Melchizedek: Your Energy of Love

lord melchizedek eraoflightBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! At this juncture, it is very important to stay focused on your ultimate destination and to remember that for which you are incarnated on the Earth. Let the Love that you truly are prevail over all else. Go deep within if necessary and practice chanting, mantras or whatever method works best for you. Connect each day to the Earth by your grounding cord and send your love and your Light to her crystalline core. There is much movement taking place and all is moving deep within. Your energy of love at this time will help the Earth tremendously.

Remember too, those around you, who require your utmost patience and forbearance, for many are experiencing the changes taking place within them without conscious understanding of what is occurring. Know that at the level of their soul, they do understand and have chosen to participate in this great cosmic unfoldment of the Divine Plan for the quantum leap in evolution that this experience will offer to them. It is the time of awakening for many and it can bring out aspects of themselves they did not know existed. This too is a part of their personal choices made from the higher dimensions before ever setting foot upon this planet.

Stay true to your heart promptings and follow that inner guidance in all that transpires in each moment. Try to maintain calm and equilibrium in every instance that you may be called upon to endure and keep your God flame burning brightly within you. Emanate your Light in greater circumference around you and know that it is making a difference. You are setting the examples, the new template of behavior and conduct for the rest of humanity. Use your power wisely, with honor and integrity, and all will be well in your world. Trust that all events are unfolding as they must and as they do, you are all moving forward into a new creation.

Hold fast to the new Earth reality and comport yourselves with impeccability as its new citizens who embody and manifest the higher laws of conduct that are acceptable in the Galaxy. You remember well these laws and have walked this lifetime and many others to its basic precepts. Always, no matter what occurred in your personal life, you walked the path of the Wise One, preferring to see the higher perspective. It has not been easy, Dear Ones, we know and understand this and we say to you that the dawn of a new day in Earth’s history is dawning.

Continue to hold the vision for the upliftment of every human heart upon your planet and carry this vision forth in all that you do. You have what it takes to succeed in this next phase and you will lead those around you as and when it becomes necessary. Begin to let go of all human temporal desires and carry within you the Light of God that never fails, for this Light is your true state of being. Practice the golden rule in all circumstances and all will be well. Use your skills to command the higher forces to assist when necessary. We are ever with you and you never walk alone.

I AM Melchizedek.


» Source » Channel: Merline Swetlishoff