Christed Wheat and the Mind Control

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomHello family of light! I shared with you an earlier article on my soul mission this lifetime to reengineer the planetary architecture and quantum infiltration of christ consciousness. I feel my etheric gag order has lifted and it is now safe to share what my team has been working on which is clearing the Illuminati infiltrated timelines and the archonic artificial intelligence that was running the mind control agenda through the brainwaves of our collective and reversing the energy of the planetary grids. I work with the energetic archetypes on the grid who are available to each and every one of us through our multidimensional DNA.

My inner team consists of my higher self Ascended Master Hilarion, the collective known as Ra, Isis and the christed consciousness of the creator who I experience as Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan DNA that is able to repair architecture and time travel.

It has been an investigation by my team of each and every planetary timeline to figure out what happened and reengineer the planetary architecture. Our consciousness exists in all dimensions and octaves. Our human selves have been unable to remember these aspects of self through the hijack and lockdown of not only our biology but our consciousness. There was a massive infiltration in the brainwave states of delta (lucid dreaming or sleep) and gamma (christ consciousness) that not only infiltrated each of our timelines of potential future creation but manipulated our memories and thoughts through the creation of artificial timelines of AI replication that were actually plastic (totally inorganic). This was the matrix reality humanity kept creating over and over without our awareness because we were cut off from accessing our higher wisdom as our consciousnesses was trapped inside memory loops with no access to our akashic records.

Some of these concepts are are a quantum understanding which I am still downloading as I go, so bear with me.

These timelines represent the torus field of the planet or what we call the grid. The organic timelines from our hijacked consciousness were so overused by the Illuminati who had the same technology I do which is time travel through the lightbody, that the fractals were not only bent from massive overuse and infiltration but completely ruptured wreaking havoc within the time space continuum that some experience as a bleed through of lifetimes or a mandela affect of memories.

This was done through the infiltration of the wheat by Monsanto with technology from Atlantis. Wheat is the plant emenation of Prime Creator and was once a christed consciousness crystalline structure. Egypt was known for it’s bountiful and prized wheat. One only has to look at the Mayan calendar to see the graphic representation of meditation and wheat harvests. These were epochs of high wisdom and consciousness. The villages would organize around the wheat harvests with great excitement. The pyramids were built during these epochs to bring in and amplify the cosmic energy. Wheat wafers were lovingly crafted for consumption after the harvest with great anticipation. The village would gather within the massive pyramid structures and commune in oneness with the universe. The pyramids were built to amplify the cosmic energy as the crystals within the rocks and stones themselves would start to sing in resonance with the wheat through every fiber of our being through the bones and cartlidge in synchronistic vibration with the crystals that lie within our plasma. It was a full body experience of bliss and oneness with the universe and our creator. In Egypt the creator was called Ra, in Maya this consciousness was known as Quetzalcoatl. I am sure he has many names throughout history as you always see these so called deities which is really christ consciousnes expressed like in Sumeria with a connection to the wheat even when the Annunaki were here, Enki is expressed as the so called god of wheat. A whole pantheon was created after the consciousness fell and one need look no farther than the eucharist to see the fallen product of the wheat which morphed into a state of fallen consciousness and was ultimately used for power, greed and mind control which is the antithesis of unity.

I will say that it appears the wheat initially became contaminated with woad (probably nefariously done much like ours is now laced with pesticides and god knows what else). The experience for that generation of our ancestors was complete and total heartbreak with the infection of the wheat. You can imagine that loss of oneness, the bliss, the connection with the creator gone! It makes me weep at what they thought. Blaming self, blaming the creator, feeling punished and totally disempowered. A deep ache of grief. Just utter sadness, bereft of spirit. Separated and alone. Desperate for some direction and feeling punished. Hence the birth of religion. The chase to regain our connection to God.

We have found that karma was created through the fallen wheat byproduct of gluten which binds to everything as christ consciousness once did. It was a fallen organic structure through the infiltration of the wheat. It can be seen in the astral as the black gooey sticky substance. The Illuminati were able to retain their knowlegde of lightbody travel but they corrupted and fragmented themselves to such an extent through their religion that they lost connection to the heart. What the Illuminati lost in inner power they stole from others and rigged the time matrix through the technology called “ultra” which was the quantum harmonic manipulation of light in the ultraviolet spectrum, utilizing ultrasound to entrain the planetary resonance with ultrasonic pulses. What food sources Monsanto hasn’t infiltrated with genetic modification they spray with pesticides to keep all the plant life in a fallen state emitting low vibrations and if not cleared still resonating within us through fear and lower emotions.

