Mike Quinsey: The Best of Everything

mike quinsey eraoflightdotcomNothing can prepare you for the future except that you expect the best of everything. Be assured that you are already on a path to great changes that will be more than welcome, and fulfil your dreams of having everything that you ever needed and more than you can presently imagine. Already different groups are receiving promptings to advance mankind, but for peaceful purposes and to set up societies that work for the betterment of all without any exclusion. It clearly will take much time to reach the ultimate stages but everything has to have a beginning at some time and that time has already commenced. The goal that will be achieved is to promote more group plans, and as you would say ”small is beautiful” and that will be the challenge to arrange things accordingly. Already you have been finding that smaller set-ups operate more efficiently and you are being guided in that direction.

As you are entering a new period that will of necessity involve many changes in the way societies are formed, you may be certain that many souls that have recently come to Earth are here to give you the advantage of their experience that will help you advance in leaps and bounds. You will also have the benefit of new inventions that will be given to you as soon as it is safe to do so, without them being stolen or misused. As you will realise it cannot take place until the dark Ones and their cohorts are moved out of the way. They have been carefully monitored for a long time and their intentions have been known. Eventually they will be incapable of interfering with your progress that will then go speeding ahead.

Your Inner Earth is home to many E.T.’s that reside at depths that are not usually probed, but with the changes many will have no option but leave. They certainly will not go forward with the new Earth that will be your ultimate home. However, some of the E.T.’s that are positive and evolved are part of your evolution, and will openly work with you well before Ascension. In the long run you will find that all experiences help you to evolve, and it is because every soul has a life plan that is calculated to help their evolution, and would have been agreed by them beforehand. Planning your evolution is a complicated matter as it relies on many other souls playing their part with the help of your Guides and without interfering with your freewill.

Death is subject that some people avoid having to discuss and it often comes from not understanding the information they are given. There are a number of explanations that mainly come through religious sources but none are completely accurate. The main fact is that immediately upon death of the body – when your heart stops beating, you leave your body and are usually attracted to another level of Light where you will be met by family or friends who have obviously been waiting for your arrival. Because of religious teachings some will find a different reception upon arrival, but you will all be in your etheric body that is of a much higher vibration than your old physical body. If you can accept this much about life after death, you will understand that you have nothing at all to fear.

To stay on the path of Ascension bear in mind that there is a need to empower yourselves with the new energies. Do not look back and know that there is a sound reason for this advice as the old ways will no longer advance your evolution. The ultimate would be to live in the “now” and not try to pre-determine how your path would work out. Clearly there are many pathways to Ascension, but as a collective you are all treading a personal path that has been especially designated for you. Allow things to flow and what you need to evolve will come to you. We know it is difficult to suddenly change your approach and understanding of your evolutionary path, but you have entered a new paradigm that calls for a different reaction. Try it and see for yourself how your life progresses if you simply take it as it comes. You can then rely more on your intuition, and be assured that should you make a mistaken decision your Guides will do their best to redirect you to your correct pathway.

At this stage nothing should be able to put you off your goal to ascend, as you are now too advanced to fail. You have done all of the hard work by getting through the lower dimensions, and have established your selves as being worthy of continuing in the higher dimensions. You will never have to go back to the lower vibrations as they are unsuitable for the level you are at now. It is “fast speed ahead” and very soon the new innovations will start to be released having been well prepared in advance, knowing the inevitability of a grand increase in your vibrations. Not every soul is interested in moving out of their present dimension, as instinctively they know that they are not ready and they should therefore be allowed to progress at a rate that suits them. Nothing is to be gained from rushing them before they are prepared and ready to make a great leap forward in their evolution.

Dear Ones you are so loved for your dedication and determination to succeed in the tasks you have undertaken. You were so positive that you could be cut off from the Godhead and still find your way back in spite of the darkness that would engulf you as you plummeted through the depths. You have little if any idea as to how long you have been travelling the road back to the Light, yet it has been for many thousands of years, but you have finally made it. Your consciousness levels are now moving quickly forwards, and with it will come a greater level of awareness and recollection of your real selves as mighty Beings of Light. No wonder you are revered by those who have followed your exploits and given you every encouragement to keep going, regardless of the obstacles in your way. You have completed all of the hard work and experiences to move into a period of release from karma into joy and freedom.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


9 Replies to “Mike Quinsey: The Best of Everything”

  1. Doug James

    Stay in the heart be kind be grateful help others have fun! Laugh hard..smile

    No loosh here anymore

    1. ishtaren

      I guess we will all agree, that. ( https://mashable.com/article/avengers-endgame-hot-tub-time-machine/?europe=true. )
      We will go back in 1986, and using some good future songs to organize a European Woodstock on the island, to start a COHERENT island of light that will avoid the 1990 drama and open a line where in the end will not exist a secret space program?
      Don’t worry, this universe remain, But with this idea PuTTendIN our mind (especially your mind beloved pleiadians) all our soldiers, included the kids, can visualize a way to forgive themselves.
      We will create a line where you will not feel alone and abandoned after the terrible world war that isolate you sorrounded by enemies.
      If you visualize now this. Focus to releas all the hate an the traumas.
      I guess that, maybe just a bit, you can have fantasies about different events that will be around the corner.
      You are gods. But still humans, because inside your heart, you don’t want even have a name. And switched the language idioma, because in the end, you still the same young, pure soldiers, that was lost far from their families.
      Your need to hide is the proof. That you can be forgiven even by all of us.
      Read the article in the link people. It’s starting the age of miracles.

        1. ishtaren

          Wow my heart chakra is open, it’s a really beautiful feeling, I have really feminine vibrations now. Rh+
          I really love you all people.
          I feel a family.
          I need hug you, where we gather?
          Ticket to Nepal portal, just to hangout with Jesus and Buddha?
          Ok, I will choose alone. How I can find you brothers and sisters? I feel more safe if I reach who want close my mouth.
          Because there I can shut up my mouth. While operating,

  2. ishtaren

    Mr Quincey, sir, if you don’t suggest me a safe place, for all the rest of the life that we have In front…
    I will repeat the pattern to become more dangerous if above the 5th dimension…
    I will buy a flight ticket tomorrow.
    Are you able to say a city without meaning another one?
    You see, in this case can result disorienting that disease you appreciate so vibrantly.
    ( I joke mike, come on, the comments are deleted)
    I can help you with this constant panic attak you all suffer.
    I respect who suffer a lot, honestly. All the soldiers, subs, whores of this planet have my focus on their tormented emotivity.

    Resolve my problem please, so I can stop be EGOish
    Where i can go to school And honestly try to join your enviroment, I can respect rules. I just have this disease to remain alive…
    I’m not human probably.
    not in USA?
    Or in the cráteres?
    Costa Rica?
    Come on answer privately, don’t hide now sir.
    Is a continuous hide and seek with all of you…
    The people will be not so easy to drop down the defenses…
    Best regards.

  3. ishtaren

    Write me Quincey, tonight. I’m capable to stay at your side if you accept. It’s in my download. It’s my destiny, it’s the duck of avengers.
    Let’s play fair together. Balance is the goal. Let be it a method.

  4. ishtaren

    Ok, but now, how I can trust you? Are months that you slowly destroy my life, I want and need to evolve from ego, but if my voice is permitted in the discussion… why nobody lead me where I can be safe for me, for you and for all the others?
    Everybody deserve a guide and a family.
    Why you completely destroyed my life?
    Please come to take me tomorrow. With a trustable guideline.
    It’s caos here now around. Really need the ship. I will be at your orders without reserves.