Goddess of Creation: Self Love is a Column of Light

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomSelf-love is a topic that comes up again and again during the Goddess Light channels. It is something that can be interpreted in many different ways. When you are in the flow of self-love you can release judgment, criticism, not being good enough, emptiness, sadness, depression and so many more emotions. The focus of Goddess Light is about bringing love into your life and that love is the foundation; therefore, that love flows into and through you first before anything or anyone else. Be open to receive. Be open to accept.

This channel also talks about living your life in a conscious way. Consciousness can mean different things to different people. In this channel, the Goddess talks about it as being fully aware of your thoughts, how you treat people (and yourself), about being a pillar or a column of light that radiates out to others around you. She also spoke of different ways in which you can bring consciousness into your life; through meditation, breathing, walking, or creating certain exercises that work for you.

When you are in the flow of conscious awareness, you become a column of light. As such you radiate a vibration that can become a mirror to others, create a space of peace and balance but most of all, assists in all aspects of your life.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all who are present in this now moment.

The vibration of the Earth is transforming in a very dramatic format. The vibration of the Earth is something that is from the very center of the earth, throughout the layers and throughout the atmosphere that is above the Earth. It is aligned to the many different levels of vibration. Vibration could be called a dimension. It could be called a state of consciousness. There can be any number of different ways in which you can describe it. For this now moment allow the focus to be upon the vibration in which you are at this moment.

As we speak of the Earth moving through vibrations it is not as if more vibrations are now coming through into the Earth. What is happening is that as you peel away the density, and as you peel away the lower vibration, you are accessing the higher vibration or the higher dimensions that have always been here, but have been blocked. The collective consciousness continues to transform.

I the Goddess am present with so many of you on many different levels. When I first began to speak with Shelly back in the year 2000, I was quite a distance out in the Universe and I would meet with her Divinity and flow messages down through her. I then was able to come in much closer. I then began to merge with her and speak through her as I do now. Perhaps it’s been about 8 to 10 years, probably since 2012, that I have been moving freely and consciously amongst many of you, even here upon the Earth Plane. I have always done so at the level of the Soul Plane. So, this is a part of the transition in that I can now stream down my consciousness and then I go back up. I don’t always last for a long time, but more and more of you have asked for me to come in and therefore I do so.

As this is happening it brings more threads, more and more threads, of my energy and anchoring it around the world. Not only my energy but the vibration of all the Ascended Masters, of all the Light Beings, so many people and energies that are here to make this conscious, spiritual transition upon the Earth. We do so with the very clear intention that love is the foundation and within love, there is, first and foremost, each one of you opening to receive and accept the love for yourself.

Take a moment as I am here and you are very conscious of me in your everyday life to consider what this self-love means to you. There are many different definitions and there are many different ways in which to express self-love. It is all frequently individualized. The key is for you to understand what that is and for you to accept and receive the value for who you are.

I invite you to take a deep breath and send your energy down onto the Earth Plane. As you allow your stream of consciousness to move from you; you already have set up the space in which you move into the Earth merging with Gaia and then allowing your consciousness to spread out in different directions. From there you allow that to flow back up through you. As it flows through you, you then send it out through the top of your head until you merge with your Higher Self.

As you feel the vibration and the energy of your Higher Self you begin to feel the way that your consciousness literally expands outward and your perceptions transform. You feel the essence of Soul as you continue to feel the essence of who you are in your everyday life. Then allow that stream of consciousness to move up even further. It streams upwards until it merges with you as your Soul. As it merges with your Soul essence you can feel who you are. Allow your energy to feel the embrace; to feel that expansive love. So too as you merge with your Divinity and you are tapping into the many different aspects of yourself that are on so many different levels of consciousness. Some may be very clear to you; other parts may be vague.

If you feel that flow of energy and light moving through, you begin to recognize that this is your Soul supporting you, embracing you, loving you, accepting you. As I speak those words, I begin to feel many of you expanding even further so that you merge even more within your I AM presence.

I the Goddess move in amongst each one of you. As our energies merge there is that sense of expanding even further. As we move into the space of the All That Is look around at what this place is to you. Within the All That Is it’s an even higher vibration of what might be taking place within your Higher Self. It’s an even higher vibration of what might be happening in your everyday life. As you feel what that is to you open up to acknowledge that there are so many energies present within this space.

