The Unicorn Collective: Ray of Purity

unicorns eraoflightdotcomHello human friends, we are the Unicorn Collective of Nova Gaia, offering peace to you this day. For the energies are high and have been high, and we see this as taking a bit of a toll on your human forms. And so we offer you this gift of our strength of fortitude, of grace, of joy. We offer this in the form of a small package of light. This is our present to you. Place it where your third eye hums and spins, feel the pressure of where your unicorn horn would be. Our horns are but an outward expression of our third eye, for we see much.

We are ancient beings just as many of our ascended dragon friends. We represent the ray of purity from the great Father / Mother. This golden, silver, crystalline diamond ray of raw innocence is our power. For to be pure and innocent one has remained unsullied in the realms of lower density worlds. Many of our aspects have had such experiences but to be in unicorn form one must be absolutely pristine, pure, like the sparkles on a lake as the sun kisses it on the horizon. Blindingly beautiful and bright is our highest aim, to be an expression of beauty, of purity, of joy, of peace. This is why we have remained long hidden, silent from your realm for the energies were far too dense for us to tolerate.

You are finding this in your own lives, in your own relationships, are you not? Your tolerance levels for former things that once gave you great joy are no longer holding that space, that vibratory code of enjoyment, and you seek other paths, other patterns for inner fulfillment. Many of you are finding your quiet spaces, realizing that you are who you seek. It is most true that this game has gone on for so long, this dance of illusion and separation. It has been a brutal show and we unicorns offer again our strength, our healing, our unity of purpose, our light to you glowing and growing ones as you morph and spin into that which you already are and already always have been, the light encased in form. But you had forgotten for awhile. It is time for you to remember dear human friends, masters in disguise, to own your power, to own your innocence as your strength, for purity of light is massively strong. The dark bends and twists, it does not belong in your space. Only light. You are the light warriors of the ages, embodied in this now to lend your hands, your light, your love. Be emboldened. Be empowered.

We offer you our rays of Christed blessing, of purity, of power from above. Rest in this moment. Feel our white silver light blaze through you. Our eyes pierce you with love, with peace, with joy, with understanding. Be at peace in this now moment in this realm between worlds, for that is what you are precisely doing. You are creating, imagining, intentioning Nova Gaia. And yet she already exists, a great mystery. You are the bridges of realms with your light, love and intentions. Now run fast and free with us. Become your unicorn form. See? You are perfect, glowing. Whiten your light. Gallop with us. Choose your colors, your form. We are all hues here, just as the dragons, we embody what aspect of the divine that we wish. We work with one or more of the divine rays and we take on those attunements, attributes. Color abounds in Nova Gaia. Color, light, joy, laughter. The air sings. The wind whistles with joy. The waters gurgle and sing, rejoicing that they too hold the light for so many, that they may refresh the others as they drink. Drink deeply now with these new Nova Gaian waters and be blessed.

We are the Unicorn Collective. We bestow you with our gift of strength, grace and dignity. For you will need these attributes most readily in the days ahead as you morph between realms more obviously, more fully as you embody more light. The script has not been written friends, you are writing it with your galactic counterparts. It is a massive undertaking, a massive effort of transmutation. We bow our shaggy manes of light to you. We breath on your crowns. Feel them mist and tingle. We are the Unicorn Collective. Peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl