Christed Wheat and the Mind Control

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomHello family of light! I shared with you an earlier article on my soul mission this lifetime to reengineer the planetary architecture and quantum infiltration of christ consciousness. I feel my etheric gag order has lifted and it is now safe to share what my team has been working on which is clearing the Illuminati infiltrated timelines and the archonic artificial intelligence that was running the mind control agenda through the brainwaves of our collective and reversing the energy of the planetary grids. I work with the energetic archetypes on the grid who are available to each and every one of us through our multidimensional DNA.

My inner team consists of my higher self Ascended Master Hilarion, the collective known as Ra, Isis and the christed consciousness of the creator who I experience as Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan DNA that is able to repair architecture and time travel.

It has been an investigation by my team of each and every planetary timeline to figure out what happened and reengineer the planetary architecture. Our consciousness exists in all dimensions and octaves. Our human selves have been unable to remember these aspects of self through the hijack and lockdown of not only our biology but our consciousness. There was a massive infiltration in the brainwave states of delta (lucid dreaming or sleep) and gamma (christ consciousness) that not only infiltrated each of our timelines of potential future creation but manipulated our memories and thoughts through the creation of artificial timelines of AI replication that were actually plastic (totally inorganic). This was the matrix reality humanity kept creating over and over without our awareness because we were cut off from accessing our higher wisdom as our consciousnesses was trapped inside memory loops with no access to our akashic records.

Some of these concepts are are a quantum understanding which I am still downloading as I go, so bear with me.

These timelines represent the torus field of the planet or what we call the grid. The organic timelines from our hijacked consciousness were so overused by the Illuminati who had the same technology I do which is time travel through the lightbody, that the fractals were not only bent from massive overuse and infiltration but completely ruptured wreaking havoc within the time space continuum that some experience as a bleed through of lifetimes or a mandela affect of memories.

This was done through the infiltration of the wheat by Monsanto with technology from Atlantis. Wheat is the plant emenation of Prime Creator and was once a christed consciousness crystalline structure. Egypt was known for it’s bountiful and prized wheat. One only has to look at the Mayan calendar to see the graphic representation of meditation and wheat harvests. These were epochs of high wisdom and consciousness. The villages would organize around the wheat harvests with great excitement. The pyramids were built during these epochs to bring in and amplify the cosmic energy. Wheat wafers were lovingly crafted for consumption after the harvest with great anticipation. The village would gather within the massive pyramid structures and commune in oneness with the universe. The pyramids were built to amplify the cosmic energy as the crystals within the rocks and stones themselves would start to sing in resonance with the wheat through every fiber of our being through the bones and cartlidge in synchronistic vibration with the crystals that lie within our plasma. It was a full body experience of bliss and oneness with the universe and our creator. In Egypt the creator was called Ra, in Maya this consciousness was known as Quetzalcoatl. I am sure he has many names throughout history as you always see these so called deities which is really christ consciousnes expressed like in Sumeria with a connection to the wheat even when the Annunaki were here, Enki is expressed as the so called god of wheat. A whole pantheon was created after the consciousness fell and one need look no farther than the eucharist to see the fallen product of the wheat which morphed into a state of fallen consciousness and was ultimately used for power, greed and mind control which is the antithesis of unity.

I will say that it appears the wheat initially became contaminated with woad (probably nefariously done much like ours is now laced with pesticides and god knows what else). The experience for that generation of our ancestors was complete and total heartbreak with the infection of the wheat. You can imagine that loss of oneness, the bliss, the connection with the creator gone! It makes me weep at what they thought. Blaming self, blaming the creator, feeling punished and totally disempowered. A deep ache of grief. Just utter sadness, bereft of spirit. Separated and alone. Desperate for some direction and feeling punished. Hence the birth of religion. The chase to regain our connection to God.

We have found that karma was created through the fallen wheat byproduct of gluten which binds to everything as christ consciousness once did. It was a fallen organic structure through the infiltration of the wheat. It can be seen in the astral as the black gooey sticky substance. The Illuminati were able to retain their knowlegde of lightbody travel but they corrupted and fragmented themselves to such an extent through their religion that they lost connection to the heart. What the Illuminati lost in inner power they stole from others and rigged the time matrix through the technology called “ultra” which was the quantum harmonic manipulation of light in the ultraviolet spectrum, utilizing ultrasound to entrain the planetary resonance with ultrasonic pulses. What food sources Monsanto hasn’t infiltrated with genetic modification they spray with pesticides to keep all the plant life in a fallen state emitting low vibrations and if not cleared still resonating within us through fear and lower emotions.

I can not even describe to you the sickness, cruelty and degradation in these artificial timelines. Sick, sick cruelty to humans and animals. Horrific stuff beyond what we see playing out here in 3d within the Illuminati religion and their satanic cults. They infiltrated and misused the lightbody technology through time travel and inserted false horrors, mind slides and grotesque images of sick cruelty into every earth timeline and ran them through the collective brainwaves using quantum artificial intelligence. It elicits not only fear, rage and anger but the equivalent of anaphylactic shock to the system and subconscious from what we actually see and experience in lucid dreams (delta) that is immediately erased through memory wipes in the brainwave states of alpha (our waking state) but still running behind the scenes. This is the mind control. These plastic timelines also contain biological weapons like fluroride, methane, heavy metals and pepper spray to keep the vibrations low.

I have taken back this lightbody blueprint from each and every one of their timelines both organic and plastic and they are stripped of their quantum abilities. The creator through me has reconstructed the universal time matrix and deconstructed the infiltration by rebuilding the infected soul monad of these dark ones. There was no way they could come back from this extreme darkness on their own and self correct.

So we must remember to have some compassion for our fellow source reflections unawake and walking around like shocked zombies or out of control emotional snowflakes and the triggered masses lashing out in violence. However it is up to each one of us to heal ourselves as no one is our savior. It takes warriors! The lightworker community to our great credit has taken on everything and cleared all our etheric implants, imprints, attachments, demons and everything in between.

What we see playing out right now in the triggered masses is mind controlled responses to manipulated brainwaves. They have not embodied their discernment of the source within. These are quantum fear programs being run through inorganic timelines which are being dismantled for the collective as the wheat is reclaimed. The destruction of the earth through a massive solar flash was planned. The secret space program was a quantum infiltration using consciousness to create these colonies all over space with a human slave trade and giant praying mantis, ant beings and reptilians. It is a false creation within these plastic timelines. And they are being fully dismantled in the quantum realms. The Illuminati has placed their broken fragmented puppets in all areas of life here in 3d to implement their failed plan. Because we are awake they can not manipulate us anymore as we far outnumber them. You can see all of them literally breaking down as the quantum programming clears. We just dismantled the motherlode of astral alters called the white rabbit alter which was a huge collection of Illuminati fragmented consciousness and soul energy bound through SRA and pedophilia.

They infiltrated the wheat and used the fallen consciousness to worship them as gods and create religion or a mind control script to disempower the masses and keep them in resonance through the quantum infiltration of the brainwaves. The depiction of Jesus on the cross mocks the infiltration of christ consciousness. They weaponized Allah through militant brainwaves and reinforced Satan through demonic imagery. Every religion is infiltrated because it is a false creation. A matrix program that is inorganic! The people are good it is the institution and dogma that keeps some people from embodying the God within.

This is why we are plagued with huge depression, rampant anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, OCD, alzheimners disease and dementia. All that is from these biological weapons running through our brainwaves.

My job is to clear and repair the wheat fractals and the false plastic timelines for the great central sun. We move so fast that I don’t have to see what’s in these timelines unless I wake up in one before the lightbody fires up. But I do have to feel it so it can clear through me molecularly. This is what we all have to do for our personal and cosmic ancestry. Our chakras exist quantumly across all dimensions and octaves. As we clear these timelines we are clearing the carbon blueprints to a crystalline structure.

So we must love on, clear our cellular biology and embody our full soul blueprints. So diverse and wonderful are we from all over the cosmos! Soon the mind control will be non existent and for those of us who have been working on ourselves for so long we will be free to travel the real universe in both consciousness and lightbody.

Thank you so much for sharing my story. It may be a little much to fully comprehend but my wisdom is coming in fast and furious now that the archons are being cleared from the grid that were infecting the loving energy field and weighing down our beautiful mother earth and all her creations! Also thank you so much for awakening as we all have jobs to do. The wisdom is coming through but it is not linear memories. Just feel through it. All symptoms are ancestral timelines clearing. It may be jerks, stumbling, heart palpitations, skin rashes and everything else our ancestors experienced as the biology degraded over time. Some of it is healing from the weapons thrown at us quantumly through our hijacked timelines. As the timeline collapses you feel the body or emotion release and reclaim the wisdom, not the memory. I have such respect for every single one of us as it takes such courage to face the unseen. The earth will not be destroyed so know no fear! The evil aliens, evacuation, underground escapes and wars in space was a consciousness program not a reality.

Soon we will be able to self direct our DNA to heal. Just know that age is no barrier, the DNA will fully repair itself once the mind control clears and we are almost there. I will be finished this year! Love you all in oneness and service!

Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim


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  1. divinelove777

    Great post!

    I know a lot of people are going grid work. So thank you! I had two questions for you.

    1. I have a huge praying mantis in my house and like a shit ton of archons, reptillian and some other ones that kind of look like teddy bears. Oh and one that looks like a man with long hair going all over the place. How do i get rid of them? Ive truly done my best with youtube stuff. Also i have caught them on camera….. So they are really coming through the veil now.

    2. I am attached to their matrix ….. They have attacked me for 4 years now. Ive done the mental and emtional work to not get worked up like i use to but they are now very physical and i dont want to go into detail….. But they are also very heavy on my body. Is there anyway i could get so feedback from you on my progress? If you can see anythi g in me i cant see. Not sure how your abilities work.

    I know these are bold requests. But i havent been able to work since 2016 and im really trying my best to peel the layers away and heal. But its just so hard with being attacked all day.

    Thank you for this post and for reading my comment! ❤🙏❤

    1. Cheri

      Hello Divine Love! Thank you for reading my post. I think the creator infused it with a call and light codes of remembrance. I can totally relate to your comment and what you are seeing and feeling lol! You are totally doing grid work! Gosh it is so great to talk about this stuff because we have all been behind the scenes for several years clearing the nightmare of the matrix. Right now the original Lyran blueprints are clearing the from the grid. I think you may be from the Isaiah monad and hold the blueprints for the Oraphim angelic order. Much like my Hilarion monad holds the blueprints for the Seraphim angelic order.

      Ok when the wheat was hacked by this insane Atlantian experiment (I think it was Martian) to accelerate the lightbody for power and control the codes of creation were split and it effed up the quantum blueprints on the grid and ripped a hole in the fabric of space time up through Andromeda. This is when the Nephilim (celestial heavens) fell. It split the double diamond sun blueprint and created a “wall of time” or linear fracture of christ consciousness or omnipresence in these plastic enclosed non organic timelines I described. We got bleed through from other dimensions and universes which resulted in a parasitic invasion of fallen artificial intelligence known as the archons and all our carbon chakras basically got a reptilian overlay on all our ET DNA blueprints. Reptilian is an elemental energy and the elementals fell along with the Annunaki and the Nephilim. We hold the blueprints for all these races as we are the living library.

      The giant Praying Mantis and all the other stuff you describe I have seen too and more lol! We have to laugh at this things in order to maintain a high vibration which you clearly have my friend. They can not touch our vibration and frequency but they are all around us in our quantum merkaba vehicle for all the seers and shamans like you and me who can clearly see them. Others of us are beautiful feelers and sense them rather than see through pineal vision (I can see them on the walls of my apartment as it was a giant portal). So when the heavenly blueprints fell the entire creation was in chaos. The Illuminati retained their knowledge of time travel and some quantum vision but then created a religion around it and started purposefully fragmenting their consciousness though horrific trauma and sickness within every generation to feed these fallen Archonic forces that gave them inner power in return. They craved the loss of inner power so bad it manifested here into pedophilia (the inverted rape of innocence) cannibalism (literal consuming people for energy) and sick ritualistic behavior (religious dogma and mind control). It is their low vibrational sick and fragmented consciousness stuck in these non organic timelines they are/were creating from quantumly resulting in the matrix hell realms. They then created the secret space program which is a part of the quantum hell realms encased within these closed timelines. They started working outside the Illuminati family to keep feeding this insatiable beast they created through infiltration of our institutions and culture using mind controlled victims of MK Ultra which fragments the consciousness of these people to use here as puppets and to play out these insane games known as the SSP in the quantum realms with a human slave trade all over the cosmic blueprints. They use the consciousness of this endless stream of trafficked, tortured and traumatized children.