Sometimes I hear you asking where are my Angels, where are my Guides, where is Metatron, Melchizedek, Quan Yin? Where are all these beings that have been in and out of these teleconferences throughout the years? One aspect of the ascension process is that you now have a new alignment with these many energies that are here in support of you.

As you’ve moved to the next level of alignment, or for some of you it is as if you stepped up 1,2,3, or multiple steps, when you get to a particular vibration it is no longer as if they are the Guides and you are different. There is no longer that sense of they have arrived and you have not, they are better than you. This is all a matter of you stepping into the presence and the power. Power is not really the best word, but stepping into the presence and the reality that you have within you. The ability to transform everything or anything within your life.

For years and years, you’ve asked for God to help you. You’re asked for I the Goddess to help you, your Angels. We all are here in support of you helping you in many ways as we have done so far for eons, upon eons. As you continue to transform in your own vibration. You are stepping into that level within you that is the equality, or the equal vibration of all of these Guides, and therefore for some of you, it may feel like they’ve gone.

Think about the friends you have on Earth and when you think about the friends you have, most often you don’t think of them as better or worse than you, you think of them as just your friends. This is the vibration where each of you are in relationship to your Guides. This is why so many of you have that feeling that they’ve gone and where are they?

So, the next step for many of you is to transition, to leave behind, or allow it to transform into whatever it is next for you. Many of these Guides and Angels that you have worked with all along are still going to be there in your heart, in your daily meditations and prayers. I would invite you to ask to open up the door, or create a new alignment, so that you may now open up to that next level of vibration. It may create a sense of feeling as if they were new; as if you don’t recognize it; so it is something new and different. However, as you allowed yourself to be in that vibrational flow and feel that essence as it moves through, you may find that it’s still the same Guides that you have always had. However, you are all creating a new relationship from a new place.

What does that mean? Is that going to have an impact on your everyday life? It absolutely could. However, I understand humanity and most people just continue to go along moving through their days, day by day by day just seeing how things will unfold.

When we speak of this in the conscious life the intention that most people have, most of us have as we say that phrase, is that you do become aware of how you are living your life. You become aware of the choices you make. You become aware of your activities and how they will affect others. You become aware of the vibration that you emanate. You become aware of everything. You also will understand where people are coming from because you are perceiving it from that space of a higher vibration.

As you are consciously living your life. When someone gets angry with you. When someone you don’t even know acts out in traffic. We could go on and on and on for the long list of reasons why things like that happen. You begin to understand that people’s response to you and people’s reactions to you is less about you and more so about them.

Do you remember how we spoke about for years, and years, and years because of everything happening, because of you and your perception, and that other people might be the trigger. As you continue to move through the evolutionary process; when you live your life from a conscious space you begin to realize that as you are in your place of balance, and as things are happening around, you can create that column or the pillar of balance. Sometimes it will illuminate for people and create great friction, or frustration, or anger and sorrow within them. For others, it may help them to see themselves and the value that they have for themselves and within their life. Therefore, if they are angry at you, acting out at you, or responding in a particular way it’s not about you and what you have done it’s that you are the light.

I hear people asking me ‘what about responsibility’. You are always responsible for yourself. For the things that you say. For the things that you do. For the things that you express. You are not responsible for how someone else reacts to you. Again, this is going on a premise that you come from a space of love, you come from a space of balance, and you come from a space where you would not intentionally reach out and hurt someone.

Therefore, how-so-ever they react you may find yourself able to react with even greater compassion because you become the channel of love. You become the channel of that universal love that you can share with that individual in that moment. What happens as a result of that is that not only are you strengthening your own self-love you are now assisting the other person in finding it within them.

Take a deep breath and allow that to flow through your energy. Allow that reality to flow through you. Many of you have been noticing that this has been taking place already and therefore it is not a new experience for you. However, if you are stepping into that phase now, or if you are stepping into that reality, I invite you to open up. Become that column of light, that pillar of light that allows for the universal light to move through you. There we go, I now feel each one of you shifting.

