Welcome Our Family From The Stars

open contact eraoflightdotcomIn my Universe there are certain things that I believe so strongly that no thing and no one can change until there is overwhelming evidence that would prove otherwise. And one of those things is the fact that no matter how much love the Galactics may have for humanity here on Earth, they still underestimate and are in doubt of humanity’s ability to adapt and accept new realities.

In this instance I speak of extraterrestrial disclosure. No, let me rephrase that. I speak of full open contact.

At this time humanity would be overly excited and most welcoming of our family from the stars if the Galactics were to suddenly appear en masse.

There is only one thing that may need a little bit of an adjustment. And this would be the mainstream media. Which is still in the hands of the fading old regime.

The mainstream media would label the Galactics’ arrival as an invasion, or the news reporters would snap out of it, have heart for once and go off script and tell the truth.

However I would not take that chance. I would much rather the news outlets be in the hands of positive forces, whether on the ground positive forces or invite the Galactics to ‘adjust programming’, so no fake news makes it on the air waves.

The Collective of Humanity stands ready, with open arms to meet and greet our family from the stars.

Can you imagine the jump in vibration from the excitement?

Yes, there are many that would be shocked, but not reject or refuse to accept the new reality or the beginning of a new journey.

We must mention that there are millions around the world who are aware of the Galactics. And billions who believe in the existence of extraterrestrials.

Allow us to remind you of the hundreds of thousands of lightworkers world wide who would approach the crews of the ships with sheer joy, and the rest would follow.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!


8 Replies to “Welcome Our Family From The Stars”

  1. pmysh

    Well, the communication is very important and “humans” lack this basic way of truth, a sacred pilar of love. Without truth caos do his “darkness” (in love also is fun hahaha), Dream is good to think other complex sciences but only objective and basic ways of comunication does less complicated our existence. Methaphor: Lava lamp vs primal traffic laws. bubba kiki. For example: Usa vs chinesse in commerce, the infamous “trade wars”. i think many poiliticians don`t want to learn chinese.., all finding flaws… other example: Internet is a mess in laws just for that and the world. Esperanto and emojis are waiting (better ideas). Objectivity vs Subjectivity.

    i call it law reset “legaly” also. all languajes has flaws yes. !!!!: even the all ancient texts and all constitutions in the world. ooh yes. (flexing a little here) if that huge fountain was truth, then, but experiencing suffering (2019) and knowing respect now. Respect other pilar of love.

    Democrats do have some/issues … problems?: Remember it. Republicans do have some … problems/issues?: remmember it equally. global reset.

    Evolution for me, is: Everyone winning and peace without any suffering.

    I dont understand aliens, “talk to us” clearly, please.

    i desire all people very happily. We need to cry globally, then the party without any harm or pain (etc).

    Other ideas? LOVE. in group… all this ideas are much better for humanity. To work…

  2. Dave Dunaway

    I’m glad you are just putting it out there without the disclaimer and just signing your name at the bottom.

    We all have felt like that at various points even though we might have to back down from it when no Contact has been made afterwards. Or maybe we got a nod on the street and did not know that was the response. Thanks for verbalizing my wish.
    Enjoyed the read.

  3. Cheri

    To me it’s not a matter of them coming down to meet us it is a matter of us raising our cellular vibration to perceive them. They exist all around us in the light vehicles of our merkabas. We just can’t see them yet. You don’t need the government to disclose what you can easily discern for yourself traveling within your own lightbody. So get busy transmuting darkness if you want disclosure. Raise your vibes and open your heart! It’s a matter of vibrational alignment!

    Still I agree with KejRaj, get rid of the fake news which accounts for most of our daily intake of low vibrations! Soon the mind control running through our brainwaves affecting our perception will be lifted as the planetary architecture is almost fully repaired. We are the ones we are waiting for not “them” 😘

  4. Archangel Metatron

    I 100% agree but also if it is not happening then it isn’t simply the right time. There are forces much bigger than us, so I will leave it up to the Boss, he is never wrong, so relax and enjoy the wait. Not much time left believe me. All the signs are in place. 🧜‍♂️😇🔱

  5. pmysh

    What!? hahaha, this webpage is fun, dude ooooh. if this eraoflight is just an hype, so what!, this world is so &$%&$% already trashed. The cure is EVERYONE WINING not dying or suffering more. if the process is slow then more people waiting (hospitals, war, etc) or quicker like an emergency. a little scandalous, dramatic etc but needed. lol: my ideas are better. Yes or not?: WheEen 🙂 50/50 not exactly the intro “dinosaucers” hahaha.