Goddess of Creation, Yeshua and Buddha: Wesak Love

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomEvery year during the full moon in May there is a celebration called the Wesak (Vesak) Festival. This is a celebration for Buddha’s birthday which is earlier in the month, however, many people also celebrate it as a time when Buddha returns to earth. Buddha & Christ both are from the same soul family and they frequently are aligned with one another. During this full moon festival, they both return to earth on one of the Light Rays to assist with the ascension process.

This channel is particularly powerful for several reasons. We just one month ago channeled the Christ energy on Easter as he spoke of the ascension vibration. This created a shift that is affecting the consciousness of the earth. In addition, the vibration of the earth continues to rise which allows for greater and greater transformation to take place.

During this channel Buddha and Christ, both spoke about what is happening and how people can respond. Their message was very clear that every single culture upon earth is based on love. Many have gotten away from this so while it may not seem so, this is still the foundation. They spoke of the importance of viewing everything through the eyes of love. If there is warfare; send love. If there is political unrest; send love. If people around you are arguing; send love. In all situation disconnect from any negativity and remain in the flow of love with the intention that you send love to any situation.

Love is compassionate. Love is balanced. Love is joy; to name a few of their descriptions!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. These times in which we get together are times of great joy for me. I appreciate how much I am anchoring on to the earth through the alignment with which you have with me. I am around you. I am available to you whether it’s during the teleconference time or other times during the month. Because of that, I feel more and more of you reaching out to me, inviting me to come into your life and I am ever here and present for you.

This evening is very powerful because the full moon took place just 24 hours ago. The full moon is aligned with the Wesak Festival and within that festival, there are many, many, many layers of energy that are associated with the alignment. There are people, especially throughout Asia, that have Wesak Festival or Vesak as they call them and it becomes a celebration for not just one evening, not just when the moon is full but frequently a weeklong celebration. They celebrate Buddha, they celebrate Ascension, they celebrate change and the influx of energy and light that is coming into the earth.

Life upon the earth is changing quite drastically. Sometimes is very evident to you other times you kind of have that sense that change is happening, however, there is no real gist to exactly what’s going on. Let this be an opportunity for you to open up your heart, open up to the heart of Buddha, open up to the heart of Christ. Allow their alignment to amplify everything that is taking place within you. As it does so you too can stand in this presence allowing their Ascension to become your Ascension.

This is always a topic and something that we think about, we talk about, we connect into, however, for so many people it is almost becoming as if “Oh yeah, I’ve done that”, “Oh yeah, I’ve been there” “Oh yes, I’m doing it”. It is no longer something that feels way out there and different as if “Gosh, there is no way I could do that” or “I have got a lot of work to do”, instead, it is slowly and gently becoming the norm for you in this life.

That is exciting to me because it is an indicator of how far you have come and how far not only we have come in the ways in which we work together but the ways in which the flow from the universe into the earth and the earth back to the universe. So I thank you for inviting me in, I thank you for anchoring these energies and I thank you for being a part of this process of transformation. It is here, it is happening and it is powerful.

Take in a deep breath where you send that breath of energy and light, send it down through you. You let it go through you until it flows into the earth. As this beam of light moves down through your energy bodies and into the earth you have that sense of it linking with the earth and spreading out in different directions.

As you anchor in such a way let the vibration of Gaia come up within you. Let it move through you as you yourself feel the energies of the earth. You allow that vibration to come up through your heart center, you send it out through your energy bodies and out through the top of your head. As this beam of light moves out through the top of your head, you feel your alignment with your higher self.

Immediately upon linking to your higher self, it is as if everything expands outward because you are here in a space that gives you that bigger perspective of your life.

You allow that energy to continue upward, there is that cord, there is that thread; that light energy, which aligns within you as the human and anchors into your soul. As you follow that thread of energy up into the soul, it is as if the expansion you felt in your higher self becomes even bigger. Feel that presence that is you, feel what it is to merge with your I AM Presence which is your God source. As this merging takes place it’s as if you grow bigger, bigger, bigger in your consciousness.

As you expand, take a moment and ask to have a greater understanding of your divinity. Some people have a sense of various segments that represent different lifetimes; other times people have a sense of just colored light. There is no right or wrong, it is only how you perceive your divinity to be; therefore, as you open up asking to know what it is for you, feel the flow, feel the beam of light, feel the essence for what it is.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so I embrace you as the consciousness of this lifetime and as the soul that is your divinity. Through this embrace, we transform or move our energies into the All That Is.

As we arrive within the All That Is you can see that a portal is prepared. We shift the time so that this takes place during the full moon as it is in the Himalayan Mountains upon the earth, therefore, even if you listen or watch this months or years down the road you are still tapping into the full moon for this night of the Wesak May 2019.

As I said that I had a sense of a string that went through all of these hundreds of experiences and how they vary experience to experience, however, they are that consistent flow of the higher vibration.

I invite you to have a sense of creating a group around this portal. As you feel ready to do so, allow your consciousness to merge with the portal. Some I see as if you jump in and then you just let your consciousness float. This portal takes us into the mountain meadow before Buddha and Jesus are to arrive.

As we arrive within the meadow in some places it is as if there is a celebration going on, in other places, it is quiet and sacred, in other places, there are people simply observing the experience. This takes place in an etheric dimension. At some point in the future, the vibration will have shifted enough that it will be seen with the physical eyes, however, for now, it is in the etheric dimension.

I invite you to find the place that most resonates with you within this valley. I as the Goddess will be here with the Dalai Lama and the other high priests, priestesses that are creating this experience for this evening.

Within the meadow, there is a gong that people hear. This gong reverberates off the walls of the mountains sending the signal that the time has come. You will notice everybody has become quiet, there are still those who are in various parts of the mountain, however, with dusk it’s becoming dark and you can see the moon as it shines upon the valley. This moon is about transformation, clearing out past emotions, clearing out past energies so that you may align with the pure love, energy and vibration of the Wesak experience.

I invite you to cast your eyes. There is a beam of light that comes down through the darkness into the meadow. This beam of light is as if it is a cone of light, however, we feel Gautama Buddha, as he is moving through this beam and as his presence comes in white light begins to illuminate the entire valley. We see his energies as he comes and he stops directly in front of us.

We express our gratitude for his presence and we thank him for continuing to give to the earth. You see coming in behind him the Christ energy; again that white light illuminates the entire valley and he gently settles down beside Buddha. We see the two of them as they stand side-by-side and they begin to chant with “Ohmmm, Ohmmm”. They are doing much more than what I am interpreting from them.

I invite each of you to receive the message of what the chant is for you. We see them. They face east. There is a semicircle of their supporters, some of whom live upon the earth, some of whom do not. So as they finished the chant in one direction, they moved to the South and they speak again. Buddha is speaking in his native language, which we are unable to translate through Shelly, we, therefore, convey to you telepathically the essence of his message. He says, “I welcome to the earth all who have been, all who will be and I gather the energies of the South”, we see them turning to face the West. So the East was the “Ohmmm”, the south was welcoming, the West we feel Jesus as he speaks, “We welcome to the people of the West. We invite you to be a part of our process tonight as we manifest upon the earth. We are open to the people of the West” and they face to the North. This time Buddha and Christ together express “We welcome the people of the North. We are open to receive and we are open to give to the people of the North. All are welcome”.

They reach up to the universe and they welcome all that come in of the universe in light, love and support of this experience. They reach down into Gaia and you can feel Gaia as she rises up through the earth and stands with them. We invite Gaia and we open to receive your vibration and your support in this night. ”Ohmmm, Ohmmm” and there is the chiming that takes place. Through this opening, I the Goddess will now share with you the messages from Buddha and Christ. Buddha speaks first.

Buddha speaks:

Every year I return to the place of my birth. Sometimes there are many that attend, sometimes they are not. Since the time in which I walked upon the earth, there have been thousands of years. I have seen great change take place. I’ve seen the rise and the fall of civilizations take place. I walk amongst you during sacred times; however, I work through those upon the earth that are in my alignment receiving messages from me and in support of me.

The time is here. The time is now for all cultures to blend and merge from a place of love. There is love within every culture. Sometimes it may feel as if it is dormant, however, love is a universal emotion and a universal vibration that represents the Ascension process. In my life, I learned through love, through joy, through potentials. You need not mimic my life, you need live your life. However, as you incorporate love and joy within your life, your vibration shall rise. I step aside allowing my brother to speak with you.

Jesus speaks:

Greetings, it is I Jesus, Yeshua, the Christ. I’ve spoken with you very recently about this Ascension process. However, as I am here with my brother, we tap into a vibration of the earth that is different than that which is solely the Christian vibration.

Here in this meadow, we have many temples. We have the writings of the ancient Atlantean’s. We have the vibration within the stones and these ancient trees that hold the history of the earth. I came here during my physical life. I come here multiple times a year as a means of using a portal that is of a very high vibration that takes me into the earth plane and then from here I will do the work I need to do.

When you see warfare upon the earth I invite you to send love. When you read the discord amongst the people I invite you to send love. When people get caught up in the political situations I invite you to send love. When you hear things that may or may not be true I invite you to listen within your heart and let go of anything that is outside of love. Each one of you has your own radar that can tell you when you are in the vibration of balance and when you are in the vibrational alignment for this expansion.

Feel what this is. Know what this is. The naysayers will fall away when there is nobody left to listen to them. The people that seek to pull you down and feed off that negative energy will have nothing to feed upon when there is only love. This is our message. It has been our message for thousands of years. At this time in history, there are enough people living upon the earth and enough people that hear the message. I ask you to be the messenger for us. It is a simple message. There is only love.

The Goddess returns.

With that, we see Yeshua and Buddha have stepped away from their communication with those who are present but we see them as they begin to move through the crowd. There are other Angels and light beings that walk with them and as they move through the crowd they reach out to touch everybody there, either upon the heart or upon the third eye.

I invite you to feel as they touch you.

They move through the crowd, they move up and down the valley. It takes as long as it needs them to take and then come back together as a group. I invite you to take a moment and notice as each one of them touched every single person here, you will see that they have become even brighter than when they first came into the earth. This is because they flow the universal light of love which encompasses compassion, acceptance, balance, and as they let that energy and vibration flow through them into each one of you they became bigger and brighter as a result.

