Era of Light Report For 6/11/2019

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings! Here we are now, with great anticipation. For s*it has not hit the fan, because this time it got blown away. The games of the ‘dead state’ are over. They have lost it all. What remains are only a bunch of zombies running in all directions desperately attempting at one more feed. They missed it. They are dissolving.

The Fountain of Eternal Youth

Adama: The fountain of youth and rejuvenation you are seeking lies within you always. It is there, waiting for your awakening and your awareness of it. The keys to find it have never been secrets. For eons, you have been more interested in finding it through an external source, a quick fix that would substitute a true spiritual transformation. Your DNA is another key to your fountain of youth and infinite vitality. » Source

Anglo Alliance Cemented

Benjamin Fulford: The visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the UK last week has healed rifts in the Anglo alliance and will make sure the post-9/11 fascist coup in the West will be reversed, according to Pentagon and British royal family sources. » Full Report

I’ve Seen This One Before

The New York City Fire Department is responding to a report of a helicopter crash on the roof of a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan.

The Fire Department said in a tweet Monday that the helicopter appears to have crash landed on the top of the tower, which isn’t far from Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

Bringers of the Light

Apollo: As the world turns, you will want for nothing. You will have everything you need. Right now we give you reassurance that the Divine Plan is in action. You are sifting through the rubble of a planet that has been rampaged upon by the… You are the bringers of light. You have done an excellent job. » Source

All we can do now is be ready, be grateful. Prepare for the best outcome, for the time has finally arrived.

It is now humanity’s turn to prosper. To lead the way with love and compassion, for we have one home, Earth, and truly we are one family.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj(KayRy).