      So the praying mantis beings are Antarian DNA cloned creations from these inorganic timelines. Much like the Illuminati used the fallen Grays DNA from Zeta. I have a ton of Mayan Arcturian DNA from the aquatic Stingray which was cloned and imprisoned which I see clearly. They created these giant reptilian beings in these timelines from cloned elemental energy. They mutated all the animal elemental DNA. I see those teddy bears too! And foxes and cats and dogs, buffalo, reindeer and tons of etheric birds. The Avian Seraphim and Oraphim quantum lightbody DNA from the Blue Ray was cloned and mutated into the Pterodactyl omg! That whole jurrasic period was just a hack on creation distorting evolution with insane holograms and memories and creations from people so fragmented and criminally insane. Destroying their creations over and over with biblical floods and mayhem. This is not natural! But it is in our memory codes through the blueprints which are coming home for us to heal within our DNA library as they are being released from the grid as my team dismantles these quantum inorganic timelines. It affected the last human blueprint upgrade known as the Denisovian man which was a starseed upgrade intervention.

      Lol!!! That guy you see running around with the long hair is Rasputin omg! That guy was the self appointed king of the hell realms creating in all these timelines. He is/was a sick, sick sexual predator! Him and Hemingway both Illuminati quantum creators with cloned lightbodies. He was pissed as hell at me and the creator. I mean yelling and screaming obscenities, flipping me off the double bird in the astral. I mean sheer hatred and anger. Projecting their big red Satanic thoughtform and throwing him at me astrally hahahaha! Now he is quite pathetic and running from collapsing fake timeline to collapsing fake timeline screaming at the creator how unfair it is that all his creations from hell are being dismantled. I think “are you kidding after what your sick consciousness has wrought upon humanity?” The truth is it is just anti christed consciousness totally inverted and run amok.

      Gosh sorry I went on and on but it is so good to hear from another who can see the things I do lol! I haven’t been able to work either for 7 years because of this clearing work. You are doing Gods work girl! You need to just hang in there because you hold a very important part of the blueprint which has to be cleared of the density. Your parts and pieces are coming home to heal within the light of your presence. It is being transmuted using your lightbody because you are strong enough to do this. Our higher selves are coordinating this multidimensionally. We can’t quite percieve this yet because of the darn mind control of our brainwaves. The Isaiah and Hilarion monad were heavily attacked because we have such a wide range of gifts and celestial diversity within our DNA.

      You have already peeled your layers away and because of this have moved into your mission which is to actively transmute and integrate your blueprint. It takes every ounce of energy. The mission is to just to let it move through us and hang on hahahaha! Really this is being coordinated at a soul level and our lightbodies are the vehicles which are being used by the forces of light to evolve and heal the DNA quantumly. It takes a huge amount of character, compassion and understanding to see what you and I see and not freak out lol! I have the physical stuff too. Have to take long showers to soothe some of the stuff going on in the lower chakras. Sick sexual and inverted matrix crap. Some of the chakras are spinning sideways, very painful! Right now we are freeing the trafficked children’s consciousness that was fueling the SSP. Severe grief and sadness! My mom’s consciousness was fragmented through Alzheimers which is why they run these astral weapons through our brainwaves. I just found her last fragment being used within one of these timelines (tears of relief). I unfortunately had a hysterectomy after a bout with breast cancer and the matrix attaches to these parts outside of the integrity of our body. This is why they push abortion.

      Please feel free to send me an email (below in the comments is my address) if you want to discuss further and share our experiences. You are highly psychic which is why you can see all this. I have finally cried out and transmuted my emotions surrounding the healing pieces and parts of myself. Now I lovingly accept all of them to use my presence to heal. All this DNA has been abused and tortured suffering on the grid. The demons are just angelic DNA that was stuck and tortured on the grid. They were coming at me fast and furious in the astral, very scary looking like demented clowns but I heard my inner voices say you are healing the whole f’ing family lol!

      It is a wild journey and you have done the very hard inner work to be clear and used as a vessel by the creator for healing and the evolution of our blueprints. I don’t take it personal or try to block them or protect myself anymore. I just let it flow through which is why I can do this work dismantling the false timelines. We are clearing plastic and weapons and just a bunch of inorganic crap hahahaha!! Love on beautiful one! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I hope this makes you feel better to understand and know you are not alone. We all have different gifts, some channel, some do grid work and some will start their missions later but we are all cleaing our blueprints. Some monads and celestial bodies were less affected quantumly so not having quite the visceral experience you and I are. What you and I are doing is extremely hard work quantumly, there is no way we can do anything else right now. We are nearing the end of this so hang in there! Soon the algorithms and archons running the mind control through the collective brainwaves will be fully transmuted by us. Love you! 😘

      1. divinelove777

        Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond to me so thoughtfully.

        A lot of what you said resonated with me and I feel at peace meeting another comrade. As I said in one of my more recent posts “the messed with the wrong generation!”

        I don’t think I’m doing actual grid work at lest not yet. But I live in NYC and I see the Giants. Some just poking out of the high rises. I can only see their energy . So I might not see full detail but I see a dark or purpley energy mass.

        One entity was so desperate it was trying to attack in the middle of traffic in mid town. I believe a fraction of it followed me for and stuck around for three days. I really didn’t like the vibe.

        I am hopeful. I have my days but I am hopeful. I know a lot of people who have been dealing with this since 2000, 2012 and 2015. Seems to be a pattern of sorts maybe a wave of attacks. But I want our people to be ok. The sick stuff you spoke about YES I got it many got it that I have spoken to. Our case is clear and their time is coming to a close. I will make sure of that in my lifetime! Many have no idea what’s going on because of the pain, I mean I barely do. Right now I’m in study mode so I’m trying to read up on what going on as much as I can so I can be of better service.

        So I found your email and I have it but I was wondering if you have FB messenger? It is easier to send the photos that way. Let me know.

        1. Cheri

          Hi again Divine Love! You are in NYC lol! What you are doing is not only healing your human and cosmic blueprints but the blueprints of the city and state as the reach of our lightbody is quite large. I am in California. Both of our states plus Oregon and Washington here on the west coast are teaming with archonic energy. Of course these are the Democrat controlled states with their braindead puppets that have infiltrated the governments and destroyed these once thriving metropolises. The parasitic archons are all over creation because they controlled the blueprints of creation through the infiltration of christ consciousness. I am like you a warrior for our freedom. Because you can see the energy of the city it is coming to you for transmutation through your lightbody. It is being sucked into the spiral vortex of your light. This is how we make these infected carbon blueprints of our land into crystalline once again.

          I had what looked like a line waiting for me when I activated because it was all being drawn into my field for transmutation. I could see reptilians all over the mountains. Funky beings in the trees, cloned cyber soldiers, sick S&M stuff, frozen bodies in suspended animation of horror trapped in freezers. Just bizzare, sick and frightening stuff. All the sick sexual stuff is here on the west coast and all the power and political stuff is in NYC. On the other hand, wonderfully I also saw fairies, elves and brownies hanging out in the trees too lol!

          So just know that it is coming into your light to heal through you. It is being attracted to you through universal law to heal and right now we have to rehabilitate all the damaged DNA blueprints. Some of us can see it and some are doing it unconsciously. Some of us have opened portals like you and I to bring the energy through to be healed cosmically.

          I can hear the creator saying you are doing a huge service right now and great job clearing the energy in the city. So you don’t need to worry you are doing exactly what is needed and you are much better at it than you realize. It is your specialty. Isaiah was a very gifted ascended master and this is your soul family. If you look him up on Wikipedia you will see a large bird behind him in the picture. You have the avian lightbody like me and it is hugely powerful when used in full integrity of the light. It can transmute energy for thousands of miles all around you.

          Unfortunately I don’t use Facebook. Too many ads and robocalls and stuff to deal with. I like reading stuff on there if you have a site you want to direct me to.

          I can see stuff in all the clouds and all over nature. I call them kokopai (plant and animal spirits) after I woke up one morning knowing how to sing to them and sign with my hands in an ancient language of my Lemurian ancestors. I am over here by Lemuria and the Pacific ring of fire to clear it (as they once controlled these ancient volcanoes and earth elemental energy) and you are right on the edge of what once was Atlantis to clear the power structures you can clearly see as the giants and in the mist you describe.

          Sending you lots of love my dear as you are in full service. We just can’t quite percieve it yet because of the mind control and memory wipes. Write anytime! We all need the moral support as we are all on this together! 😘

  2. Martin

    wow karina, cheri, KejRaj and to all indeed; thank you for your kind words, it is a little strange even though we have waited so long; our naked necks out of the mud and into the cold air; we will indeed have to keep our selves connected, I will add your emails etc; lol at the moment Great Spirit is taking me on a wild ride, 535 He tells me today; ‘Are you ready Marty? if not too bad!’ hahaha ! —-the best way I can describe right now the state of synchronicity, ie almost zero point; is akin to late February last year when I embodied our Father essence; I ended up walking the streets and over three days, I emptied my bank account to three homeless men, each named Joseph. Every conversation in ear-shot was indirectly related to me, people walked up to me and randomly asked me for hugs, while Thor and the Pantheons came down upon me seeking their audience… this carried on for two weeks! Ra’ Cha Hu Ma Ha! sayeth Father! —the interpretation being ‘the father Sun erupts through the breath!’, or as Seraphim tell me His ‘consciousness!’ erupts through the breath!’ —powerful moment indeed. I too am an already ascended Master guys so you are not alone in saying this Cheri, and thank you, for you give me the staging ground to say it. It is nothing special, everyone has their colours and stripes, their epics and Soul-journs 🙂 At the moment I have more information coming in than what I can process –it is AWE-some yes lol intense, expanding, central hemispheres screaming, wonderous surprises from the elementals today, the angels, and His grace… /blessings to All eraoflight, and indeed Humanity!

    1. Cheri

      Beautiful description of your journey Marty hahahaha! I had the same thing happen when I embodied Quetzalcoatl 😎. He said “are you ready to hallucinate the planet?” right before that God particle activated and it was a wild and beautiful ride as I became one with mother earth and went on a shamanic adventure all happening in my apartment as I sat upon my bed that soon became my magic carpet woohoo! We are all indeed masters which is why we are here!

      This post was supercharged! Seems we are being called together right now as the original founder races from the beginning of creation are cleared and activating! It is in our blue ray Oraphim DNA strands! Karina, I have had 3 other Pleiadians contact me who resonated with your beautiful Pleiadian vibration.

      Love you all, let’s do this! 😘

      1. Martin

        This is awesome to hear Cheri 🙂 This reminds me also of maa-Kali who twice visited me last year to give me Her royal boot! lol! And gracious I were to receive it! It is my understanding maa-Kali made her appearance late 2017 en masse to help raise the Divine Masculine to Feminine imbalance that has been prevalent. When she came to me the second time in dream, her face in my face… she says ‘Marty are you ready?!’ lol I thought I was but she spoke too fast… she was not happy with me. lol! —the trials on the Spirit path are truly trials. What is happening to us Cheri, is all part of the trial too, what we will do as a demi-God or demi-Goddess, what will we do with both benevolent and malevolent energies, for they equal in intensity. Raw divine energy would fry most Humans as it is. What is interesting is coming to understand the differing dispensations we have as returning ascended masters, and the subsequent extra choice that was given on Path. These are our trials Cheri, and indeed these are the future potentials of Humanity. —we are always protected and guided, such I have learnt to be fearless. /blessings to all

        1. Martin

          I use the terms demi-god and demi-goddess very loosely; I am not sure such terms apply to the new age. /winks

