Alisheryia and Elthor: You Are Powerful

dragons eraoflightdotcomGreetings human, living in these exciting times. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, greet you now with the Christed flame. We are of the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are mighty, we are strong, as are you, human. You are not as frail as you have been conditioned to believe, it is most true. Indeed, you are powerful beyond measure, you have simply forgotten. For the matrix of this realm has been oppressive, brutal, dark. It is crumbling away as we speak, impotent, inert, but the memory of it lingers and this, friends, is what you are clearing to make way for the new ways.

I Alisheryia speak now. I encase you in the diamond flame. We send you the chrystalline diamond flame now from our hearts to yours, healing perhaps some old woundings that have been rearing their ugly heads for healing. Memories have no power over you unless you allow it. Do not allow. Live in this most sacred now as a new being of crystalline, of Christed light, for your encodements are coming online lovingly moment by moment, but you must allow them to do so. For they will not just burst in. You must allow the process of ascension, you must clean every corner of your many closets of memories and of past pains so that old woundings are cleared. Many of you are doing this and it has been arduous at best. And so my twin flame Elthor, and I Alisheryia, wish to assist, should you allow.

Invite the Christed flame into your cells. See them swish and spin in delight. See your inner workings begin to gleam, to shine, to become fractalized rainbows of joyous light beams. Repeat after me, “I am the Christed flame. I release the past, blessing it in love. I embrace my now with certainty of truth that I am love, and only love, and only and forever shall be love. For love is all there is. I invite my future self of the ascended most perfect now timeline to assist me. I invite my angels, my teams, my dragon friends, to assist me to become the most beautifully perfectly ascended me that I can possibly be, the me that I was born to be, the me that I already am. I allow the process. I now allow the healing. I now allow the light to sweep, clean and clear and burn away past memories with the violet flame. I couple the violet flame with the diamond flame encodements of pure light and love into my past, parallel, present and future time streams and realities. I accept the healing of forgiveness. I give this freely to myself and to the others who have wounded me, for I know that I too have been ‘the wounder’. I now embrace all of me with the Christed flame. I call upon my higher self to assist, to bless, to guide this process.”

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, breathe upon you. We ignite. We ignite you with our combined twin flame love of diamond encodements, of healing, of power, of strength, of bliss, of joy. Human, much joy awaits. Truly much healing is taking place in this most tumultuous but blessed now. For you are morphing as you slumber, as you speak, as you either choose to grow or choose stagnancy. Choose growth into the light. I Alisheryia, send you nurturing love as I do to my hatchlings. Be comforted. Shells feel fragile now for they are being tapped away, revealing the new tender you inside. Hearts have been broken. They will heal. Allow yourself the gift of the new, of the new healing, of the new experience of joy. Be healed. See the fire burn all around you. You are the fire. Be the fire. Spread your light!

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, have spoken. We speak for the divine masculine and the divine feminine in perfect balance and unity. Be balanced. Be unified. Be emboldened by the new energies of the now, for they are streaming in fast and furiously. We support, we blaze your many pathways with light, but only you may tread, it is a sacred honor of divine choice. Will you choose healing or choose to continue to feel the pain of the past? That is your lesson. Rest awhile. Many encodements are coming in through these words. Should you be ready and allow the healing, sit awhile with this. I Alisheryia and I Elthor speak as one tonight, for we are one. Be healed and be comforted.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl