Archangel Metatron: Creating Positive Patterns

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomIt is now time to focus upon creating from the perspective of positive emotional responses, rather than the elimination of negative components we have been working with previously. Both areas will be addressed because it is still necessary to work with some of these negative components that hold patterns within the magnetic field. It is equally important to begin to create more positively from this level of creation, because this also will begin to create the experiential field within Earth’s atmosphere and begin to benefit the Collective in a way that you had not considered previously.

We will work with the geometric configurations that hold, or are containers for, the powerful Color Codes and ninth Ray sound templates. We will work again with the components of the triangle, tetrahedron, and later the cube. You will construct new patterns rather than dismantle patterns that already exist.

This is something I must address at this point for you to trust the knowing that transpires as you integrate the energetics from the transmissions and the information. There will be awarenesses and knowings that transpire. You must trust the inner knowing that takes place at certain junctures, even though they may seem quite bizarre. This is not one of those but there will be times when you have knowings or awarenesses that may seem quite unusal. They truly are not and instead are a very integral part of this process. As we work together in this field, it is important that you have reference points back into the physical world.

There is some bridgework here that must be created from our side of the equation to enable the transmission of this information in the way that is desired and useful. A streaming can occur from the unseen, nonphysical realms into the physical realms. This will assist in changing the physical realm itself. The components, consistencies, and the density of physicality itself on your planet and on other realms will change. We are working here in a realm and in a venue that has many aspects and many complexities. It is desired that we give you these energetic components, for you personally, and for your world. Also for all other worlds that have energetic components to them. Then their escalation and their creative efforts are in full alignment with the divine realms.

This has not occurred for eons. We are very excited about being able to bring this into these physical realms at this time. These creations alter the physicality of many realms and they alter every aspect of creation, both seen and unseen, physical and nonphysical.


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