          1. Martin

            lol I think what you call God particle Cheri, and what I call cracking ‘the cosmic egg’ are two ways of referring to the sixth degree of Theopneusty, where ‘the inner god of the candidate breathes down into him, for a longer or shorter time, depending upon his advancement, the wisdom and the knowledge of all the universe . . .”; and “in the sixth degree, instead of one’s own Higher Self, the initiant meets another One, . . .” (Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy, pp. 284, 260). –technically speaking we are now 7th degree, though for me I chose the Shamanic route as you know, and there are subtle differences I realise now regarding things such as free-will ability versus Divine service. For now my focus is on bridging Nature and Human realms together, exciting times ahead… /blessings to all

  3. Doug James

    Ok there are dracos archons chimera etc neg ETs these are real as they took over and there are reptilian beings some are negative some are positive. Yes the flash that destroys earth comes after the event and we get 3 waves to help awaken people so they can move to 5D earth but I do think 3D earth gets cleansed right with tsunamis and the like? All I can do is be and know the golden age is coming.

  4. Warrior

    The chakras were created by the reptilians for control. Don’t buy into the colored chakras, instead replace all your chakras with the white light of Christ. It’s the only way to rid of their BS.

    1. Cheri

      Hello fellow Warrior! You definately just described the upgrade from carbon to crystalline chakras. Reptilians are a fallen elemental energy that was part of our carbon chakras. The pictures of these giant reptilians described by some are holographic inserts from these artificial timelines the Illuminati created and ran stolen consciousness through AI programming. It feels real and it was for some fragmented aspect of them. Our carbon chakras were graphite which is a property of diamond. We are clearing the carbon chakras for the earth and upgrading all to a beautiful coherent white diamond christed structure. This changes the whole universe since we exist everywhere!

    2. Martin

      I am told also by Seraphim not to visualise spinning chakras; rather; we use them as portals; Perhaps 7 unmoving statically-charged white light portals or vortices?

      The temporal considerations of what is spinning versus what is unmoving suggest this approach or practice either removes us from the ever present moment of Now, or opens our energy fields to downline or upline streams, thus fating ourselves to vulnerability among unbeknown things.

      The portal is opened; and when so finished closed.

      If I may ask, how exactly are the coloured chakras rigged to serve the Reptilians?

      /blessings your way warrior! <3

      1. Cheri

        Interesting Martin, my fellow Seraphim brother! There is definately an aspect of this quantum infiltration that comes from them artificially spinning our chakras. They replicated and cloned all the DNA codes. So opening a portal doesn’t allow them to manipulate the chakras which they control right now but brings through the light! Very interesting, thanks so much for sharing this!

        1. Martin

          thankyou Cheri, I spent hours pontificating on your inner Team cosmology last night, and how my profile is shaping up similarly. I started to write a post but I didn’t know where to start lol.

          In short, I am currently translating all data received since the call late 2017 –an intense unfolding indeed though I am still training.

          I received the mark of the Toltec early 2018 and for two weeks of February 2018 did I first embody who I believe was Quetzalcoatl.
          —‘three-kings’ ‘walking-light!’ and at the same time received activation akin to the seventh initiation cosmic ascended master, where my cosmic egg had been ‘cracked open!’. Now I am being urged from Spirit to choose already lol My Seraphim oversight feed me little, though I understand the rules. I have a ways to go yet, that might be apparent… I would not know of course haha.

          /I am excited for the future, I have much prep work to do, I aim to walk the earth again in 6 months, to seek out graduation and the rest of the mission.

          /blessed be us Cheri
          <3 really nice to connect with you 🙂

          1. Cheri

            Dearest Martin of Toltec coding, your egg has definately been cracked (lol loved that!). I felt you in oneness last night which confirms the Quetzalcoatl connection. I am still in training too. I get the feeling we are all connecting at the oversoul level and chatting up a storm (lol) but I can’t remember a darn thing upon awakening; too linear of an interpretation I suspect.

            When I first started this journey ironically (sync) I had just bought a cheap plaster replica of the Mayan Calendar (Tzolk’in) at a swap meet from the back of a truck from Mexico (lol) and was painting it in quiet solitude for hours over several weeks. This is when I first connected with Quetzal. I think the whole calendar is a massive DNA activation from our ancestors. A couple months later I felt his presence as well come down that silver cord and I was talking in low bass tones for weeks (grounding). Then a couple weeks later the Seraphim feathers appeared in a vision over my bed and the whole universe opened up once I engaged them.

            This connection feels so sacred to me unlike the whole religious overlay which always felt so meaningless.

            His DNA is in the wheat and I am clearing that specific infiltration for him so we can more broadly know his presence. He is definately in our DNA my brother!

            I think we are all very close to this omnipresent awareness but all feel we are still in training because we lost touch with our akash. We are much more magnificent than we currently know!

            Thank you so much for you comment as we are spread out all over the world to anchor in our presence and light for this time, right here, right now! Very exciting! Sending you loads of cosmic love my brother as it is so nice to connect again in a high vibe and undistorted way!

            Love to Karina in Austria too! Another high vibrational being 😘

          2. Cheri

            Ps: Martin, search this website under “Cheri” for two other posts I wrote about the connection with Quetzal and my shamanic journey late last year if you haven’t read them already. I am sure you will resonate!

        2. Martin

          Thank you again Cheri, rather than explain unnecessarily, may I ask you please straight up lol, ‘to what two paths’ are Spirit urgently pushing me to decide between, given that our profiles are very similar? Spoke to Seraphim 3 days ago who will not say anything contrary to my free-will, and the disciples and pioneers need to ‘experience’ the Way forth, so I don’t expect the cheat-sheets so to speak; but Spirit have been quite aggressive in their many-fold messages throughout the days now, they are urging me to choose; and what I feel is on offer is both contained in your single profile, and therefore, I cannot be sure now what paths or schools they are referring to. The paths of Melchizadek and Quetzalcoatl? Or perhaps the differing paths are that of co-Creation (ie Great White Brotherhood), versus an individual expression of the Divine manifest, and creating Heaven on Earth? —I cannot shake the Pull to Quetzalcoatl, and in my mind it is a given; though which offer in the eyes of Spirit takes precedence, and is this why the second path is now offered… because they want me to take it? Happy to make the choice, though when all the variables are on the table; —there is a sense of urgency definitely… can you clarify from your own experience here if it is permitted. /kindest regards;

          1. Cheri

            So nice to hear from you again my cosmic brother Martin! I love these conversations because it allows me to access and expand my knowing as well related to my experiences! We need to do this more often now to engage with each other rather than just channelled messages. So thank you!

