Get Ready, It’s Coming, Restructuring Of The Global Economic System

era of light alternative newsThe UK is about to change, Farage’s party won and now they want change, they want to leave the EU just like the people voted. The UK was deceived by PM Edward Heath, he sold the UK out for £1.5million the same way Woodrow Wilson sold the US out to the [CB]. Trump and other countries about to change the global economic structure, the [CB], Elite never saw this coming.

Ian Bremmer pushed a fake quote by Trump and now Trump is looking into libel laws for the MSM. The [DS] continues to call for impeachment, they will not pull the trigger, because the Senate was the key. We are now learning that all of these FISA warrants were obtained under false pretenses, the coverup always gets you. Trump is not declassifying for political reasons, he is doing this so it never happens to another President. Nothing can stop this, this about returning the power to we the people.