Seth: Time To See

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomA new kind of sense of responsibility has matured in humanity.

The certainty that what you “do”, “think”, “feel” affects your surroundings. This is very pleasing. This is the beginning of the new era. You begin to really take responsibility for your feelings, your actions, your relationships and the well-being of the planet.

The responsibility lies on several levels. Some of you have long lived in this responsibility and can now rejoice that so many come after. Still others are not at all there, but the more you are who realize this, the more people come after you and have you as role models. For decades, the knowledge and wisdom were at the arena of emotion. You have learned to understand the connection between your childhood, trauma and relationships. That you can go back to the core, wound and heal and whole painful relationships. It’s no wonder putting their feelings on the agenda and getting help with them. A hundred years ago, this was not at all obvious. Then you would have been considered a little crazy, self-absorbed and even obsessed if you listened and prioritized your own feelings, traumas and processes. Today you have the greatness to listen to your inner wounds and understand that even there is a power source to scoop out. Of course, some of you can make detours and get inverted egos and use your feelings in a wrong, manipulated way but ultimately they lead you right.

Now is the time to see, experience and feel that you stand on your own feet. You make your own decisions based on thought and feeling, the internal marriage which means that you can enclose the decisions with a sense of responsibility in a more stable way. It no longer blames others in time and time. She said, he hurt, it is its and its fault that I feel and do as I do. Certainly, it is true that you will be hurt once and for all, disappointed and supported, you will be angry and sad. Feel that feeling, for God’s sake. If necessary, communicate that feeling to the one who disturbed you, but do not get caught in it. Release it, feel more understanding and closeness and move on.

Be magnanimous. See the bigger picture. Take responsibility and do your best, there really is no more required.

From this page we see what outstanding work you are doing and we are so proud that we can crack. You can do it. You are really trying and even if you fall, you will be right up again. You try to see things from several angles and from the heads of others and not just your own view. Listen to each other, see each other’s good qualities and work together for a better world. You are well on your way.

Seth was the name.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen