Expand Your Circle; June Opportunities to Take a Quantum Leap

break free eraoflightdotcomJune will be a powerful month of potentials for expressing your soul’s purpose and having a deeper understanding of your path. A key element showing up in numerous ways involves expanding your circle. Continue reading to know what this means for you.

Key June Energies

Let’s begin with an overview of key energies influencing us this month.

First, since the beginning of any month or cycle can set the stage for what’s to follow, we have a helpful planetary line-up today that’s likely to stir creative juices. Tune into that this weekend, being open to new directions, meetings with others, and tackling projects. Remember: living in quantum is not about how much you do but applying qualities of openness and creativity to the task at hand. This changes everything involving your perception of time and what’s possible. Sometimes all you need is ONE simple idea, coming into your awareness when you are still and open, that when applied allows you to complete something with ease. Doing that can energize you to take on other things, some of them previously seeming a big leap. As you say “yes” to the momentum, you expand your circle and with that your opportunities.

Gemini New Moon June 3 – This new moon could help you open some doors that previously seemed closed. A key factor is communication, the things you say to yourself about what is possible and who you really are, plus the ways that you express yourself with others. Think of this new moon as a time to get more in touch with your inner being and unproductive self-talk. If your self-talk involves self-shaming, self-judgment, or self-doubt this is a good time to invite an epiphany of understanding. Likewise, become more present to how you communicate with others so you can bring more love into interactions. The more loving you are the more love you will feel. The energy of love is a quantum opener, helping you to expand your circle of opportunities.

Sagittarius Full Moon June 17 – This full moon can help bring to light an overall pattern in your life, providing fresh insights into how it plays out. Having this awareness can have significant benefits to self-understanding and making progress on your path. Allow for emotional intensity as well, as this moon will catalyze that. Be kind to yourself and others, remembering that many around you are not as attuned to energy cycles and subtle influences. Skillfully navigating this full moon can mean breakthroughs in your self-expression – helping you to expand your circle of opportunities.

Cancer Solstice June 21 – This is the annual mid-year solstice, a super-charged energy gateway. Use this time for meditation, contemplative process, and ceremony focused on creating a better, more enlightened version of yourself. As you update your own energy, you could expand your circle of opportunities.

Post Wesak June 22 – At this annual celebration with the Ascended Masters like Buddha and Christ, you can be resourced in boundless ways to progress on your path of enlightenment. The spiritual path is not simple or easy, and especially in these times, it’s vital to regularly renew your energy and dedication for going forward. As you do this, you will have an expanded resource within for meeting any challenge. This enlarges your circle of opportunities, and helps you to serve others in the highest ways. The gift of serving helps you to blossom into your full potential.


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