Blue Avians, Tier-Eir: The Time Is Ripe

blue avians eraoflightdotcomGreetings human typing and humans reading these words. I am Tier-Eir of the Blue Avian grouping, higher ascended beings that have been monitoring this space time quadrant in all of its changing. For the time is now ripe for the planetary ascension of your planet, Gaia, who is morphing and changing right under your feet. We monitor the planetary encodements of numerous worlds. We assist the others in their quest for ascension on a planetary level. We see now that it is the time to make a formal introduction of ourselves, although our presence has already been made known through the writings and reportings of our dear friend Corey Goode, who has worked with us so tirelessly over his many years of service. Thank you Corey.

It is those such as Corey, and those such as many of you, who are to the be future leaders in the beginning of Gaia’s transition. For disclosure is definitely most underway, this is true. Many, many conversations have been and are going on in this most present now as far as the most blessed way for humanity to experience their wake-up. Of course those who have prepared and are preparing with these higher influxes of light are most ready to fly, wings up, and those who have not been preparing may be a bit ruffled in their feathers. For the energies wait for no one. The energies from Alcyone are coming fast and furiously, strong in their light. We assist with the Pleiadian teams in honing and fine tuning, of including the appropriate encodements such that the most may benefit from them and that they come in the most appropriate and perfect alignment. But honestly being in alignment is your work, is part of this inner work and clearings that many of humanity have not performed. And so many of you have been doing this inner clearing for the masses, and for this we thank you for they do not know enough to do so, yet. In many ways you have been the quiet light holders, which is apt and appropriate for to shout it from the rooftops would have been foolhardy and dangerous. Although those that are the whistle blowers, such as Corey and many others, they are most appropriately protected, as are you, channelers, for you are consistent in holding the light, holding higher vibrations and this makes you impermeable to attacks of the lower beings. You have galactic and yes, even intergalactic protection.

And so, to you all I say shine your light. Shine your light boldly, strongly, brightly. Be the Christ light. Be Yeshua. Be Buddha. Be Mary. Be your ascended masters in form, for they have provided you with excellent examples of the higher ways, of the ascended timelines that were misty in their possibility but now have become emboldened by the energies and strong. For ascension is happening to this space quadrant. Whether the dark ones approve or not is meaningless. Their votes no longer count. The light is now to be experienced with great, inner, tender joy and you my friends, you lighted ones, the Christ bearers, you have the front row seats. Your service is to be commended and we salute you in your service to the light. I am Tier-Eir. I wish you peace and I leave you in it.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


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  1. rhonda rose

    BLUE AVIANS,RA:I’M hearing that your friend Corey Goode&his family’s Lives are being threatened!WHY&please help them.ty.LOVE&BLESSINGS FEBRUARY 13,2O2O

  2. Steve Johnson

    I would love for someone to message me. My brain is firing faster than ever now, than anytime in my past. Emotions and the feeling of love is controlling now my everyday life.

    Thanks, and your messages above as I read them gave me an overwhelming feeling inside. I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Thank you,

    1. rhonda rose


  3. Doug James

    Powerful.message from the Blue Aviens..I follow Corey G and this sounds great to me. So so much to comprehend as do much manipulation has occurred to humans on Gaia.and to Gaia herself. Exciting times as more and more awaken due to the energies. Victory of the Light!
    Thank you Tier-Eir!

  4. Thoth the Atlantean

    Hi Cheri,

    I have entered 2 replies with links to an article and my email but the system puts them waiting for moderation status.

    So please decipher this email address replace at with the email at sign and dot with punctuation dot, the last part of the domain is love don’t be surprised.

    me at thoth dot love

    I’m waiting your email.


  5. Thoth the Atlantean

    Wonderful confirmation from Tier-Eir! I feel extra joy because I’m connected to the Blue Avian race as you know my favorite mask is an ibis bird in ancient Egypt.

    I will calculate the time needed for light to arrive to Earth by conventional light speed and post the results as a YouTube video if they are of value to the NOW moment.

    Alcyone already warned us that the solar flash is imminent but we don’t know what that means in our linear timeline. My personal prediction is from days to weeks, that’s what my heart feels. There is a big secrecy from my higher self about the timing of the event. I’m guessing it is required so that the dark ones can’t protect themselves since they can’t be insulated all the time from solar radiation. And maybe it is also required that the daily life goes on uninterrupted for humans.

    In general I disagree with any secrecy and I made myself clear to my higher self and to other divine beings. And I would rather have the solar flash sooner than later. The reason for this, is because I see many Light workers are experiencing extreme stress and I fear of losing any Light workers to the dark ones because they cannot hold their light anymore.

    Respectfully, this mind of incarnated Thoth the Atlantean prefers an imminent solar flash since I’m convinced that is the only way for full disclosure and proper mass ascension.

    The ones who won’t be able to hold the light already made their choices. I weep for them but I cannot delay what is the birthrights of humans who are ready for ascension.

    Let’s see if my prayers will be accepted or not.

    Thoth the Atlantean

    1. Cheri

      Hello Dear Thoth the Atlantian! I salute you this fine day! I just wanted to engage with you on your understanding of this solar flash scenario because in my mind and from the work I am doing dismantling the false timelines of the quantum infiltration where this solar flash destruction event was planned what people percieve as “the event” and a solar flash destruction of the planet to so called cleanse itself seem to get conflated.

      As you know if you read my recent post about the christed wheat and mind control, I too am from the bird tribes as I see the blue avians as our angelic DNA (Oraphim and Seraphim from the blue ray of creation). I suspect we all are as this is the interdimensional angelic DNA of our lightbodies from the original blueprints.

      Are you still feeling the event as a partial destruction event as Corey still percieves it from his consciousness still within the SSP timelines currently being dismantled or are you seeing it like I do as the return of christ consciouness which will be a mass awakening to unity consciousness or omnipresence coming from our great central sun.

      I know through my work the earth will not be destroyed as this is the first time we are ascending while physically incarnated here. So there are two things in our quantum memories. The first as Tier Eir mentioned above a planet usually goes Nova (a giant flash event) to ascend and is uninhabited during the transition. The second one is the solar flash destruction event of the fake SSP timelines still running through our brainwaves and clearing from the blueprints esp from the ones that were hijacked as children like Corey Goode and Tony Rodriquez and put into the SSP consciousness false timelines.

      I feel we will definately reach a mass awakening of solar consciousness (christed omnipresence) this year. I can’t quite fathom quantum immersion as my inner team calls it but do know there is a huge multidimensional coordination going on as the universal time matrix is being fully harmonized and synchronized as we speak. How it will transpire for the dark ones I cannot yet fathom but I do know that any destruction would defeat the entire purpose of this experiment. Real creators of light and love don’t destroy their creations. This is too literal of an interpretation in my mind. Maybe a quantum reset of the hologram program?

      Thank you for your thoughtful words and sharing of your inner connection. I just want to relieve the fears of any misunderstanding related to the false death and destruction events still running through the collective.

      Is this what disclosure means to you? In my mind it is our full quantum merger and awareness of the existance of ourselves as the quantum allied forces in the higher realms? Or are some still thinking that UFO ships will land?

      Love having these discussions as I too feel we are close! This urgency we feel is quantum awareness pressing in on us. In love and oneness!! Cheri of Hilarion 😘

      1. Thoth the Atlantean

        Hello Cheri,

        I’m mobile right now so short answer first, I might write more about night when I’m home.

        So in short, no planetary destruction. No way, I wouldn’t allow it, my father wouldn’t allow it. We all know what my brothers got us into in 2023 BC.

        If you have seen the message from Alcyone, all the dark ones will perish, that’s the part where there is loss of life. There is also the release of Gaia’s negative emotions from her past and Mother Earth manifests them as natural distress like storms, quakes etc. These will create disturbances and there might be some loss of life but not massively.

        About the life carriers, yes Andromedans were tasked with this regarding this planet. My father was responsible for overseeing this, earthlings know him as Enki. The little bag depicted in the Sumerian clay tablets symbolizes seeds in a basket which translates to life carriers. A very special branch of archangels.

        I think any more details we should discuss in private. Connect with me by email (me at thoth dot love) and we can chose a secure channel to talk further. Email is not secure so we should only exchange contact information.

        With love and light,
        Thoth the Atlantean

        1. Cheri

          Ok good we are on the same page here, it seems we both have the same father lol! Mine I experience as Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan Arcturian DNA and yours you experience as Enki through your Egyptian Andromedean DNA 😎

          Both so called deities in our history depicted as Gods of the Wheat or christ consciousness which I described in my recent post. Those seeds in your bag are the wheat which was once a christed crystalline structure to introduce christ consciousness on the planet during these epochs of our star seeded ancestors. We are all close to embodying the father of our trinity once the mind control clears.

          The archangels or so called Nephilim (celestial heavens and planetary bodies) contained within our Oraphim DNA is indeed clearing right now up through Andromeda as the Blue Ray or Aqua Ray fully heals the rift in time and space caused by the infiltration of the wheat.

          I feel our gag order has lifted and the dark ones have no more power in the quantum realms so there is no need for security or secrecy anymore which is why I wrote that post. They have lost the ability to see or travel quantumly. I will put a link below in case you missed it. Last night I heard the deconstruction of the black magic grids from Atlantis.

          I had a dream last night you and I spoke even before I read your post (omg! that beautiful unity consciousness kicking in as the universe is being synchronized). This website is supercharged right now as my inner team says there are alot of us gathered here from all over the planet. We are being impulsed to connect in the synchronicity of the oneness coming soon. I feel we are all aligning quantumly.

          I know most of us have busy lives. I have a lot of free time right now to finish up this contract quantumly. So if you (or anyone really) want to connect with me I will leave my email address below and we can talk some more. I am being told it helps us all to have these conversations openly now as a precursor to embodying our quantum selves rather than channeling them.

          Love, Cheri of Hilarion

    2. rhonda rose

      IT IS SO important to LOVE our SELVES!EVERYDAY look in the mirror&say-I LOVE YOU!IT IS IMPORTANT to not put people on pedestals!IT TAKES away our PERSONAL POWER,OUR PERSONAL FREEDOM.WE are all EQUALLY IMPORTANT-WE CAN THINK,FEEL,LOVE!WE can deeply LOVE&RESPECT but not assume another is or has qualities they may not have!WE ALL(most)are
      on our own path to ENLIGHTENMENT,in our own time,at our own speed.