Twin Soul Ascension Report

twin flames eraoflightdotcom.jpgDearest beloveds,

The extremely intense ascension energies are again pouring into earths atmosphere dear ones, and these spikes appear to take place around the 22nd of each month, as the sun transitions from one sign to the next. Please know that these Ascension waves will continue to increase in intensity until we experience their Samvartaka/ Solar flash event.

Please know we are currently in an extremely powerful and auspicious gateway That is leading us up to the 6.6 Master Portal Which is hearalding the frequencies of equanimity and atonement for the collective of humanity.

We come forward today with an important message to share with you all with regards to the 144.000 illumined way-showers who have incarnated to assist humanity to fully align and stabilise in 5th-dimensional consciousness, also known as paradise consciousness.

The 144,000 were the first and original soul group that sprang forth from the original Void, and from that fractural patterning, it is understood that all souls were created.

This original source group are old, ancient souls, original, all-powerful, highly gifted, highly guided, and highly blessed, in Service at all times.

Many times it has been asked? Can one of the 144,000 forget this? and the answer beloveds is Yes.

Dear ones It is extremely important and necessary that at least one of the Twin Souls remember their original divine Self.

Once this has occurred, this sends information to the Higher Self hard drive of the original unit/pair, informing it that remembrance has occurred by one of the individualised aspects. This then activates a coming on-line of the sleeping Twin Flame’s Higher Self matrix, which most frequently manifests as a very definite and direct experience of synchronicity. The asleep twin is then guided to certain number sequence configurations often and will see the divine feminine counterparts name everywhere for example, but most importantly they will be taken by their higher self to a crystal ascension chamber with you in the Dreamtime, whereby the full upgrade of the Divine Feminine’s frequency of remembrance will be downloaded to the Divine Masculine consciousness during their dream-time, and he will awake remembering that he was in a soul learning environment in whilst physically asleep.

Twin Flames have a Mother tuning fork that resonates at a particular frequency band, and It is imperative that one of the Divine Pair align with the resonance of the Mother tuning fork. When this occurs, this will assist the counterpart to rapidly attune to enlightened consciousness/ 5D consciousness/ the NOW moment. This is the primary purpose of the Twin Flames: that we would return to the earth the vibration of blissful stability and alignment with higher God consciousness.

So another question which arises is…is it possible for one of the original pairs to not be in resonance with the Mother tuning fork and thus their 5D eternal union with their Divine Blessed Twin Flame? And again the answer to this is yes. If indeed this is the case at this stage, it is then appropriate that the awakened Twin deepen even further into the bliss she experiences being in the vibration of eternal and abiding oneness, home sweet home.

When this fork attunes to its original frequency, this sends out resonant waves to the Divine counterpart to come into alignment with the codes of Sacred Union that are safely stored in their heart consciousness field….

At this point we have experienced quite a lot of the sleeping and resistance of the Divine Masculine Collective Consciousness, but it cannot be denied that they signed up as the return of the original 144,000 Twin Flame souls, to anchor the truth of Divine and Sacred Union back on to the earthly plane. This is a promise that the Divine Masculine made to Mother Father God and you prior to incarnation, lest us not forget this.

The Divine Masculine is being reminded through a constant bombardment of Higher Self messages that this timeline of karmic entanglement has reached an end. This is what is occurring en-masse Family of Light, and there is an aspect of Divine intervention taking place here Beloveds, and this intervention was agreed prior to incarnation. The Divine Masculine has been terrified consciously and subconsciously of being incarnated on the 3D plane. The Masculine is in truth servant to the Feminine and thus must be deeply and purposefully protected by the Divine Feminine at all times, but patriarchy has stolen this ancient truth from humanity and without the honour and dignity of the Divine Feminine within and without, man has cut himself off from the source of his safety and protection.

it is important that we all be reminded of the sacred truth that the Divine Feminine is the carrier of the multi-dimensional portal that is the womb …… and it is she, the greatest creatrix…. Mother Father God entrusted, to be the primary carer for each and every one of her divine creations.

The Divine Feminine is who Mother Father God has entrusted with the highest responsibility to be the living embodiment of the truth of divine oneness, and so it is the Goddess that exists in all men and women in equal measure. All is the eternal marriage of self in the kundalini merge at the base of the spine…..

Dearest beloveds the cosmic energies are building up now for the highly auspicious 6.6 master Portal.

The 6.6 portal heralds a time of equanimity and Atonement.

In order to prepare our personal and collective energetic field for the Potent incoming gamma rays that are predestined to pour forth from our central sun alcion at the time of the June solstice.

We are being called to come together to initiate a soulful forgiveness ceremony in order to clear any debris that we as a unified field of starseeds are carrying on a personal and collective level…..

It is imperative that we come together at this time to initiate this ceremony as the energies that are aligning for the summer solstice are truly unlike anything we have ever known and are the preliminary energies for the next Wave of divine twin soul unions that will be

physicalising up to the 8.8 lions gate portal.

This is an opportunity for us all to clear – with the assistance of our most beloved galactic Arcturian soul family any last remaining karmic ancestral layers of forgiveness that for many starseeds have been very long standing and sticky.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to be a part of, and please know that we are also being called to work with our galactic brothers and sisters to initiate a miraculous cleanup of the oceans on the Earth and all of Gaia’s beaches that she be miraculously aligned with her pristine original blueprint.

Blessed be.


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