Andara Crystals: Source Light In Human Form

a new light on mother earth eraoflightGreetings humanity, we are the Andara Crystals. You may call us a collective, for that is what we are. We are light contained within form, just as are you, Source light contained within human form. For those of you who are familiar with crystal work you know that every stone has a different attribute to assist, to tone, to connect with. Many of us are healing, fine-tuning the chaotic energy waves that are bombarding your surface area world and thus your nervous systems. As you transmute it, like static electricity, it can zap and make you feel shocked, on edge. No need. Please carry us with you. We Andarans carry the heartbeat of the planets. We are ancient, we have seen much change on Gaia’s inner and outer world and now in her time of tremendous influx of light we are turned on, full on, to balance, guide, protect, to lend our light and are called to arms, to service, just as are you, ground team of the light of the ages, of Team Gaia. We are thrilled to be a part of Team Gaia and her ascension project as well. It is a most wonderful time of shift, of change, of growth. And so we lend our light, our power, our vibration, just as you humans reading these words with fresh eyes or with eyes bright with tears of the promise, so too are you an integral piece. And so we wish to offer you a piece of our energies, for we are powerful enough to do this. We are the Mother’s Crystal, it is with great joy that we say so. We heal, we feel the heartbeat of Mother Gaia within us, for we are from within her hidden places, her deep heart of her body, formed by deep heat and deep passion for change. Can you feel it burn within you? This desire for change is why you are here, is it not? It is, for that is why one so brave and honored would be here to grow, to learn, to stretch by these new energies from our friend Alcyone, to transmute with ferocity and deep intention.

We are the Andara Crystal Collective. See us shining before you. We are many colors to represent many specific vibratory encodements. We hold the rays. If you are working with the rays of the light we can assist you in this. One of our hues is the brilliant diamond clear light hue. See a massive Andara diamond crystal just ahead of you as in the days of the temples where we were central in the chamber to reflect the most light when surrounded by pillars of fire. See this massive Andara diamond shaped as a heart in front of you. Invite its healing powers within you, to rejuvenate, to restore, to breathe and to reactivate the Christed light codes and dormant DNA within you, to turn you on fully as a crystalline being of light. And now as you are activated fully with these diamond Christ encodements breathe them in. See the fountain of water bathing the crystal and dip your hands in its cool refreshment and drink. Drink deeply. See the fresh stream running beside the crystal and sprinkle this alive diamond light within it, blessing the waters of Gaia’s inner and outer worlds. Intend to infuse our energies with yours, with Gaia’s, bridging the realms further in love, in light.

We are the Andara Crystal Collective. We send you much love this day. We wish to return with yet another color to work with, for we are many. For now, this is much to integrate and we leave you in peace. Stay here as long as you like and enjoy the healing energies that surround your cells with light. For we are infusing you with light, that is one of our joys, with your permission. Bridge the realms. We can assist. Much change is occurring on your surface, much energetic clearing. This is why you star seeds are so exhausted, pummeled. May we offer our soothing vibrations. Put us in your water and drink deeply. Work with your crystal friends of all sizes and shapes for we are eager to assist our human friends, the bridgers of realms, for we see many new portals of light bursting through the eroding, crumbling matrix moment by moment. Your thoughts, intentions and prayers are making a tremendous difference. But you need not suffer in the process. Find your joy, take time to heal and rest with us awhile. We are the Andara Crystal Collective. Peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl