Archangel Zadkiel: Making Decisions As Soul

archangel zadkiel eraoflightdotcomAt this juncture in these transmissions I feel it is very appropriate to explore more thoroughly the eighth Ray of Creation. One of the main applications of this Ray is of clearing. Avatars and very advanced beings who have come to do service, use this Ray so they might return to their original state in the purity from which they came. It is also through this Ray that those embodied begin to access their original schematic as soul. Through this schematic those individuals have a full range of knowledge into why they have come to experience levels of being as an individual entity.

To have this awareness and this knowledge is very valuable. As you are embodied in form you can begin to fully express the divinity that is present in that schematic. These awarenesses will allow the individual to escalate their state of consciousness to a degree which they will then have access to the original schematic of creation. The schematic of the original creative process! The benefit of this is that decisions can be made as the soul. The individual can decide to express itself as an individual soul in service. They will then experience creation in the physical and non-physical worlds.

Or the individual soul can decide to move into a more collective unit that is in service. Or a decision can be made to return to the oneness from which it came. This is a very valuable way this awareness can begin to be gained. Decisions can be made by the individual soul as to its evolutionary process; how it determines to create that process; of a part of a collective, and as being in oneness. That awareness is simultaneously available by using the energetics contained within the eighth Ray and then using various energetics from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth Rays. But the beginning applications are gained in the eighth Ray and within the library of energetic patterns that are available there.


» Source » Channel: Joan Walker