Archangel Uriel: According to Plan

archangel uriel eraoflightdotcomI am Uriel, the light of the ascension and the guide.

It is with a gratitude and joy that I can now and in the future be channeled through this channel. The ascension process goes according to plan and in a flow comfortable enough for most of you. Although we have great knowledge of what you are capable of and need, many of us on this “side” who have never experienced incarnations on earth and more than that, have left our highest frequency to evolve back and expand beyond that.

This means that in a sense we are “new” on this job and not always in full knowledge of how tough it is for you. With this I want to ask you for your help to convey to us when you want to launch your ascent further, when you can handle more but also in its opposite. When it goes too fast, when it gets too painful and tough, tell us and ask us to reduce the intensity a little.

This is a work that many of us do together, a clear communication and intention will help us all along the way. Mainly here on earth, you warriors who experience the transformation from a three-dimensional perspective, although the journey is basically loving, it is painful, hard and tough for you in its own way. We are aware of that truth, but as mentioned before, many of us cannot know it, experience it, and understand it as you do. Communicate with us and remember that we do this together, your journey is our journey, your journey is the journey of all humanity and the journey of the universe.

You are the light warriors, the light carriers and it is with such a great joy that we are now approaching the end of the project earth. This phase is the most exciting, most evolving and most amazing phase of your assignments. When you reconnect with each other, when you fully remember who you are as unique light souls and integrate that truth at the cellular level, when through your memories, your eyes, your feelings and experiences you finally see the truth, god and love show their eternity, its infinity and its love.

It is with an overwhelming happiness that we will soon be seen close up again.

All the love of God // Uriel


» Source » Channel: Angel Skog


3 Replies to “Archangel Uriel: According to Plan”

  1. Doug James

    Uriel bring the energies but we also need DISCLOSURE ON ALL FRONTS to shake people to awaken from their zombie consciousness. Many have no idea what is happening and still think all events viruses gmo fluoride in the water is just fine. They never question!! Love and Light!

  2. Enyiah

    I have difficulty in understanding ‘pain’ in relationship with ascension! The real pain is/was the sense of separation from Source. I am so thankful that this nightmare reality is an illusion but for those going through the pain of it, it is the overwhelming reality! That is precisely where true pain resides. The ascension process which is re-connecting us to Source (in a sense because we are never disconnected from Him) is a🙌 healing pain if you will, therefore it is not true pain. I would define it otherwise but cannot find the word. Praise be to God throughout eternity!🙏

    1. Cheri

      Well said Enyiah! Amen! 🙏 All pain stems from our percieved separation from source. The predominate emotion clearing from the timelines is grief. People bereft of the spiritual connection within. There is nothing greater than knowing who we are and where we came from. Secondarily just waking up and knowing we are in an illusion brings such freedom!

      Doug I too wish the zombies would awaken but you see what’s happening to the triggered ones just hearing the words MAGA and Trump. I look for the disclosure coming from the God within which is organic and the only way is for each to clear their own pain and embody the truth within otherwise they won’t be able to see it within their own unique belief systems. It’s happening fast if you ask me, all is being cleared at a soul level and all will awaken. It is a process as evolution is not instantaneous. Yet I too feel the urgency especially to awaken to the lies and deception. It drives me nuts to see these vulnerable people being emotionally manipulated and acting out. But the zombies on the propaganda koolaide worry me the most because they are on auto pilot and take our freedom for granted. Oh well just my two cents! Love you both!