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in this vibration. Allow it to move through you and every cell within your being. As you do so, become you. Feel the strength that comes from knowing within your heart of hearts that you are loved and that you have the ability to share this with yourself and with others. It need not be a big elaborate experience. Understand that in your everyday life you need only be gentle, loving, compassionate and you are amplifying the Wesak energies throughout your life. It is powerful and yet so simple. You need not go to school. You need not be trained you, you need not be certified, you need only be your God self living in your physical body. You need only feel love and balance within you allowing that to flow from you in every experience that you have.

This is what will transform the entire world. The more that there is love, the more that there is love; it grows and grows on its own.

Be aware of how much love you allow within your life.

Buddha and Yeshua have spent the equivalent of hours within these people and within this group. They come back together now. Their group is up about eight people, Mary, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yen, Melchizedek, Metatron, to name a few are those who are present within this space. As all come together rather than coming in one by one they create one huge ball of light and that light ascends back into the higher vibration. Everyone in the meadow is silent. As the ball of light gets to a certain level it’s as if it becomes a shooting star; it just streaks across the sky, returning to the All That Is, returning to the place from which each of them came.

Look around at this meadow. You might normally think that it is dark but there is such bright light because each one of you are shining and illuminated from within.

It’s as if there’s a rhythm or flow of energy that is moving through everyone that is present. Open your consciousness to know that you are not alone. You are a part of this huge group of people, you may never see them on the earth plane in your conscious life, however, it is entirely possible you will manifest together as one. Feel the flow, feel the vibration, receive it for you and the times in which it feels as if you are alone living this life, wondering what to do, where to go, know that you are never alone. And here is an opportunity that you can consciously look at the person beside you, that you may see them or recognize them in your everyday life.

I invite everyone to come back into the All That Is. I shift the vibration and I shift the focus that you may be here in your space within the All That Is, that is your place of creation.

I invite you to take a moment and acclimate your consciousness to this place that is outside of the meadow, however, shine forth the light that is you that this space becomes integrated with the vibration of the Wesak.

I feel the essence of that group. They’re are present in this room if you so choose you may have a private one-on-one conversation. They make themselves available to you. You need only ask and they will manifest in front of you to converse.

Especially as we work with these Masters, time space reality is something that is so intrinsic within them that they take as much time as they need; however, the perspective is that it was not very much time at all. As you allow your own conscious awareness to integrate all of that this is you will find that you have received more messages than what you realize.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As this essence comes together you might notice, you might not, however, from my perspective because of this evening and the light with which you blended, instead of seeing the individuals as I usually do I see a ball of light, a ball of light, just circling this space that you create. Some are elongated, some are around, it is, however, you integrate the vibration of the Wesak.

Coming up within the group is the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes within this space each one of you infuse your vibration of the divine, you infuse your own perspective of Ascension and then the vibration of what anchor Yeshua and Buddha letting all of that move into this hologram. The hologram itself expands and everything within this space expands. As everyone continues to infuse into this hologram, I notice Buddha and Jesus also sending their light directly into the hologram. You then release it; there is that part that goes out through the universe moving into the All That Is, moving into the various levels of the universal light, the rest of it goes down into the earth.

As this hologram moves through the earth it moves through the collective consciousness, clearing out the collective consciousness. It moves down into the earth, moving down into the center of the earth, into the core. As it does so it anchors this Ascension process then it moves up through the many, many layers of the earth and what you may notice is at the various layers of the earth when there have been certain influxes of energy it is activated until it comes up through the top of the earth.

It comes up through the surface each of you received into your own energy through that cord of light everything that was your experience this evening. The rest of it comes up through the earth, the grass, the trees, the water. It comes into the animals, it comes into everything upon the earth so that the Ascension process may move through everyone conscious or unconscious creating balance, creating alignment, creating the new potential for which people may live. You let that go and then you call into you the remainder of your own experience this evening. Everything from the All That Is comes back through the soul plane and your divinity. It moves back into your higher self and then it comes down into you the person.

As you feel that anchor from Gaia and the anchor from your divinity you know that you are in this flow, where you are always grounded and you are always open to the light and all of this moves through you in your physical, mental, emotional bodies and that spiritual vibration that is you infuses through everything in and out, up and down. Take a moment allowing those vibrations to integrate within you.

Call forth the vibration of the Wesak as you continue to ground yourself. Feel that unconditional love, feel when you had that direct contact with Buddha and Christ and they adjusted your vibration so as to be in this balance and to be in this flow.

Allow it to move through you anchoring within you moving into every cell within your body.

As you walk through your life there in the next several days or weeks, I invite you to have that clear intention that you walk with Buddha, you walked with Christ, you walked with that vibration of love, the vibration of Ascension knowing that they open, they connected to the four quadrants and above and below; that they reach out to every person and particle of life upon the earth reaching out with love, reaching out to activate love, reaching out with the clear intention that you have love in your life.

May you be open to that flow; may it fill you up everyplace within you.

Beloved family, I am ever with you and within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:  www.goddesslight.net