As we spoke of self-love earlier, I ask you now after I just assisted each one of you with allowing your consciousness to take those steps up, what does self-love mean to you? What does self-worth, what value do you place upon yourself? Do you allow yourself, not from an ego perspective, but do you allow yourself to just be that essence of who you are? Understanding that with your Divinity you are this balanced individual, with this flow of love and vibration that moves through you. It moves into every cell within your being. It moves into every conscious thought that you may have. Take a deep breath in so that you become comfortable with you as your Divinity.

I always love the questions and the comments I can hear from you and what I just heard was, “that it’s so easy when you’re in the space of the All That Is. It is not when I am in my everyday life.” That is a valid point. Whatever you can do in your everyday existence that allows you these moments, or this flow of your Divinity strengthens the amount of Divinity and flow that moves through you.

I would also say to you that as you begin to create this conscious light take time in your day that rather than rushing from place, to place, to place that as you walk through a parking lot, as you walk down the road, as you walk let every footstep take you to a place of consciousness awareness. Of course, that is probably going to be more effective and easier if you do it in a place or time when you are not distracted. However, the more that you have that intention the more that you let every step you take, just like every breath you take, become conscious.

I was speaking to you about different ways in which consciousness can become a part of your everyday life. If you breathe consciousness within you, creating it so that it is every breath that you take. Consciousness can become a part of movement so that the steps that you take can be focused. Let me rephrase that. As you walk in a conscious manner you are focusing upon the movement of your physical body and in doing so you are balancing and centering within yourself so that you are in that space where you are making specific choices, you have specific understanding, and you have that flow of awareness.

Consciousness is knowing that you are always 100% aligned with your Divinity. Consciousness is bringing your Divinity into every particle within you every day of your life.

It’s very difficult to stay in that space 24/7 upon the Earth and I would never expect that you would do so. Therefore, I invite you to find ways that work for you. It may be 5 minutes here, 20 minutes here, 30 minutes here; whatever it is, do that works for you. Have that clear intention that you are allowing the flow and the conscious light, and the conscious love as it moves through you. This is self-love. This is opening to the flow of your Divinity.

Ah, I just remembered. What in your life may keep you from feeling the flow of self-love? As you look at your life are you harsh about your decisions? Are you stuck in the past about things that did or did not work in a particular way? Are you waiting, waiting and waiting for changes to come? These are different ways in which you integrate a sense that you are not good enough right now, and that you do not have enough right now, and that things need to change.

As you open and receive the flow of self-love; when you look at the past you feel compassion or love; when you look at those things in your current reality that bother you; you look at them with compassion. When you look towards that future that you seek to have you begin to understand that that acceptance and love for who you are and what this life has created for you is what will get you to that place you seek to be.

So, self-love is the release of judgment, is the release of expectations, it’s the release of feeling not good enough. Open your heart. Open every aspect of yourself and let the flow of love be within you. As you do so you expand your consciousness and you are that reflective pillar of light.

Some of you may decide to continue to work with those energies, but I invite you to all come back together as a group. As you create this group bring into this group vibration your own Ascended Consciousness and your own sense of love, of Self-Love. You send that into the center of this group and coming up within it you feel or see the Hologram of the Earth. As this Hologram comes up within it becomes integrated with, not only the vibration of everyone that was here, but all those other energy beings, and the light and essences that support all of humanity.

As you release that there is always a piece that goes out finding that similar vibration within the Universe and the remainder of it moves down. It goes down through the outer shell of the Earth. It goes down clearing through the consciousness of the Earth and then anchors with the center of the Earth. From within the center, it begins to expand outwards.

You have already anchored your own vibration within Gaia and so that aspect of yourself will come up through that thread, but it also comes up through each person. It comes up through the consciousness, through the water, the trees, the grass and as it does so it moves through clearing out old energy, clearing out things that no longer serve. So that self-love and becoming a beacon of consciousness begins to radiate further and further throughout the consciousness of the Earth.

The change is here. We are but opening up blinds so that you may see.

As you move into your days in which you become much more conscious of your thoughts, your expressions, your consciousness of self and conscious of being that beam of light I invite you to remove from it any judgment or perception of how it is going to look or should look, for you. Instead, recognize that you are that pillar of light. Recognize that you accept, love, honor, respect yourself and in doing so that flow of love moves first and foremost through you and then out into the world.

Beloved the vibrations are transforming and you are transforming right along with them.

Know that I’m always with you and I love you.



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