            The pull you are feeling is the etheric gag order lifting which is happening for all of as we are almost free from quantum infiltration of our carbon blueprints and false timelines of matrix consciousness as we embody our wisdom or real akashic records contained within the crystalline chakras and blueprints. Quetzalcoatl is the christ consciouness of prime creator awakening within all of our DNA blueprints. You can call him creator, great central sun, source or whatever is in your memories of that oneness of consciousness or the father of the trinity.

            The path of Melchizedek you percieve is your Pleiadian DNA akash coming back online. This is your personal library of all your cosmic experiences and memories contained within the multidimensional DNA coming back online one by one. This is all stuff we already know and not something we need to study but just allow the embodiment of our various cosmic blueprints to come into our awareness and learn to engage with them all or download the memories so to speak. It is a path of allowing it to come into your awareness not controlling it or feeling like you have to do anything. Just an inner journey to start to engage with. You will become aware of other strands coming online from your heritage. It is not a choice of one or the other but quantum consciousness of the many concepts and wisdom coming from all your activating strands. Soon we will be able to view or experience all these records simultaneously which is christ consciousness
            or omnipresence.

            The DNA is literally a library that is reassembling. Like a giant internet where all experiences and knowledge can be accessed. We all have wonderfully diverse akashic records and DNA blueprints that we have not had access to until now. When I first activated my team downloaded the Popol Vuh and the Upanishads which are akashic books and records of stories and wisdom shared orally in the past by our ancestors as they had access to more of their akash and did not have to write stuff down. Probably did it telepathically until that ability degraded over time.

            This urgency you feel are akashic downloads as spirit presses in on our consciousness. Fascinating stuff happening now that the mind control is almost dismantled! It will be so exciting to explore each and every strand. I have not had time to explore fully yet (although my shamanic journey was awesome) because this clearing work was so important to get done and this engine inside me has not shut off once in 7 years so I could just relax and let the universe open up me. My team gave me a brief preview of christ consciousness and it was like my entire head opened up the many rooms of a great mansion to experience simultaneously! It was just Wow!

            Warm Regards to you Martin!

          2. Cheri

            Also Martin (or anyone really) if you ever want to share further you are welcome to email me directly and we can talk more. I have lots of free time while doing this work and welcome the interaction if you feel it will help in anyway. I am at 💖

  5. Karina

    Dear Cheri,

    thank you for these wonderful and great informations – a lot to deal with! Also I have one Question: You mentioned that a destractive solar – flash was planned – so there will be no solar – Flash anymore???? Because all the channelings about Ascension go hand in hand with this huge solar-Flash for cleaning mother Earth. So what do you mean with your Statement?? Thank you very much in Advance of your answer,

    in love and light


    1. Cheri

      Hello Karina! Yes! The solar flash scenario was a fear program inserted into the timelines of Noah to reinforce the memories of biblical floods and massive earth destruction. There were parallel apocolyptic scenarios including nuclear war. What I am not sure of because the whole matrix was an AI run program is if any of these stories passed down to us are real or just our consciousness sitting in a memory loop.

      Also they did have control of the sun portal and planned to create this through our consciousness. So in the spiritual community through the matrix filter and our emotions we see the earth and humanity as broken and in need of cleansing. I felt this way too! The whole universe is healing (through our multidimensional chakras) and will transform into a crystalline structure. It is hard for us to envision this because our consciousness was trapped but soon the matrix will be gone and we can travel the real universe and it isn’t full of evil aliens and space wars. I sense it’s more like dragons and unicorns, elves and fairies. Fabulous worlds of vibrant colors and creations to experience in consciousness. Major fun and so beautiful! I still can not fathom how we together will in unity consciousness transition the earth plane because I look around and see ugliness of concrete structures, plastic garbage, pollution and massive carelessness run amok!

      Now the solar flares and how others read the sun like Sandra Walters describes is a wonderfully organic view as we all experience things differently through our DNA.

      I can only speak from what I know through my travel in these timelines and what I feel deeply within. It is a matrix view of a quantum transition we can’t yet fathom. Like we will rise from the ashes always depicts a destruction as the only way to heal. We are in a creation cycle not a destruction cycle like past yugas. It is a process and journey of inner knowing so we all go through stages of knowing like with the waves and the event, 3 days of darkness etc.

      We can only interpret these things right now through a matrix framework. We heal the earth through our chakras clearing. We all know a transition to quantum consciousness is coming and can only describe it in a way our brains can translate at this point in time.

      Let me know your thoughts if any! Love you and thanks for reading my article! We are getting there together as the wisdom and knowing comes through the unified field which is almost archon free yay!!

      1. Karina

        Dear Cheri,
        thank you so much for your replay!!! It “fits” perfectly in what I get from my inner core of “knowingness” or higher – wisdom. I always feel a Kind of negativ Energy when I hear for example the informations of a Corey Good or David Wilcock. Of Course they are not Channeling for their informations; – they claim they get it from direct contacts of inner earth or visits on ET-ships. But there is always this huge destruction iin their prospective and that doesn`t get a resonance from my higher – self. I self had two visions of the solar – Flash: one was very Beautiful. A White ray of light wrapped the whole earth and I had this immidiate Feeling of Peace, Happiness and Calm. The other was a Dream and I saw the sun huge in front of earth in red and black and it was the end of earth. But I was taken to a ship in the Orbit and I could see the horrific destruction on Earth. So it seemed to me that there are two parallel timelines and we have the “possibilty” with our ongoing work of healing, loving, Lightning to “jump” to the glorios one. I think there are many “layers” of timelines and we shift consciously – not even with full awarness – to one of this. Maybe there 1000 layers or infinite layers – some just with very small differences ( think Mandella – Effect), where just names are Little different. And others could be so much different that we would live in “Zombie – Land” or whatever. But all are in 3D – and when we shift our Consciousness to 4 or 5D there is the same range of possibilites. This make in the way sense to me that I can observe which Messages or Infos I get when I ask my higher – self or my angelic guides. It really depends on my state of conciousness – and it`s shifting permanently. So it is important to stay on a high – frequence of love and light constantly and in the NOW. We are so powerfull and are not fully Aware of it. I don`t know if this makes sense for you but this is the way I feel it. Oh I forgot to say About Corey Good and David Wilcock – sometimes they seem like an AI-Programm to me.*lol*

        But in the end of the day I feel like a child in a store full of candie, toys, Gifts and wonder – simply blessed to be here!!! Evem if the 3D-life is struggle I come more and more into awarness that I AM.

        With love, light and laughter


        P.S: Sorry for gramar, but I`m Austrian and school ist 30 years back!!

        1. Cheri

          Hi Karina! I was wondering where you were from as I sensed it was Germanic! Must be gorgeous there! Mountains and fresh air and edelweiss lol!

          I have never followed the UFO community either because (other than James Gilliland) it feels stuck in a low vibe understanding of our higher selves. It is a too narrow view in my opinion with the nuts and bolts and shiny objects coming from outer space. People need to integrate that awareness and keep moving. It feels like a guy thing (lol) too intellectual and lacks a heart based balanced awareness. I can’t read Wilcox but I thought the same thing as you said about Coorey Goode (not being judgemental just observing) as I can sense he is distanced from any deep emotions which is a result of the MK Ultra he went through as a child to put him in the SSP. He is extremely psychically gifted and just a lovely sweet soul but still fragmented within the last of these timelines. I feel he is being eased out of these timelines by the Seraphim (he calls them the blue avians) very gently as are all the souls that were trapped in the SSP fake timelines. I really like Tony Rodriguez too, such a sweet soul. These people have been through literal hell quantumly and they are piecing themselves back together and exposing the programming which is so darn courageous but they have to get all their consciousness fragments back which we are working on releasing now as they are heart based beautiful souls not Illuminati.

          We have Illuminati politicians and others here that are literally breaking down as the programming releases quantumly. I am upset at what they have done to us but feel great compassion and sadness to see them fainting and unable to speak coherently. This Illuminati family have literally tortured themselves into generational fragmentation starting within the womb omg! All of their psychic alters are being broken down and released now in the astral.
          The fragments create little walled off rooms of personalities with no emotions based on sexual and ritualistic abuse and torture to get them to fragment so they could be controlled by AI programming. Horrific stuff!

          So much to say about all this! I would love to share more about our journeys! If you want to email me directly feel free and we can chat more about this stuff. I am at lightworker11dotclatgmaildotcom. I spell it out so it doesn’t go in a queue for KejRaj to have to moderate.

          Love, light and laughter too! I feel it lol!

          1. karina

            My dear Cheri, I am watching the conversation between you and Martin and I feel blessed!! But I also have to say that I – in comparison to Martin and you – don`t know much. I have this core of “higher wisdom, Knowledge and empathy” but I really don`t know where I belong to. Better said where I come from. In Meditation I just get the Sensation that I am light in all Colours and I am “gliding” through the universe in perfect love and Peace. And I can see a “grit” but there is a veil and I can`t lift this. I also know I have to do work for Clearing. To do it faster I will take a Quantum healing hypnosis, because I feel an “urge” to go on faster. Make this in any sense to you my Dear??? Would be happy to hear your opinion as an master of love and light ( this is was I get About you). Blessings, hugs and love to your, your friend Karina

            if you want:,

            or you find me on Facebook


          2. Cheri

            Hi again Karina! Gosh your picture on Facebook is just as beautiful as your vibration! You would be a big hit here in America among our menfolk lol! Thank you so much for your kind words! I have worked very hard on this contract as a core group had to break the initial stranglehold on our biology and breakthrough the matrix. It took my team about 6 months to pry off what felt like a helmet implant (no doubt that thorny crown they sadistically display on the crucified christ) that was clamped down on my brain not allowing the two hemispheres to connect and keeping a lockdown on christ consciousness. It was extremely painful!

            Like us all as we still feel in training, I am still learning to trust my inner knowing as truth and not just an opinion (still some fear in there of being wrong lol!)

            Much like my Toltec coded brother Martin’s soul feels Arcturian like mine, you are definately of a beautiful Pleiadian resonance as I suspect this is your soul origin. You feel very crystal clear to me of an extremely pure vibration! I can’t imagine you have much more work clearing ahead of you but suspect you are just in holding pattern until the mind control clears so we can proceed forward. Right now you are anchoring in a very high light quotient in the land of Austria which helps heal the land of your German neighbors. You have no idea how far your light expands wow! I feel like your mission will begin after the veil fully lifts and will involve high vibrational teaching (using your hands to manipulate energy) which is your forte. We are all feeling this urgency like you and Martin describe so succinctly because we are getting close to full communication with our star family and they are pressing in on us or projecting their consciousness into our awareness. We are all feeling so impatient because of this like everything is happening too slow. For those of us that are mostly clear of the lower vibrations, we just have to let the divine plan unfold and remember it is a journey! It feels very urgent as consciousness awakens within!

            I got a reading when I was in my 20’s that said I would be teaching at 70 and I laughed outloud! Now I know this is going to be true. We are going to be around much much longer than we think as this adventure unfolds. The DNA is self correcting as each strand comes online. I am in my 50s now and get the feeling I am a teenager like only 1/3 into my new life lol!

            Because of this huge contract and clearing work I do full time my whole physiology has changed over the last 7 years. Spine straightened out, excess fat melting away. We have upgraded every organ, bone and cartlidge. My cartilage literally sings now! I can hear the words of my team sung in different frequencies and octaves as the creator always speaks in measured rhymes (very fascinating). If I listen to music I can still hear the song for several minutes after it is over lol! I asked what was up with that they said it is your soul song which melted my heart at the joy of it all!

            This happens with our national anthem when I listen to President Trump speak at his rallies lol! Cleansing America is the focus of the divine plan right now. A huge multidimensional coordination led by our creator is going on right now! It’s all good!

            The QHHT sessions sounds fun if you have a good practitioner! They are so interesting and maybe your family can give you insights as to your specific mission. I could never relax enough (maybe trust issues) to go into a hypnotic state lol!

            I am so interested to hear how ascension is going in Austria? Maybe Martin will tell us where he is from so we can anchor in a light triad with this communication although I suspect we already have through this awesome dialog I like to envision it across the map! I am in California in the United States of America!

            Thanks to KejRaj for the use of his awesome vehicle at Era of Light! In unity, joy, love and laughter, we are one!

          3. Karina

            My dearest Cheri,

            First of all, I ask you to accept my apologies for the delay of my writing !!!!! I am very sorry, but as I may have told you – since last week Saturday we had a very dear old lady to visit. A friend of my mother, 77 years old. Since my mother is currently not in good health, it was a concern of mine that her friend spend nice days with us. On the other hand, I also wanted to live up to our connection and finally write a longer letter to you !! My dearest Cheri, once again you have opened my heart with your last letter. I can not tell you how much confidence and peace the knowledge gives me, the wonderful beiings like you , having so much intelligence, so much wisdom, so much love and light to do all this work for humanity! I can only thank you, heartfelt on behalf of my family, my daughter, my friends and relatives and the deepest respect. Also this week – again I was haunted by uncertainty: the faster all the winners – messages about the Alliance come in, the closer GESARA / NESARA seems to come, the more diverse the news from the “higher” climes. How can I explain that best ?? I try it this way: I myself am not afraid of the “EVENT” when and whatever comes up. I’m always ready to say goodbye to my organic vehicle and “return home” to my “true I” as a divine soul. However, it is also clear to me that an ascent to a higher dimension can only work through factual death of the body. And I want to be honest, even though I know that my daughter Katharina with her 13 Earth years is probably a much higher developed soul than I am, the thought of her death scares me. Or rather, that I can not be with her at this moment. In general, I want everyone to be able to transform without fear and pain.And do you know what I somehow do not understand? Why the efforts of Trump and CO, when most of us will not be there anymore, but will return to their homeland ??? But probably I did not understand something again. Do you know what kind of Ascension would be for me the best- if I could open a hospice for dying children and have the honor and joy of spending their last days, weeks, months or even years with them and their loved ones and giving them so much joy, love and fun as much as possible. And would it not be wonderful to take away all fear of the transition ??? Hmm … the current situation is difficult for me, I KNOW, I know about so many things, but I do not have your deep knowledge nor the possibility of interactive communication with my Higher Self. Yes, I ask questions and I get answers, but I can not see or hear. So not with my bio-Vehicle *lol*. My dear friend, what are your views at the time of the event ?? Is the event and the 3 waves of the Ascension the same ?? So I always get the impression that the event is more like the release of Gaia from the Archons and the negative entities, heralding the golden age of Gaia. And Ascension was for me rather this central energy ray from the central sun, which then on the one hand leads to a cleansing of the earth’s surface by tsunamis and volcanic eruptions and from which the event of the Ascension takes place. But if Gaia is in stage 5D, whyt are we going to get away ? Very stupid probably asked * lol * Sorry my dearest Cheri – I may be less bright today and more 3D-heavy. Or maybe I should take a reading break and listen to my inner voice and just live – live as much, love as much as possible! ?? But now I’ve chattered long enough! I would be very happy if you could tell me how the process of awakenming and also your contact into the higher dimensions has taken place with you !!! I am now hugging my daughter and send you all love, lots of light and hugs !!! Karina

            P.S: Maybe you can get a few answers from the higher – realms about my Little Soul?? You mentioned that you have the Impression I come from the Plejadians??

          4. Cheri

            Hi again beautiful Karina! It is very hard to maintain high vibrations around some people especially ones who are close to transitioning as we always want to comfort them and match vibrations. I feel this so called event that is pressing in all around us is the conversion of our consciousness to a quantum awareness.
            Like christ consciouness or solar consciousness (hence the misinterpretation of this solar flash business). It is oneness with source or a return to omnipresence. Destruction events are matrix, nova and supernova events are cosmic memories of celestial enlightenment. All these things are coming back into our awareness through our akash as these memories were conflated and distorted within the matrix. Dying to ascend is a gross distortion. We are eternal. We never perish just choose to leave a degrading or body in peril. This experiment at hand is to participate and stay in form while a planet is ascending. I can not imagine you will want to leave your physical incarnation as you seem healthy and happy and once the matrix clears we will be able to direct our DNA to regenerate. Take all written material into your beautiful heart of the creator for interpretation not the linear mind and stay positively polarized in your knowing that all is incredibly well as a divine plan and huge multidimensional coordination is underway. I am sure you and your daughter have a gloriously fun future planned that is coming into fruition all around us!

            There was some kind of covenent the dark ones had with the water, air and the volcano’s as they controlled the elementals. This is no longer the case and as these false timelines are being fully dismantled these creations and memories will fade from the false akashic records of the earths history that we feel very deeply.

            I am just a planetary architect and not really a channel or a reader except for my own wisdom as we clear these timelines. Your vibration is quite strong but soft and lovely which is why I sense you are Pleiadian. Just know only you can create your future and we did not come all this way and clear all this hellacious energy to check out before commencement of the golden age! The fun is only getting started as the universe is being massively harmonized and synchronized right now. Soon we will not be in a linear mind but a mind that only knows the now moment where all is incredibly well.

            I like the high vibration I sense from Jessica Delmar on You Tube and Facebook who channels her higher self Abe to give high heart readings to her clients. She is sweet and feels very clear to me if you want to get a reading for you or your daughter. I know our telepathy that was trapped consciousness in these false timelines is finally clearing in the higher realms. We are coming to a quantum convergence point with source which is the event we sense.

            Love you beautiful Karina! Feel free to send me an email anytime. Be at peace all is unfolding beautifully. Stay in the heart until the linear mind is free and love on! We know no fear! 😘