The Arcturian Collective: June 2019 Energies

arcturian collective eraoflightdotcomThe Arcturian Collective shares a poignant and insightful message about the Energies of June 2019. From May – June, we will find ourselves moving into a time of Nakedness, Rawness, Vulnerability, and really, the Naked Truth of Who We Really Are. This transmission continues to review our own “Golden Buddhas” within, and this time of Spiritual Excavation on the planet. It also provides guidance about the coming Nakedness and Vulnerability that is unfolding as the “clay” or “who we are not” falls away . . . and the Truth of Who We Really Are shines through and desires increasingly to lead us in the Light that we ultimately really are. This is another powerful message that speaks to the In-Between Times we are living in. We are in the time of the “No Longer” ~ and the “Not Yet”. We are all in a collective and individual state of BECOMING. Enjoy this transmission from Mother Mary, Mother Earth, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council today. May it bless you in your journey and in your quest for Greater Authenticity, Transparency, Emerging Truth, and the Divine Purpose that is increasingly unfolding within and through you!