I can not even describe to you the sickness, cruelty and degradation in these artificial timelines. Sick, sick cruelty to humans and animals. Horrific stuff beyond what we see playing out here in 3d within the Illuminati religion and their satanic cults. They infiltrated and misused the lightbody technology through time travel and inserted false horrors, mind slides and grotesque images of sick cruelty into every earth timeline and ran them through the collective brainwaves using quantum artificial intelligence. It elicits not only fear, rage and anger but the equivalent of anaphylactic shock to the system and subconscious from what we actually see and experience in lucid dreams (delta) that is immediately erased through memory wipes in the brainwave states of alpha (our waking state) but still running behind the scenes. This is the mind control. These plastic timelines also contain biological weapons like fluroride, methane, heavy metals and pepper spray to keep the vibrations low.

I have taken back this lightbody blueprint from each and every one of their timelines both organic and plastic and they are stripped of their quantum abilities. The creator through me has reconstructed the universal time matrix and deconstructed the infiltration by rebuilding the infected soul monad of these dark ones. There was no way they could come back from this extreme darkness on their own and self correct.

So we must remember to have some compassion for our fellow source reflections unawake and walking around like shocked zombies or out of control emotional snowflakes and the triggered masses lashing out in violence. However it is up to each one of us to heal ourselves as no one is our savior. It takes warriors! The lightworker community to our great credit has taken on everything and cleared all our etheric implants, imprints, attachments, demons and everything in between.

What we see playing out right now in the triggered masses is mind controlled responses to manipulated brainwaves. They have not embodied their discernment of the source within. These are quantum fear programs being run through inorganic timelines which are being dismantled for the collective as the wheat is reclaimed. The destruction of the earth through a massive solar flash was planned. The secret space program was a quantum infiltration using consciousness to create these colonies all over space with a human slave trade and giant praying mantis, ant beings and reptilians. It is a false creation within these plastic timelines. And they are being fully dismantled in the quantum realms. The Illuminati has placed their broken fragmented puppets in all areas of life here in 3d to implement their failed plan. Because we are awake they can not manipulate us anymore as we far outnumber them. You can see all of them literally breaking down as the quantum programming clears. We just dismantled the motherlode of astral alters called the white rabbit alter which was a huge collection of Illuminati fragmented consciousness and soul energy bound through SRA and pedophilia.

They infiltrated the wheat and used the fallen consciousness to worship them as gods and create religion or a mind control script to disempower the masses and keep them in resonance through the quantum infiltration of the brainwaves. The depiction of Jesus on the cross mocks the infiltration of christ consciousness. They weaponized Allah through militant brainwaves and reinforced Satan through demonic imagery. Every religion is infiltrated because it is a false creation. A matrix program that is inorganic! The people are good it is the institution and dogma that keeps some people from embodying the God within.

This is why we are plagued with huge depression, rampant anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, OCD, alzheimners disease and dementia. All that is from these biological weapons running through our brainwaves.

My job is to clear and repair the wheat fractals and the false plastic timelines for the great central sun. We move so fast that I don’t have to see what’s in these timelines unless I wake up in one before the lightbody fires up. But I do have to feel it so it can clear through me molecularly. This is what we all have to do for our personal and cosmic ancestry. Our chakras exist quantumly across all dimensions and octaves. As we clear these timelines we are clearing the carbon blueprints to a crystalline structure.

So we must love on, clear our cellular biology and embody our full soul blueprints. So diverse and wonderful are we from all over the cosmos! Soon the mind control will be non existent and for those of us who have been working on ourselves for so long we will be free to travel the real universe in both consciousness and lightbody.

Thank you so much for sharing my story. It may be a little much to fully comprehend but my wisdom is coming in fast and furious now that the archons are being cleared from the grid that were infecting the loving energy field and weighing down our beautiful mother earth and all her creations! Also thank you so much for awakening as we all have jobs to do. The wisdom is coming through but it is not linear memories. Just feel through it. All symptoms are ancestral timelines clearing. It may be jerks, stumbling, heart palpitations, skin rashes and everything else our ancestors experienced as the biology degraded over time. Some of it is healing from the weapons thrown at us quantumly through our hijacked timelines. As the timeline collapses you feel the body or emotion release and reclaim the wisdom, not the memory. I have such respect for every single one of us as it takes such courage to face the unseen. The earth will not be destroyed so know no fear! The evil aliens, evacuation, underground escapes and wars in space was a consciousness program not a reality.

Soon we will be able to self direct our DNA to heal. Just know that age is no barrier, the DNA will fully repair itself once the mind control clears and we are almost there. I will be finished this year! Love you all in oneness and service!

Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim