The Intensity of June in Prep to Open Our Original DNA

dna activations numbers eraoflightdotcomHere we are, one day away from the high rising, highly emotional energies of June! How we arrive there seems to be as unique as you are. Of course, that was the focus in yesterdays readings. I had one lady being shot into June by a powerful stream of silver energy directly from the earth. Enhancing her, readying her with the energies from the original earth as it places her into June.

Keeping in mind, as I see the platform of June as three feet higher than May was, the frequencies are increasing for Junes show, which means, we need to either meet or exceed its energies. Some of us have a lot of help with the systems we are working with, some of us are putting in some serious elbow grease to assure safe arrival.

I had one lady climbing a ladder like trellis that felt like it was made of bamboo. I could feel her effort in climbing up and over this bridleway designed just for her.

Yet, another lady had the shining full moon itself on her field of life. At the ground level and she was sitting on the top of it as it (will) slowly lift her up and over to the June landscape. Fueling her from the root chakra up with the intense emotional frequencies of June for her to assist in helping others find their center.

One common theme no matter how anyone was being brought into June, each thing went higher than the June platform the slowly brought them down to the field of June. Increasing their frequencies higher than the ones of June then buffering it out in landing.

No one seemed to be set down in the first day of June, but I kept feeling a few days in, It just donned on me this morning that the new moon is June 3rd. No doubt in my heart, that is the target day of arrival, coming in thru the new moon energies.

So if over the new few days you feel a bit unanchored to life itself, that’s perfect. If you feel like it is taking so much effort to get thru your moments, that too, is perfect. There is not one thing better than the other. We are all assigned our own unique tasks and ways of getting to where we are going.

June itself is a highly volatile (not my word, spirit just gave it to me lol) month starting especially with the new moon on June 3rd. There will be a tremendous amount of energy and key codes pouring onto the earth thru that final moon of this 3 month energy system (started with the equinox in March.) Much will be illuminated and enhanced with the full moon on the 17th as we prep ourselves to go thru the doorway of the summer solstice on June 22nd. Just for the record, I blocked all those powerful days off so I do not have to utter those pesky words, I cannot see….

Oooooo, this little tidbit was just dropped in; as we pass thru the Solstice, we will be focusing on the opening of our original DNA. All these energies have been in prep for it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have already done that, not a soul incarnated has had the access yet. (Direct quote from spirit.)

On that note, my day is about to begin. Ohhhhhh before I go I would like to introduce everyone to my newest grandchild and first granddaughter, Emma Jayne!! She came into the world on May 29th at 10:40 pm weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long.

Also, I am extending the 50% off special thru Monday. I have been asked by a couple people to do so, so I will!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with upliftment and power to and thru ALL,

Lisa Gawlas


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