Daily Dust Devils This Solar Summer

waves of light eraoflightdotcomDear ones during this solar summer be aware that you are truly being given an opportunity to become a vessel of healing and love holding a Great Light that is magnified and streamlined thru your heart. This summer comes in the form of many teachers. Some are incarnate, others are dimensional, and others come on the nuances and waves of light. As the energy of Gemini duels with itself we all feel pulled in every direction, like a whirlwind, our thoughts gather in these daily dust devils, distracting us from what is truly important and asking that we lend a hand in situations we would rather not address. The dark and the light of the astrological twins demands that we make peace with the darkness, within and the darkness without.

In this place of many mirrors, there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong – there is only reflection. Within the reflection, there dwells a sword of Light, lancing what has poisoned our bodies mind and souls. This allows the healing to begin, discharging the illusion of cause and effect. All the sleight of hand that has presented itself over time will be seen naked and exposed in the striking solar light thus creating new time lines that will usher earth into a place above and beyond where she once resided.

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of temperament. As one walks thru the time doors many snares make themselves known. Places of parallel time can escort one back and forth creating an exhausting dizzying effect as we learn to balance in this fifth dimension frequency. Truth and time are individual of nature. Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little grouchy, a little hair-brained and stressed. Our thoughts change like the weather in a full moon pattern. The fork in the road leads all of us in a new direction. A place where compasses no longer work and the hologram shifts to fits ones needs. The question is ‘Do you change time or does time change you’ the answer to that question is yet to be seen but with a little help from your friends we will all get onboard this beautiful pea green and blue boat and sail into a powerful future.


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