringing you closer and closer to the event.

But in order for the event to happen, consciousness must increase to a point where enough have awakened across the planet.  And in order for more and more to awaken, it is up to you, the Lightworkers, and even more so the Warriors, the ones who will go out now, not out of your comfort zones or to affect another’s comfort zone, but to reach out beyond yourself and assist those who are in that awakening process as much as you can.

Reach out your light.  Bring others forward to this group, to other groups, whatever it might be where they can be with like-vibrations just as you are.  For there are many out there now that are searching.  They are searching for the light.  Even if they do not know what the light is, they are searching for it.  They are reaching.  They are reaching for your hands to help to guide them.  So as one reaches for you, grasp their hands.  Invite them into your circle, into this group, into many of the other groups.  Show them the way, just as Yeshua came and showed the way.  Just as he said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life (or the light),” so too are you that we are all that, we are all the way, the truth, and the life, or light.

So reach out now to your brothers and sisters.  Reach out for help from those Galactics above, from the Company of Heaven, and from those of the Agarthans below.  Ask for their assistance in helping all of those who are coming into the awakening process.

Because as more and more awaken into the higher levels of consciousness, as consciousness increases across the planet, then The Event can commence.  Up until that time, the waves of energy will continue and will become stronger and stronger and stronger.  Those who can handle the energies will do so.  Those who cannot, will find an alternative route.

I am Saint Germain.  I leave you now with the Violet Flame for all of you, again, as a tool to utilize.  To help not only to assist moving beyond your programming, but to assist in helping others move beyond theirs.

The illusion must fall.  And in its place will become a new reality, a new sense of peace and love, and tranquil calmness across the planet.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.


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