Babaji: Until The Lord Calls You

babaji eraoflightdotcomJJK: “Without fear of death, without surviving hope …”, that’s not exactly what so many people fear – not to survive death and upcoming crises. I see, it is a misconception that everything in life is good only when everything is taken care of, when no one dies in the family and when crises are survived unscathed. Death is a deliverance for the one who dies. Why are so many people afraid of that? What “survival” really is when we are immortal beings. Dying is part of life and part of our rebirth.

In everyday life, however, this has not yet solidified and there is much uncertainty even among spiritual seekers.

What really matters!

BABAJI: In fact, it is the phenomenon of this time that for many people, the spiritual quest ends where it should begin – the existential questions.

That’s why it’s important that individuals start thinking about the beginning and the end of life and what’s really important in life.

What matters is that your life is at the service of God and serving humanity. Everything else is secondary.

He who lives in this way does not waste his energy with fear and has no time to fear.

JJK: I’ve seen so many crises in my life as a big, new opportunity.

For me, this really is not a trite phrase. Why are most people unable to experience this? Because for most people, this common idiom is a phrasing.

BABAJI: It’s a matter of consciousness. Everything is a matter of consciousness. Now, as more and more people gain consciousness, people become more capable of reflection. Without awareness, no development is possible.

JJK: You are highlighting the work, the “Karma Yoga”. Again, this does not seem to me to be modern anymore with people. Laziness is widespread. What I observe above all with many young people is that they want to achieve a lot with very little effort. Not having to make an effort to achieve something or succeed is widespread. It does not look good for the future of humanity !?

BABAJI: That’s exactly why the events that inevitably have to happen now accelerate.
The “fast time” and the consequences

Most people can not muster the energy to maintain this system.

It starts with the fact that they can no longer spend any energy on their own lives. Thus, this system loses the supports, the people who work the system and keep it alive. The collapse is inevitable.

This ‘fast time’ causes it to end quickly. This means that from now on very fast will be built on the project New Earth.

Before that come the upheavals and the upheavals, such as humanity has never seen.

It is important to be prepared for this, which means to work fearlessly and confidently with God’s trust and serve the people – day after day, until the Lord calls you.

With this message, I bless you – you who are ready to go beyond your limits – and whose life is refined by the work.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl