Message from the Fairy Collective, Gnomes, Unicorn Collective, and Mother God: Time Streams Are Merging

unicorns eraoflightdotcomHello friends, we are the ascended fairy collective of Nova Gaia, greeting you this day with absolute joy and glee at the rising of the energies that are now bombarding our dear Gaia, merging further your reality with our reality. For the time streams are merging, flirting with each other as a great cosmic dance and we see this in form of moving colors of light, of love, of inter-dimensional shifts. Do you know, human friends, that when you choose love your heart chooses a higher dimensional reality? It is true, we see this most clearly, for we see with the lenses of love through our higher heart eyes, as will you too, soon, human friends, who are the blaze-makers of the Nova Gaian path, for you are forming it, you are making this path more firmly recognizable by the others, for you are forging ahead, making the path, trodding down the tall fresh grass so that others may follow in your footsteps. And we see this most clearly, most aptly and so to assist you we would like to offer you a present from Nova Gaia now! Look down at your feet. You see tall fresh green grass and you are standing deep within a field of it. Look down and see the shiny rocks by the tufts of long sweet grass that nestle your feet with loving embrace, soothing away any aches and pains – but there are no aches and pains here, only light, only love, only bliss – and look! See a fairy pebble is nestling down between your toes. It is pink? Blue? You choose your color and be blessed by it, tuck it into your purse, your pocket, tuck it into your heart space and feel the vibrational encodements of Nova Gaia pulse and spin within this special rock that has chosen you, and so keep it near you. Feel these vibratory encodments close to your aura and share it with your own crystals as you do your inner work during your time of meditation and solitude and it is yet another energetic way to bridge the realms.

Light! We see streams of light, of rainbow hues, peppering your skies in glory, widening the grins on the faces of humans who have forgotten how to smile and brightening the auroras of the awakened ones who are becoming the Christed light-bearers of all sizes shapes and colors. It is a most glorious time to be alive, embodied on this earth right now, oh, we know you are weary, and that is part of the bargain, for you are warriors in form, truly friends, you are, and that is to be expected. We see this with the Source energy light that bounces and spins around us holding us close to itself so that we can most aptly rest on the breezes of love, nestled, embraced by the Great Mother of All Things and we worship Mother God, Father God. We love Source and are in fact, it, and we see Source as all around us, dear friends of the earthen ways, of the warriors of the light and we see all as coming most splendidly into fruition into the great climax of the ages and we are tremendously excited! We are the ascended fairy collective of Nova Gaia; be at peace friends, enjoy these marvelous energies! Enjoy the waves that you are making for the great and tremendous change of the ages, feel it in your hearts, hold your fairy rock close from our grassy shores to yours and feel the heartbeat of Gaia within and feel our fairy kisses of joy and blessing. We are the fairy collective of Nova Gaia.

We are the gnomes of Nova Gaia. We take shelter in the womb of the earth, in the tunnels, in the hidden places, that rim the outer world with light. We work in the tunnels, cleaning and polishing the stones so that they may vibrate and hum most cleanly. We are the gnomes. We love our red pointy hats that hide and protect our pineal glands for they are our distinctive attribute. We love to dance, to sing in joy! We love our families, our wee ones, and we teach them early how to dance, sing and play, and how to serve in the midst of it. We are the gnomes. We come to show our presence. We are humbled to be a part of this process of ascension and we assist in our own way, just as you too, human, assist in your own way. All ways of service are worthy. For all must be served. In serving we find our purpose, our joy. We are the gnomes. No job is too small. We are small. Yet, our small job is big for we cover the land, we cover the surface by working in the tunnels, we bless the entire surface with our energy work with the crystals. And so our small job is mighty. We band together. We are one voice, we are many hands but one big hand helping another. So too humanity, so too you may see that when you join together you are strong. We are the gnomes. Be not afraid. Live, serve, be in joy. A new time is at hand. Lend your hands. Lend your joy. The world needs it. We are the gnomes of Nova Gaia. We welcome you to our space. We welcome you to sit by the fireside with us some night and watch us dance, sing, and be silly, be merry in the joys of the all that surround, nurture and support. We are supported. You are supported. You are makers, masters, creators, you are more than you think. Ah, the great mystery of self discovery. Serve. That is all.

Greetings humans, we are the ascended unicorn collective once again from Nova Gaia. We bow our horns to you and we ignite your third eye with a radiant spinning light tonight of the crystalline way. Be ignited, be love in form, for that is your great power, love. Love is the power of the universe. Love is what the dark ones have so carelessly forgotten, and love is what you are here to teach, to be, to live. Be love. Radiate love, be the Christ, be the Buddha, be the laughing pure-hearted child. Be pure of heart, it will serve you most well, for we are the unicorn collective and we know the cost of purity, and the ultimate treasure of the innermost heart that becomes one’s own sanctuary. The sanctuary of peace is within you, in your innermost heart space, a portal when opened that leads you into oneness with your higher self, with Mother and Father and of course ultimately with Source itself. Be the Source light, be the Christed light. Be the hands and feet of the masters again embodied with bold purpose. Wait with us awhile when you need to become emboldened in your purpose and rest in the purity of the energies that surround us and that we are transmitting to you, like a crystal blanket of pure energy. Feel the hum in your ears, the spin in your heart and connect. We are the ascended unicorn collective of Nova Gaia. Peace.

Dearest hearts, I am your Mother God. My children in other forms have assembled here tonight to demonstrate that they are very real and very much a part of the upcoming Nova Gaian experience. Life comes in all shapes and sizes and there is much to be learned by all. Open up your heart, your perceptions of probabilities and be stretched a bit more tonight. Lean into me and relax into my embrace. I am your Mother God. Feel my pink cotton-candy like blanket all over you and be comforted. Doesn’t a cotton-candy blanket sound delightful? It is! Nestle in and let us sing a song together. Let me sing a lullaby of the sweetest melodies to soothe the most weary warrior. I am your Mother God. Not much longer now children, I see the promised land just ahead and I see it in you. For you are building it. A great honor for only the bravest of hearts. I am your Mother God. Rest now and be comforted.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl