Mother Divine: One Step At A Time

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDearest children – we are holding you close in our warm embrace, waiting for the seeds of divine grace to sweep you up and move away all remnants of dis-ease. Allow the warming comfort of the seasonal winds of change. We realize you are feeling like you have heard this so many times before, and in fact, you have dearest ones. In fact you have.

Time moves in circular motion, up the spiral of ascension, but round and around the same fault lines albeit at higher and higher dimensions. So you feel and see the same things many times, and many times emotions and prophecies circle round and round but each time you sense and see them you are doing so at a slightly higher octave than the time before. And so, the spiral continues moving around and up, around and up, until you reach the highest level of awareness and choose another path. Then you move to another spiral and another set of lessons.

So dearest children, if you find yourself struggling with the same nuances, the same disruptive energies, time and time again, be aware of how the struggle lifts and changes – if ever so slightly, each time it appears. And become aware my dearest children of light, how shining a loving light on the situation will allow a slightly elevated response to the last time you found yourself circling around. With hope and light, a new way will be shown. A new spiral, a new path to be found.

Ask yourselves in the moment of panic, aggravation, or downright depression – what is the trigger, the release, that allows me to walk into a state of inner bliss? Do you need to step away, hold on tighter, or let go and move on up on your own? What is the magic button that opens the hidden doorway to a new spiral, a new dimension, a new set of circumstances? How long must you last on the current spiral of doubt? Is there rung you can swing from and catch the next ladder, the next spiral?

Sit and think about this now.

How to get out of the box you find yourselves in now.

Is there a window or a doorway that you can peer out and see the vast landscapes of other choices, of other circumstances, and how will you gracefully find your way onto the new path that you crave?

The answer is to ALLOW. Allow the wisdom to flow within. Allow it to rise up so that you can feel it, sense it, breathe it in. It is here in the void of the letting go that the lightbulbs go off and new ideas are found. Rising up from within you unfettered and proud. Allowing you to voice them out loud.

Make a deal with yourselves precious children of light, that you will no longer meet the same circumstances on the spiral of life, without moving them up a notch and conquering the climb. One step at a time. One step, one rung, one spiral up the ladder of ascension – one small step at a time.

Soon we shall see your dear heads appearing up out of the mist, above the clouds of deception, and into freedom at last. It all begins with one simple step.

Blessings dear ones, we are by your sides, for I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all blessed beacons of holiness tonight.

With love, light, and blessings – Karen.


» Source » Channel: Karen Vivenzio