The Collective: Releasing The Old

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We see many of you viewing life very differently than you would have even six months ago.

Viewing it as not so much an obstacle course, but a place of challenges that are only appearing so that you may release all that you are not—all the presences, memories, trauma, and belief systems you carry that are not yours to carry.

You release many interferences—technological and purely etheric—in the process of solving and resolving these challenges, disengaging your spirit from them and reaching higher in your requests and requirements for inner strength and increased growth as you tunnel through these situations.

We are aware that this is taxing, even angering and depressing some days.

For you are releasing those aspects of yourself that you once thought (and were told) are simply who you are.

They are not.

You are currently releasing old ideas and beliefs that in the end, serve no one, as you take in new forms of Light data that inform your cells that it is time to exist on a higher level—in a higher dimension in fact—than the one they originally came into.

This can feel earth-shattering to the ego-mind, as we have noted in other Messages.

The heart-mind may be thrilled that these changes are finally occurring, but that part of your psyche that is ruled by the left-brain mind and ego/personality will feel some days that the roof is falling in.

We will give you an example: Many are you are natural caregivers.

You care for yourself and for others—for whole families, workplaces, organizations, and communities.

In a sense, you came into this life to care for the entire Earth and all Her children.

Photo by Lynne Newman

In order for you to operate at such a high level of functionality, you have had to tunnel through numerous obstacles in life, including your own pain, trauma, and aloneness many days.

You have learned to move outer events and even people with your focus, direction and sheer force of will.

This is not “all bad” as some would think—in times/places of war, whole populations have been saved by the sheer determination and vision of natural caregivers.

But what you are being called up to now differs by far from how you have lived before now.

Unlike other Earth lives, you will no longer accomplish so much in life due to sheer force of will and mental focus.

Your ego-mind and personality must step down from reigning supreme, and bow to the greater good—the higher good—of the heart-mind, the spirit, the soul.

Unlike the ego-mind, these are eternal, and unlike the ego-mind, they are not threatened by the Ascension process.

They are in fact leading it.

It is not uncommon these days for many to experience disturbing dreams or restlessness as they sleep at night.

Many battle insomnia or receive strange visions or powerful energy downloads at night.

Some recall images upon awakening that haunt them, of persons or places they intuitive recognize but cannot name.

In other contexts, many are finding that the work they are doing would be best performed by an entirely different person than who they are, as they awaken to their true selves.

Or they are finding that their partner or spouse is not someone they can relate to at all anymore.

Others are moving along calmly enough in life, only to turn a corner and face the shock of an unforeseen crisis—in health, finances, relationship, beliefs, or all of that combined.

What is occurring there is similar to what we have described before now—that though you have welcomed in these Ascension energies and are overjoyed that such transformative times are upon the Earth, you did not realize what it would require of you, and that realization is hard to take some days.

Photo by Dan Mathews

Is it possible to jump timelines in the middle of the day? Yes, and you have all done it.

Is it possible to be someone who is very different, maybe entirely different, from who you think you are? Yes, and that would be true of nearly all of you.

Is it possible, in other words, that even the most nervous, unhappy, scattered-energy person is actually a beautifully grounded being who has simply been battling shadow energies all their lives that were meant to dim their Light and inner power?

Yes, and millions of you have lived exactly that.

We don’t say this to dismay you, or to describe your situation as too difficult to travel.

It is simply that there is more happening than what can be described as “cellular transformation into the crystalline energy body,” powerful and astounding though that is.

The forward movement of Light overcoming darkness on your planet, both etherically and outwardly, has reached critical mass. 

As a result, you are all swimming at very deep levels in that great sea of confusion that is a time of Changeover.

In your refusal to submit to the dark any longer, whether consciously or unconsciously, you have birthed a new form of human consciousness that does not automatically bow to those ideas it has been trained to “fear and respect.”

This is why so many millions are leaving organized religion, learning to work for themselves, living in off-grid housing, using free and clean energy, homeschooling their children, achieving far lower levels of consumption, turning to natural remedies, meditating, eating organic produce, and so on.

And yet—the transition, as we have noted many times, is not for the faint at heart.

Your self-care as it is called must be strong and constant in these times, or you risk losing heart as you travel this sometimes-exhausting path.

You are used to pouring out energies physically, emotionally, and etherically to assist others and yourself, yet this will not do in these times.

As you learn to visualize what you would like to create, rather than jumping out of your chair to go make it happen outwardly, you save yourself many hours, days, and weeks of outer effort.

As you release times of crisis and hardship to your higher self, your soul, the Universe, you require Divine help in forms far higher than your immediate conscious mind is able to grasp.

You open to levels of wisdom and understanding that may have eluded you thus far.

And you begin to actively contact that community of soul family, Spirit team, twin flame, that is always around you, always desiring to be of assistance, always calling to you and hoping you will hear them rather than once more take the long way, the hard way to resolving an issue.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

Over time (and Time is fast disappearing!), you will come to see that the old way of doing things is no more.

It is only human thought and expectation that keep the old third dimensional forms in place.

There are countless Light Beings from around the Universe and the higher dimensions working with you now, to assist you in releasing the old, hard ways of doing things.

Can you imagine yourself accepting only ease, Joy and the ingenuity of higher thought and realization as you move through your day?

Can you image an easy flow to your days in which you don’t react to life’s events (and therefore draw to you far fewer difficult ones), but respond in measured ways, even to that which seems too much to take at first?

Can you accept that you are one of those higher beings who does not need to take on the weight of the world, or even the weight of their own Earth life, in order to witness improvement in either?

Yes, of course! You can do all this and far more, and you are.

We only ask that you consider the possibility that there would be Joy in these days for you, and not only struggle and hard work.

That you release the hard work and struggle paradigm for good, and come to see that it means fewer experiences of Abundance, fulfillment, Joy, and Love—not more.

And that all of us desire you to claim your true self in ways that mean you must release the tendency to stress, to try to manipulate outer events before you first sit quietly and receive wisdom on them.

We desire this, because we call you forth to your Joy, your true power, your true selves!

Now and always, dear ones. This is a great part of why you came.

And in this, as in all moments, you are never alone.


» Source » Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan